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In this episode of Luisa TV, I share more of my experiences France and meeting Angels.  They are always around us…

This week’s Luisa TV episode I share, my encounter with an ANGEL.

Overcoming fear is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Without embracing fear, we will always live a half lived life!

“There is only one thing that I know of that I am highly allergic to, and I mean I need to go straight to hospital and that is ticks.”

So this week I am alone in the French countryside, although I do have Aubrey as a wonderful companion.

My last 2 tick bites 25 years ago sent me to hospital, and I haven’t had one since – until 2 days ago when I saw a tick embedded in my stomach!


My automatic reaction was to pull it out and I know that I shouldn’t do that – you have to take out not only the body of the tick but the embedded head as well, but my thoughts weren’t rational, its funny how fear stops you thinking clearly. So I pulled and the head remained buried in my skin. I am not afraid of ticks, but my bodies reaction.

I was trying so hard not to vomit, fear gripped me, and I thought to myself what if im just holding onto an experience of the past, I am certainly not the person I was physically, mentally and spiritually 25 years ago. What if nothing happens, what if I am going to be ok, fine. How ironic it would be if I had a near death experience after interviewing all the guests on the show.

I didn’t want to die and I certainly don’t choose to have a NDE. I knew I am to cut out the head and I was trying not to faint with fear.

Its then that I realised I was talking to myself, but who was me, who was I? I was 2 people, I had fractured or split in some way. I was the body, the baggage, the past memories, the fear but I was also my consciousness thinking – trying to rationalise and calm myself, I wondered who would be and who was the dominant part. It felt like a dream. I was alone, meaning that no other physical being was in the house, I cant speak French, just a little and it only gets better with wine, I had no idea where the closest hospital was, I knew where the closest pharmacy was but wasn’t sure if I could make it and what if I passed out, all these thoughts were going though my head. I even went down to the kitchen to try and cut out the head of the tick, but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t cut into my flesh.

It was then that I calmed down. I am really good at detaching myself and I knew I was going to be ok. The thing is I knew I had to find a doctor to cut out the head at some point, I couldn’t leave it there and as stange as this sounds, I realised my fear. I was more afraid of finding a doctor, a hospital, having to speak French, though a mask, explain what happened than I was of dying.

Well of course, when fear comes up for me and I don’t know how I subconsciously created this one, it was a big one- I always act on it.

I needed to rest though, my body was in a little bit of shock and the day passed and I got on with life.

The next morning – tick still embedded in my stomach – I knew I had to get help. I could have called Edward, but I needed to do this alone, this was the only way I could finally get rid of this fear – it was something I needed to do for me.

So the first thing I did that morning was pray. I prayed for guidance and I prayed for help and I prayed to encounter angels and I let it go and I surrendered to the divine.

I looked up on the internet trying to find a doctor near me and what stood out was a medical clinic 10 minutes away. I took a deep breath, got in the car and again prayed for divine guidance. Why was I so afraid? I consciously knew this was so silly, this was a paper tiger fear, I didn’t care about the tick removal, I couldn’t wait to just cut it out of me, but the fear was the unknown, the unfamiliar and the language barrier.

So I parked at the medical clinic, put on my mask and walked to the font desk. The young girl was very kind and explained that they were a doctor short and that there were no appointments available. Not once did I give up hope, this was a knowing and I felt this presence at my back, I knew I was not alone, I knew the angels had walked in with me and they were holding my hand. And they said to me “trust”.

Just then a woman came out of a door to the left of the reception waiting room. She was so kind and she had such a gentle face and she explained to me that there were no doctors to see me and I would have to drive and hour to find one. She asked about my condition and I explained that I just needed to have a tick removed from my stomach – she said the nurse could do that. I felt like crying and I knew then that even though she was human, she was an angel too, just what I needed to gently guide me though this experience. The nurse was even more of an angel, I felt so safe and so comfortable with her  – even after her explaining it was so deep and her digging with the needle couldn’t get it out and she had to get the scalpel to cut it out, I felt safe – I didn’t feel a thing.

Done, the head removed, I spoke my broken French though the mask thanking her profusely and I wanted to kiss her and give her a big hug but was not sure if I should. The nurse told me that the woman I had spoken to at the reception was in fact a doctor, she was not meant to be there today and has only come in for 5 minutes to pick up paperwork. What are the odds that she was there at the exact same time.

So yesterday I was not only guided by angels but I met 2 angels in a human form, what an experience and what an earth was I afraid of? I would like to take the doctor and the nurse a gift I am just not sure what to take?


On a final note;

Overcoming fear is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. What might seem scary can in fact turn into a profound experience. You are not alone and we are always guided if we ask.

Fear keeps you small

Fear is the destroyer of dreams

Forgive yourself

You are eternal, you are more than your physical body, we all are.

Take moments not things, moments, memories that you will keep in your heart though this life and your many other lives.

Your loved ones who have transitioned to the non physical realms, have not left, they are here right here – with you always with you in your memories and moments, always. You are not alone.

I do know and I promise you this – you are deeply loved and deeply cherished.

Much Love and until next time. Bye for now

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