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First of all, lets identify what passion is.

Passion is purpose, passion is fun, passion is getting the juice back, passion is freedom, passion is working when it doesn’t feel like working, passion is losing track of time, passion is excitement, passion is dreaming, passion is power.

A person with Passion always stands out.

People often stop me in the street and say, ‘Wow you look amazing!’ and I say’

‘Thank you I have Passion in my life.’

Well that has never actually has happened as yet, but I am planning for it and it kind of sums up for you exactly what passion is. We can get a lot deeper than this and I am honored to speak with thought leaders across the globe who have found their passion and are living it.

Here’s what they have to say about how to find your passion in the videos.

Passion is how you want to spend the rest of your life. Passions can change, they can grow and morph and transform, but let start with you finding them and start you on a road to a passionate life.

So, passion is just one part of your journey to purpose and fulfillment and to live the life of your dreams. A life without Passion? No thank you!

It is easy to become stuck, in fact you are never really stuck, time is irrelevant and your world, your reality is moving at a rapid rate, its just that you keep thinking the same things and the same things keep happening, appearing, presenting themselves to you, in a moment by moment basis.

OK so you are reading this, you might be questioning your life or perhaps you are really bored at work and you happened to stumble (nothing happens by accident BTW) across this exact page, exact paragraph, the exact website out of the uncountable pages you could have found, you came across this one?

No way! It is not a coincidence! You are ready to Get Passionate!

This is the tricky bit and it requires thought and depth, well actually let me re frame – this is the best part – the ‘a ha’ moment – the eureka!

It may require questions and perhaps long talks with yourself under the moon, a little solitude and a little nurturing and when you get it, when you remember your passions and I say remember, because you passion are never lost, you just find them again, they were always there, they are inherent within you, inside of you always and when you tap into that, when you listen, when you are kind and nurturing and loving with yourself, then bit by bit you passions show themselves in the knowledge that you are going to listen.

To live a passionate life, you need to get better acquainted with yourself.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t know what you want, how on earth is the universe going to know? How can it bring you your innermost desires if you don’t know, if you haven’t clarified them? Its pretty hard to hit a target without a bull’s eye!

So, grab a pen and paper, or a computer, whatever resonates with you more and remember anything is possible.

You are a gift with great possibilities and be honest, don’t write what you think you should, don’t write what your parents want or your partner or your friends, be really honest and write what you want even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

This is a basic and easy way start;

  1. What do you like to read?
  2. What could I do without getting paid?
  3. If I could do anything what would it be?

Write, write your way to a happiness!

If you want more in depth, detailed specific questions head over to our find your passion exercise and live the rest of your life.

Now, here is the thing, your passions don’t have to be grand life changing, world changing passions, mind blowing, start small.

If you can’t imagine NOT doing something! This is a passion. It doesn’t have to bring you millions, don’t try and monetize it just yet, that is where a lot of people go wrong, they take the P out of Passion – it doesn’t have to be your career. It might and could quite possibly transform into a financial venture but let’s start with the basics.

While I am an advocate for NOT focusing on what you don’t want, to clarify even more, compile a list of things that you don’t like doing, it could quite possibly just make your passions a little clearer.

How is the list coming along? Are you there yet I am so excited for you and even if you haven’t had that ‘a ha’ moment – I am still exited for you, it is coming and you are taking your first steps, baby steps.

Inspiration will come to you, keep working on it, thinking about it, dreaming about it, remember whatever you focus on, comes into your reality. Truly!

I know this sounds like homework but if you are clear on your passions great! move on to – how to embrace passion into your life or keep reading you have come this far.

If you haven’t got it yet, defiantly keep reading! Passion is not found overnight, remember start small and I really recommend to anyone to start meditating.

So when I first started meditating, it was kind of boring, but wow I couldn’t do without it in my life, have a read of my Meditation Tips and if you want to download some passionate episodes, it might make you laugh, great! cry, amazing! It resonates at a very high vibrational frequency and if it makes your day a little more passionate, Wow – Bingo!

So, lets recap and I am adding on some more homework

  • Mediate
  • Think about what you like doing
  • Write a list
  • Experiment with new activities, sport, craft, reading, yoga just to name a few.
  • What did you love doing as a child?
  • Write a letter to yourself when you are twenty years older than you are now. What does it say, what are your accomplishments, what have you done in the next 20 years? This is a really good one to try!
  • Don’t look at what everyone else it is doing
  • Visualize you dream life, you get out of bed, then what? What are you excited about doing? Where are you going? Who are you with?

The most important of all, and you get a Passion medal for reading to the end, the most important tip of all is, are you ready!

Get Happy!

‘Seriously!’ you say, I am in a shit job, I found my partner in bed with the boss, I just broke 2 fingers and my fractured my tibia, my hair is thinning, I have a pimple and I am going on a blind date, my nail chipped … nope – wrong – don’t want to hear it – your soul doesn’t want to hear it – you passion doesn’t want a part of it – you future doesn’t want to know.

Stop – re frame and I encourage you to smile and think of the first thing that makes you happy – right now.

Oh gosh is it that hard? OK think of soft marshmallow, smile again and whisper the following or if you like sing out loud and proud go for it,

‘I am more and more passionate every day!’

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