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There is a choice that takes you on the easiest journey or another choice that holds more challenges, both are correct, and both will get to your eventual destination, although the later may take just a few more lifetimes to reach it.

Which job should I take? What car should I buy? Should I ask her to marry me? Am I ready for a baby? Is this house right for me? And Quite seriously I was asked this question only last week and it is my inspiration for this episode. Does my new circular rug need a circular sofa to match?

Life is full of choices, and the bigger they are – the more options we have, the more complex they appear to be.

Every person’s choice can be big or small, relative to them but can have a fundamental impact on their reality.

When it comes to making choices, fear and intuition can feel very similar. I will offer you 3 simple tips to make intuitive, wiser choices.

Ok so you have a decision to make, or perhaps you have a few – so how do we tell the difference between ego and intuition?

Your intuition can also be called your higher self, source, God that always wants to loving lead you on your easiest path, lead you to the choice that is for your best and highest good.



The guidance is calm and relaxed and adaptable to change, it makes you feel good – now – even if you have not reached your eventual goal.

It allows you time and space to get energetically aligned and allows for other eventualities to occur that can often and may very well be better than you could even imagine.

So where in your life can you let go, where in your life can you remove control, where in your life can you let go of fear and anxiety for a future you so desperately need and want and desire?



This decision has expectations, a goal that it will not let go of ever!

There is a clear plan and a clear path, that it will not diverge from and it will only settle for exactly what it expects and wants.

The ego wants everything and everyone around us to change in order to make our journey easier and more pleasant.

There is fear involved and distanced from any moments of now, it lives and breathes and thinks in the future, it is not patient – wanting it right now.

The ego wants you to feel pressured and encourages you to take note of everyone else’s opinion and discount your own, whereas the loving guidance is patient and allows plenty of time for the unfolding of it.

We can often miss out on possibilities that are presented to us, opportunities that have been given to us that we missed in our anxious race to the end goal.



If we look closely and listen, we can hear our soul whisper, giving hints to our true calling and ultimate destiny.

Remember all of this knowledge is already inside you and no one knows what’s better for you than you. Our creativity, our passion, our intuition is not always rational to the mind – and sometimes it is non sensical, but it feels right, and it feels exciting, and it feels fun.

It may not make sense to the logical mind, but then miracles don’t make sense and magic doesn’t always make sense, but I do believe in both.

So, in essence this process of choice is a feeling experience. More than anything a choice made in alignment with our higher self, always makes you feel good.



  1. Check in with your body – how does it feel. Our body can be our teacher, how is it responding to your thoughts?
  2. Sit quietly and visualise separately each decision – What happens? where does it lead you? what does it look like? How does it feel?
  3. Trust yourself, allow your loving guidance to lead you and feel comfortable with the decision.



We have a wonderful intuitive guidance system within us – that shows us when something feels good, shows us we are following our higher self and when we feel bad, we are out of alignment with our loving spirit.

And if you don’t feel good, perhaps it’s time to reconsider how unhappy this goal or path is making you or more to the point how unhappy you are making yourself and is it really worth it?

What you higher self wants for you is, ease, grace and abundance. Your higher self is always leading you whether you are aware of it or not.

When we are not in alignment with our loving guidance. We are stagnant and fixed and so rigid we absolutely refuse to change our choice, we struggle and hold on to and expect and demand and try to force outcomes and try to correct mistakes.

When we do this, we encourage our own deep suffering, deep grief and it most certainly takes us down a particularly challenging path.

It is not always easy, there is no avoiding the human experience and chaos and greed and hurt, you can’t bypass it – but you sure can move through it by having the courage to allow your higher self to lead.

Moving to higher states of consciousness encourages us to recognise that we are living in a flow state with the cycles of life and of choice and in each moment, we have the freedom to choose how to think and how to act and how to be and our choices significantly impact our now and our future moments of now.

Each choice can take us to a deeper level of understanding of who we are and each choice allows us the freedom to be the full expression of who we choose to be.

Intuited Reading

I am so excited to share my new offering to you, Intuited Reading.

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Basically, what this means is that I have remembered my ability to access portals where I am guided to energetically align and rebalance your field, receive information about your lives, loved ones and possibly your own future memories that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.

We all have this ability, it’s just that some of us have just forgotten.

The information source from the multi-dimensional realm – although always the loving communication is of the highest vibration.

If you feel called to this service, the link to book or find out more will be in the show notes below, or just head over to the Passion Harvest website shop page for more details.

Why are we here?

Oh, and it you are wondering about the major dilemma and choice of a circular rug needing a circular sofa to match, my thoughts are – not everything has to be a ‘perfect match.’

Our responsibility at the end of the day is –

how we choose to show up,

how we choose to share pieces of ourselves,

how choose to love and the depth of our capacity to love,

how we choose to trust our decisions with integrity and faith,

how we choose to forgive,

how we choose to shine and in turn choose to become a beacon of light for others,

how we choose to express our individuality our specialness our uniqueness and our choice to maintain alignment with our higher self, knowing all that we seek is on its way.

Thank you so much for ‘choosing’ to listen to me today.

Please leave a comment or question below and I will answer it.

Until next time bye for now. x

Enjoy the video below


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