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It is a generally accepted dogma that we can only get knowledge and wisdom via scientific research. When we study, scrutinize, and look deeply into physical matter, then we will finally find the solution to the mystery of life. There is no other way.

Or is there? Yes, there is and this way has not been trodden by many, but still it is generally accepted that we all have intuition and that intuition can often help us in difficult situations. It can tell us what to do when we are in doubt, and the scientist Einstein was greatly helped by intuition when he was pondering solutions to deep questions.


What is intuition? Intuition is the ability to get answers to complicated questions out of the blue, so to speak. You do not have to study or ponder – the answer just lands in your brain without further ado and then you KNOW.

Not many people on this planet have been blessed with a lot of intuition but the Danish visionary Martinus was. He actually had the energy of intuition under the control of his will. Whenever he had a question of a spiritual or profound existentialist nature, he just had to concentrate on it and then the answer came to him immediately. He achieved this ability on the 23rd of March 1921 when he sat down to meditate on God. His consciousness was expanded so that he could now see beyond the physical plane and into the spiritual plane where everything has its origin. He had achieved cosmic consciousness. The energy of intuition was at his beck and call, and from then on there was no question he could not answer.

This ability enabled Martinus to write his cosmology or spiritual science. He wrote every day for the next 60 years and at his death in 1981 he left a legacy of 10,000 pages of spiritual wisdom. There is nothing like it anywhere on this earth. It is the most complete revelation of spiritual truths ever disclosed to humankind. It is a cornucopia of wisdom revealing the mystery of life and death, and it answers all the big questions that humankind has been pondering since the dawn of time.

Half a World Picture

But humankind is not meant to live forever in ignorance about the spiritual level of existence and the big questions. At a certain point in time there will come an answer to the big questions. That point in time is now. Martinus´ cosmology reveals a comprehensive cosmovision comprising both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence. Until we include the spiritual level in our world view, we only have half a world picture. When we only have half a world picture, we are cosmic illiterates. Then we are standing like the illiterate in front of a very large book: We can see the funny black figures on the page, we can count the number of lines and pages, and we can weigh the book and analyse the paper, but we cannot read the book. We need a teacher to tell us how to read the book of life and Martinus was such a teacher.

In the long run half a world picture will not do, and an unread book of life will not do either. It will not satisfy our need for answers and it will not be able to answer the question: “what is life and why are we here?” in a logical way that appeals to our intellect.

Martinus´ world picture appeals to our intellect and not so much to our feelings. It is logical, intelligent and profound. It leaves no stone unturned in its explanations and it reveals why the spiritual level is the primary level of existence.

The Spiritual Level is the Primary Level of Existence

Today, most people will look at you with incredulity and skepsis when you tell them that the spiritual level has priority over physical matter. But that is probably only until you explain that also in our world, the spiritual aspect has priority over the physical manifestations.

We know that we have thoughts that are milling around in our head and we also know that our thoughts cannot be seen, weighed, and measured. They can´t, because they consist of spiritual matter – a type of invisible matter that can hold a lot of information. Spiritual matter is the same as energy or electromagnetic radiation.

We also know that every man-made thing was a thought before it was manifested in physical matter: a chair, a computer, a car, a house, a pot, a glass – you name it – it was a thought in somebody’s head before it became a physical thing. And it became a physical thing because there was a need for the function the thing could perform. That is how all inventions are conceived. There is no other way.


This means that everything in our man-made world is materialized thoughts. And because they are materialized thoughts, it is always spirit first or mind over matter.

And as below, so above. The physical world is also materialized thoughts  – thoughts belonging to a higher being. We can call this higher being the Universe, the Absolute, the Providence, the Omnipotence or simply God. The planet, the solar system and all the galaxies are also materialized thoughts and they were created – just like all man-made things – because the higher being has a use for them. This also means that we are alive in a conscious universe, because what was once thought to be empty space is now acknowledged to be full of energy. And energy is thought matter.

Life-changing aspects of Martinus´ spiritual science

Martinus´ spiritual science reveals a cornucopia of wisdom and here I have listed some of the main points that can be of interest to humankind right now:

  1. We do not only live one life. We are eternal beings. Death is an Illusion.
  2. As we move through eternity we move in cycles that spiral upwards.
  3. In each cycle we must experience both light and darkness. The experience of contrast is of paramount importance to our eternal ability to perceive.
  4. We create our fate by the way we treat others: we reap as we sow. That is the law of karma: what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves.
  5. All life-forms reincarnate. Reincarnation is the foundation for physical life.
  6. The Earth is a living being and it controls its bodily functions  – among them the climate.
  7. The universe is teeming with life. On innumerable planets there are humanities just like us. But there are also planets with life forms that are completely different than the ones we know here.
  8. We are on a journey of evolution from primitive to advanced and all-loving beings. A society of real, finished human beings will become a reality on this planet in some 2-3000 years.
  9. A bright and beautiful future awaits humankind once we stop killing each other and stop killing and eating animals.
  10. It is not a vital necessity to eat meat. Meat is extremely unhealthy for us due to its heavy vibration. It undermines our health.

A Basis for a Merger of Science and Spirituality

The points mentioned above are only a few of the aspects revealed by Martinus. Just those 10 aspects are enough to make us see the world in a completely new light and revise some of the things we base our perception of life on.

Those aspects will point future scientists in the direction of what to study, and there is no doubt that once the spiritual level has been included in our range of research, huge steps forward will be taken in the direction of merging science and spirituality. Then we will gradually learn how to read the Book of Life (Livets Bog).

Livets Bog is precisely the title of Martinus´ main work of seven volumes and 3000 pages.   It has been translated into many languages and it is available to read online on the website of the Martinus Institute, Copenhagen:

Spiritual Nourishment for Modern Man

Martinus reincarnated on this planet at exactly the time when the old instructions revealed in the Bible were losing their power to convince a lot of humans. The old instructions were written 2000 years ago, and the power they once had as nourishment for the spirit of men and women is losing ground, because they exclusively appeal to people´s feelings. At the time Jesus lived, people were not very intellectual and they could only be touched when you appealed to their feelings.

But today our intellects have, to a large extent, overtaken the predominance of our feelings and what we seek today is spiritual nourishment that will appeal to our growing intellects. And that is exactly what the work of Martinus does: it is spiritual nourishment for us, living on this planet today in modern societies with a scientific outlook. It is spiritual nourishment for those whose intellects cannot accept the unintelligent dogmas of the religions of old. Modern humans are leaving the old religions precisely for that reason: they cannot believe in the dogmas because they make no sense to them. Their intellects stand in the way of their acceptance of the religions of old. Even when they want to, they cannot do it.

So, just at the right time, a new type of spiritual nourishment has been downloaded to humankind: Spiritual Science. It is spirituality subject to the principles of science, truths available for an intellectual scrutiny.

The work of Martinus will become the basis for a whole new world culture – a world culture based on equality for all, justice, equal distribution of wealth, generosity, tolerance and love.

The Third Testament

When Martinus was in his 70s he received a strong impulse from the divine level of existence that his complete works should be published under the main title: The Third Testament. His work is a continuation of the mission of Christ, who had promised that such a continuation would come when he told his disciples that he had many more things to tell them, but that they could not bear them now, “but the spokesman, the Holy Spirit, which the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you everything and remind you of the things that I have said.” (non-verbatim quotation from John 16, 12-16).

Throughout his work Martinus refers to and explains many of the things Jesus said. He explains how they should be understood today. But Martinus´ work is not a basis for a new religion. Religion is meant to appeal to our feelings, so a new religion will not satisfy us today. What we need today to feed our souls is an intelligent and logical explanation to the mystery of life.

This is what Martinus delivers in the most convincing way and for that reason it will become the basis for a merger of science and spirituality.

Incredulity and Skepsis

       This claim will be met with a lot of incredulity and skepsis, and Martinus was perfectly aware of that. He knew that his work would only spread slowly, to those who needed it. He also underlined that those who were happy with their religion and belief system should not bother about his work. It had not been written for them. Because those that are well, do not need a doctor, but those who are ´sick´ do. Those who are ´sick´ today are the seekers of the world, the spiritually bankrupt and the non-believers, the atheists and those who have thrown God overboard because the dogmas of the religions made no sense to them. They are the fertile ground from where Martinus´ spiritual science will spread over the next centuries.

There is no hurry, because the followers will come little by little as they, like ripe fruit, fall from the tree. We only become ´ripe fruit´ once we have reaped a lot of experience and suffering in former lives and learned a fair amount of humility. It is only when we know that we know very little that the work of Martinus will come as a revelation to us.

There is no organization around Martinus´ work. You cannot become a member, there is no fee, there are no ties. The work of Martinus is as free for everybody as it is to the sun in the sky, because it belongs to all of humankind. To the extent that it has been translated, his work can be read for free online from

       There is only one way to convince oneself about the truth in Martinus work and that is to read it. As the work is huge, it can be a help to read introductions to the work written by those who have studied it.

Introductions to Martinus´ work

When I encountered the Martinus material in 1995, I was so surprised that I could hardly believe what I was reading. I was over the moon with enthusiasm. I was red-hot with eagerness to share the news about his work with the world. I still am.

My first book was titled: “Death is an Illusion. A Logical Explanation Based on Martinus´ World View”. It was published in 2002 by Paragon House Publishers. Since then I have written and published 7 more titles. The two latest titles belong to the Spiritual Nutshell Series that I am co-authoring with Maria McMahon: Reincarnation in a Nutshell and Fate and Karma in a Nutshell. You can see them all on my website:

On my website, you can also read my blog-posts (there are more than 60), see video interviews with me, listen to audios, read articles and download free chapters of my books.

Martinus´ work is my passion. I have studied it for 25 years and it changed my life. Where before I saw a world ruled by chaos and chance, I now see a world of extreme beauty, logic and love.


Guest Author. Else Byskov


Else Byskov was a guest on Passion Harvest interview series.

The Episode is titled, ‘HOW WE CANNOT DIE: Martinus, the Danish Philosopher, Visionary & Mystic

Watch the Passion Harvest Interview with Else Byskov

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