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Power of the Heart – Center of Your Ascension

My life story began before my conception as an Arcturian hybrid. While I was in my original Arcturian form, we, as a collective, consulted with our Council of Elders to bring forth a project that would response to the greatest call for help from a celestial being named ‘Earth’.

Our Arcturian civilization has been in contact with many authors and channels who have described us as one of the “most advanced interstellar civilization known to this quadrant”. My own up close and personal interaction with my star family comes from the perspective of a hybrid. Over many years, I have met several researchers, Native American chiefs and tribes, experiencers, and star seeds. One of my most compelling meetings was with Kim Carlsberg, a well-known photographer and UFO researcher. Her outstanding life story and experiences with hybrid children are truly inspirational. When we met during a conference in Arizona, USA, we knew right away that there was an out-of-this-world connection between us. She recognized my hybrid demeanor and unexplainable presence. I felt a deep loving compassion emanating from her heart, for which I am forever grateful.

My vibratory field emanates my star lineage frequency that creates shifts in paradigms and new concept of realities. As part of my journey in a third density dimension, I have been intercepted by a race of denser consciousness well known to this planet. Their collective leader dispatched a group of representatives to make contact and establish a ‘heart’ connection. They attempted by many means to convince me to join them and leave my Arcturian collective behind. This group’s deceitful ways created illusionary scenarios to yet persuade my heart to disconnect from my interstellar group consciousness. These dark representatives were fascinated by my genetic material and thought that I would be a great asset to serve their purpose. Obviously, their plan failed.

This brings us to the core of our Lecture: Power of your Heart – Center of your Ascension as a race and also at a planetary level. We have ships located in this Quadrant of the Universe – aka your solar system. The Earth sends out waves of heart-based quantum communication, which are received and answered by other planets – for they are conscious and intelligent celestial beings. These heart-based patterns serve also to dismantle and counteract illusionary paradigms and false realities fabricated and put in place by other lower vibrational E.T. civilizations who are greatly interested in and by your Earth’s evolution. They are crafty illusionists. Example: rings of Saturn were put in place to emit illusionary emotions of fear, isolation, and anger as an attempt to manipulate and close your heart centers.

Your heart center is the most potent and outstanding source of power that you possess. And yet it has been concealed from you for these very reasons by disrupting your emotional field, which in turn created physical and mental issues. Your sacred heart center is accessible to you now. We invite you to return to the essential by establishing a conscious interconnection with your inner Master – your heart!

Why do you think that many lower vibrational ET races have worked so diligently to convince your otherwise, conceal this source of power from you by manipulating your emotional center? Because your Heart Center is the Portal for your individual, collective, and planetary Re-Ascension. The core of our mission is to assist you reclaiming the ownership of the very Essence of your power and beingness. Now is time for human beings to reclaim their Sovereignty as beings of Infinite Intelligence evolving within the Unified Field of the Sacred Matrix of Creation.


Guest Author. Viviane Chauvet

Viviane Chauvet was a guest on Passion Harvest interview series.

The Episode is titled, ‘EARTH SENT THE CALL: My life as an Arcturian Hybrid


Watch the Passion Harvest Interview with Viviane Chauvet

Listen to the Passion Harvest Interview with Viviane Chauvet


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