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Listening to your heart, is a most wonderful tool and it provides a deep inner connection with yourself, no external validation required.


Listening to your heart is way of understanding yourself and trusting yourself and believing in yourself. No more tarot readings, psychics, fortune tellers and look, don’t get me wrong, I myself have been to many many over the years and they provided me what I needed, hope. Perhaps guidance, love, all that was lacking within myself. Thank you.


But here’s the thing if you can learn to trust your own intuition and trust your own guidance and listen to your heart who is all knowing, its kind of like speaking to the deepest part of you, your soul. When you tap into this, wow it makes life so much easier, or maybe this series of processes is a wholistic approach, that when you finally listen to your heart you have already completed several steps to get to this point.


Someone who is listening to their heart, or trying is also in the process of trying to find;

SELF, Love

SELF, Respect

SELF, Honour

SELF, Trust

If you have none of the above, you have a few roads to cross first, several hurdles but you can do it.

How you ask and maybe why?

How do you do the above? Remember I never claim to be a guru or sage, but I can tell you from my own personal experiences, it was brutal! No, don’t let that put you off. Keep reading my own analogy;

You see I am a slow learner and as life or the universe kept throwing me lessons and challenges, I kind of hid away in the shadows, hibernated, I thought it was easier this way, less conflict, well guess what, you can only hide for so long. So, one day I woke up with no choice, I needed guidance and I knew that I wanted and deserved respect, I slowly honoured me, Luisa and I learnt to love me. Yes, I will say it outload,

‘I love myself!’

Its not just my physical body that I have learnt to love, and I am still learning to love, its all of me, parts that I think are weird and peculiar, my energetic body, my soul, because all of it is me and I love all of it.

Remember that your heart is love, love the highest vibrational frequency we can achieve in physical from and it is only with the emotion of love can we dissolve fear.

So, I can already hear that mind of yours thinking,

‘Well it sounds cool and its kind of fashionable when I post the quote on Instagram; Listen to your heart. People seem to love that shit, they think I am really deep and following my Instagram Analytics I get a lot of likes, #quoteoftheday (Yep I have googled that too! High- ranking keyword)

But you ask,

‘Why, what does it mean, I don’t get it and anyway I have tried when no one was looking, and I couldn’t hear it, my heart. I tried again, nothing, it just doesn’t work for me and there is no way I am going to an ashram to meditate, naked on my head for 10 hours a day, eating only a bowl of gruel for breakfast in order to hear that ticker.’

Ok, so the reason why I recommend you connect to your heart is, it feels good, in fact it feels great and you realise the only validation you ever need in your life, is within in, it was you all along.

When you are disconnected from your heart you feel, disempowered, filled with fear at the most ridiculous of scenarios, you lose your power and stress and aloneness creeps into your life.

All of the above is a BIG ‘No Thank you!’

Even worse (perhaps not, although this statement may be your catalyst for change) is that if we do not connect with our heart, or remove our fear aka, the Passion Blocker, then these patterns of behaviour threaten to overwhelm our life, they kind of takeover, smother us, block our energetic patterning and no matter high is our IQ, we tend to believe the ridiculous whispers of fear as truth.

If this sounds terrible what about the generational impact! Remember we inherit not only the blessings of our ancestors but also their debts as a very wise man called Dr. Daniel Foor said when I interviewed him.

So, I ask you the question, do you want to transfer this fear and disconnection onto future generations, burden them with you own baggage, no way!

Ok, so this is the last terrible thing and if you are super selfish and the above paragraph didn’t move you to action well guess what, sit down for this biggie!

If you don’t connect with your heart and if you don’t get rid of the fear that you have, you will have to relive it all over again in your next life! Think about that, Groundhog Day!

So there are lots of things you can start with, read some more of my Blogs, watch my interviews with thought leaders, light workers from across the globe, embrace your Passion with one of the Passion Courses, enrol in my Passion Mentoring Program, listen to my Passion Power MP3 to start you on your passionate day, it’s a lot of information to take in.

Perhaps just start with an affirmation or dive right in, whatever resonates with you! Ha! That means whatever resonates with your heart, see it’s not that hard!

Here’s your first bit of homework, say this ever morning for 1 week. Take a photo of it for your phone, so you won’t forget it;

‘I am more and more Passionate every day.’

I really believe in the transformative power of this affirmation. Try it, start right now, gosh you can even sing it or scream it, dance naked while you are saying it or whisper it, whatever you heart feels is right for you.

So, I have digressed I always seem to do this, I just get on a roll and I am so passionate about helping you. Back to how to connect with your heart.

Ok here are the steps, everyone likes steps;

If you follow this for 30 days, I guarantee that your life will change!


How to connect with your Heart

  1. Stop trying to understand.

This is using the mind, it is more about just being, remembering and if you don’t get an answer to your question it is ok, practise make perfect, don’t over analyse it either.

  1. Embrace Consciousness

Be present, try to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings, show your body is feeling, be calm, try being stiller, less reactive to your external environment and focus on your inner environment, nurture yourself. It is in this quiet place you can connect with your heart’s wisdom.

  1. Observe your Emotions

Emotions are a really interesting and they are a reaction to our external circumstances. Try just watching yourself as if you were an observer, watch your reactions, allow the fear and sorrow to come and if you do allow it and don’t run away from it, you can then observe it disappear, as if it was never there at all just a passing cloud.

A simple exercise to ask your heart question

There are so many methods to connect with your heart but this one works for me and I am going to share it with you.

This works particularly well when you have 2 options, it could be anything from a lifechanging career choice, to which holiday you should go on, it could be which dentist do you think will do a better teeth whitening, or even what you should have for brunch, really it can anything.

Here is an example; I have to make a decision about eating a vanilla donut or a strawberry donut.

Ok so you might think this donut is not a critical decision, (starting small with less emotional attachment is always good) but for me it is life changing and don’t ever presume to think what someone else thinks.

Here is the rundown; This is a boutique, organic, dairy free, gluten free, extra-large, one of a kind handmade donut, made by a praying Buddhist monk visiting the best donut shop in town.

I have walked past this shop every day for a week and have looked longing in the window, drooling and I took a four-hour babysitting job that nearly killed me to get this donut.

The babysitting job required me to; clean a nappy filled with diarrhea from the previous evening’s tuna bake, while I uncontrollably gagged, plus I got a bit on my index finger, that I sanitised six times. I sat feeding a child that threw soft, mushy peas at my hair, now ingrained in my weave. I had to dress up as the baby and play mummies and babies and in the process of the game, little Herbert discovered Daddy’s taser in the bathroom cupboard, my leg got zapped by the taser, (thank goodness he was not tall enough to reach any higher). I fell to the ground, broke my index finger in the fall and little Herbert kept the taser on my leg, laughing uncontrollably, it was only my involuntarily violent convulsions that by a stroke of luck, flung little Herbert across the room and hence, he dropped the taser.

So, this is a really, really important decision and I am going to relish every bit of that donut.

So, here is the example of what I would do, after I have patched and bandaged my taser burns and washed my hair and put a splint on my broken finger.


  1. I sit in a comfortable quiet place
  2. Close my eyes, take some gentle, calming breaths
  3. I put my hands over my heart. I tend to use the right hand first, I think it is the more powerful of the two, it is a personal choice
  4. I say, ‘I will buy a vanilla donut’, I repeat it again. In doing this I connect with my body and heart, I listen my voice, I feel my body, I feel my heart
  5. Then I say, ‘I will buy a strawberry donut’ I again, listen to my voice, I feel my body, I feel my heart
  6. If I am unsure, I ask again, and see which one feels better, lighter, right. I try not to overthink it, I trust my judgment, my intuition, the answer is there, it has always been there, I am just remembering.
  7. I open my eyes and I know which donut I will buy and go to the shop, confident that I have made the right decision.

Allow your thoughts to dissipate from your busy mind. This is not always easy unless you are a seasoned meditator, but just try and if you do keep getting distracted that’s ok too, this is a no judgement exercise, leave that emotional conditioning behind. You hold the key to your soul, you hold the key to your power and you my blog friend hold the key to the perfect path, so get that golden key and open your beautiful heart!

You have an important decision to make, in fact I could go on and say you already know the answer, we are so conditioned to not trust ourselves but please try it and don’t give up.


  1. Sit in a comfortable quiet place
  2. Close your eyes, take some gentle breaths.
  3. Put you hands over your heart and just feel it, connect with it.
  4. Don’t forget to keep breathing calmly.
  5. With your hands on your heart ask the first question. Feel, listen
  6. With your hand on your heart ask the second question. Feel, listen
  7. If needed ask again.
  8. When you are finished, open your eyes, you will know which one is right

May this simple exercise keep you grounded and alive and passionate and deeply connected with all that you are.

Oh, and may you never have to babysit little Herbert.

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  • robyn says:

    what wonderful insight. an informative and honest , from the heart texts with love and hope

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