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MIRACULOUS: Priest Helps Lost SOULS Transition to The AFTERLIFE! Sudden Death | Fr. Nathan Castle

He helps souls transition to the Afterlife!

Father Nathan Castle offers people who died suddenly to adjust to life after death. These victims of fires, automobile accidents, shootings, stabbings and drownings come to him in his dreams seeking help for resolving their Interrupted Death Experience. Fr. Nathan has come to believe that providing such help is something the Holy Spirit has given him to do.

He is the author of several books, his latest is “Please Let Me Explain”?

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Father Nathan Castle

Father Nathan Castle, welcome back to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show today.

00:00:45 Father Nathan Castle
Great to be with you again. Thanks. For having me

00:00:46 Luisa
I love, I mean the works so powerful and incredible that you do with helping souls transition. But I would love to start for the audience what happens when we die, when we.
Well, when we leave our physical body.

00:01:03 Father Nathan Castle
Well, I deal with a a little population that died extraordinarily. Most of us don’t die suddenly and violently. Thanks be to God. But some do, and the the for anyone who’s not familiar with the work that I’ve been given to do about once a week, someone comes to me.
And a dream.
And there’s people I don’t know.
And they showed me their violent death.
That’s that’s the most common thing, although it’s buffered, so I’m not waking up screaming. They’re just, they’re gently doing the best they can to show me how they died most of the time. It’s that once in a while it might. Somebody in your audience might be familiar with the idea of someone has a trauma.
During their life from which they don’t really fully recover and they just sort of stagger or do the best they can to move through the remainder of their life but bring with them the unresolved trauma. So sometimes I get that, but most of the time it’s people that died suddenly, all a lot of automobile crashes and then drownings and shootings and stabbings.
Different kinds of things, but they’re all people who are being helped on the on the other.
Side and they’re they’re they’re progressing to a point where they don’t need this kind of therapeutic level any longer. I think of my partners and I as the discharge staff in some sort of medical clinic or spa or something where you don’t need to be here any longer because you’re healthy enough to go on to better things.
That’s what we do.

00:02:39 Luisa
So lots of questions after that, but so for those that that.
Potentially die suddenly. It’s suicide. Automobile accidents. Drownings.

00:02:47 Father Nathan Castle

00:02:50 Luisa
They come to you and what they come to, I mean, I don’t even know if.
You ever sleep but?

00:02:56 Father Nathan Castle
I do

00:02:56 Luisa
What? OK, and. And So what do you how?
How do you assist them?

00:03:03 Father Nathan Castle
Well, at first I received the dream. I make a distinction between having a dream.
Or receiving a dream.
Having a dream for me is my own psycho Babble, the kind of normal stuff that most of us are doing in our sleep. Whatever it is, our dreams actually accomplished. They seem to have some sort of sorting function. I don’t know, but anyway that we dream about yesterday or something in our lives, then there are these other dreams that are not about my material at all. They are. They are.
Other and I’ve never driven off a Cliff. Why am I dreaming about flying off the Cliff? So I I receive a dream that somebody else is giving me. I write it down in a journal. I keep on the night stand.
And I say a prayer for them, and then I go back to sleep.
And then I arrange times with prayer partners during the pandemic. It shifted from being in person to being online because everything had to be during the pandemic. So now I have, for example, I have tomorrow morning and a two hour appointment first thing in the morning with two of my prayer partners that live on opposite ends of North America.
But we’ll be together on zoom and we’ll go into prayer and we’ll help. We can use. It takes about 40 minutes, 45 minutes.
To accomplish one crossing and then we take a little break and go on to another one. That’s kind of our format.

00:04:32 Luisa
And so.
When when you do this for the 45 minutes, are you visualising them crossing over into the light? I I’m not. I’m not going to answer your questions. But what? What? What happens? I understand you’re praying.

00:04:48 Father Nathan Castle
1st we go into what I call protected prayer. I believe that people are good, but not everyone is safe. Company. I I believe we’re all well made, but not everyone is safe company. I don’t pick up hitchhikers on this plane or on any other plane. So I first.
We prayed. Yeah, I’m a Catholic Christian. So we pray to Saint Michael the Archangel. We pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus, Saint Dominic, the patron of the order, and I that I belong to.
A number of them we probably have. We surround ourselves with probably about 20 different people by name, all of them who are kind of.
Great heroes in in the light, just to make sure that we’re kept safe.
And then I read quietly the.
The dream that that, that I wrote down.
We go and we we’re still and then I read it a second time. There’s a a Catholic prayer practise called Mexico Davina.
It it’s just divine reading. So what? You take us a for example a a piece of one of the gospels that might be a paragraph long and read it slowly.
And then be still.
And then for the mind just the data and then you read it a second time for the heart and the emotions that it might stir. So just a little brief contemplative practise. So I read the story twice. Once for the mind and once for the.
But and then we move into prayer and say we’re here available, we’re ready to help the person who brought this story.
Develop the habit of calling upon their guardian Angel people from other traditions might call those helpers.
Spirit beings or spirit guides or whatever, I just use the language of guardian Angel and we ask for clarity because dreams have a kind of an in indistinctness that is native to them sometimes.
Dreams can have symbolic language that you might not be clear on, or, for example, there might be a crowd seen as that the beginning of a.
In the first two minutes of a movie, you might be in a crowd and you don’t know exactly who you’re to care about yet, because the movie hasn’t yet told you who the protagonist is until the camera zooms in.
And now you understand that this person is important and you need to pay attention to what they’re saying. So sometimes we need a little bit of clarity from the guardians about who we’re helping and. And for example, someone might show me that they died behind the wheel of a vehicle, but they didn’t tell me their.
Though I’d like to know whether I’m talking to a man or a woman. You. We. You’re in France right now, and I’m in the United States. And sometimes I feel like I’m. I’m in a country, not my own. And I’d kind of like to know that it just helps me Orient myself to time and space. So we we deal with the Guardians a little bit. They’re very sweet. They’re.
They’re always truthful and and kind.
The the Angels don’t use language to communicate with each other, but they know that it’s important to use it when we’re involved, so they very often will take something like a nickname. Recently, for example, there was a dream of a little an elderly man who had a cognitive.
Problem while he was driving.
He hardly ever drove outside of his neighbourhood and he was on a familiar street, but there was a street fair and there was a barricade and people in the street. But he had some sort of episode where he didn’t understand clearly what was going on and he drove right into the crowd.
Well, the Guardian was saying, well, all of us were saying the same thing at the same time to the ones we guarded. Look, look out. And so he took the name Luke.
Because it sounded like the word look. So they’ll just do something kind of clever like that, and then they’ll explain the question. Anything that they think that might help us do our work. And speaking to them functions as sort of a microphone.
Test most people have never used another human voice to speak before it’s first time they’re doing this, and so they have their guardian models. What? How easy it is while they watch and then the person will come on and say hello.

00:09:20 Luisa
Thank you for sharing that. And so, OK, I’m talking humanness. You’re communicating telepathically, or you’re speaking out loud.

00:09:26 Father Nathan Castle
I just like.
Well, when I when I give my voice over the Angel, the Guardian will speak through me and then later the person who we’re helping will speak through. It’s as though my voice is.
Is at the podium or the microphone and I just stepped to the side and the other person speaks through. So I try to make.

00:09:50 Luisa
Like a channel of sorts.

00:09:52 Father Nathan Castle
Except I don’t use that word because in the Catholic Church it’s radioactive and upsets people. But I there’s there’s nothing really wrong with it in that. For example, I live near the Mexican border and in Spanish the word for channel on a television is canal.

00:09:57 Luisa
OK, sorry.

00:10:10 Father Nathan Castle
Which is in common English, is not used to talk about television stations. It’s used to talk about water inside a ditch.

00:10:18 Luisa
Waterways. Well, I guess, well, let’s say flowing energy let. Well, if we can call it that.

00:10:20 Father Nathan Castle
Yeah, exactly. No, it’s it’s blowing energy, so I don’t use the word channel not because it’s a bad word, but.
It’s just problematic in my church, so I just I prefer to think of it as to get the Prophecy Pro Fatos means to allow to speak and so. But however you want to think of it, I I believe my voice is consecrated and I don’t believe I’m doing anything on holy. I’m just letting.
Somebody use a voice for a minute that needs one.

00:10:53 Luisa
And I again going backtracking. I think it’s important and great that you.
Protect yourself and connect only with beings of light. I love how you set up you. Don’t pick up hitchhikers.

00:11:06 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, it’s, you know you can still have a positive worldview about people.
Parents of children have to teach them to be trusting of others, and they have to teach them about stranger danger both.
But you don’t need to not don’t need to frighten a child that every last person they’ll see is is probably up to no good. It’s the other way around.

00:11:31 Luisa
Yeah, I I guess it’s just an awareness that that that’s out there in somewhere.

00:11:36 Father Nathan Castle
Yes. And it’s just important to to stay in the truth and to be surrounded by persons along them.

00:11:41 Luisa
In safety.

00:11:42 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, exactly.

00:11:44 Luisa
So the guardian angels. OK, do you see them with your physical eyes or you see them in your minds eye? And what do they feel like? That’s two questions.

00:11:55 Father Nathan Castle
Of the five senses, uh, touch.
His first and sound would be second.
Touch. You know, there’s lots of ways that touch can operate, but one of them is is energetic and I can usually feel them.
Looking at I’m if for anybody that’s listening to this and not viewing it, I’m touching the area above my heart and my my left shoulder or my neck. I can feel them in there and it’s just a gentle.
Energetic nudge and and then they’ll they’ll they don’t have gender natively, they don’t have DNA or generals that distinguish one gender from the next, but they.
They know that that’s what we’re used to, gendered personhood. And so they pick one, they pick the one that they think is the the more appropriate the closer fit.

00:12:57 Luisa
Obviously, even if you meet people, they have a different feeling. Do they feel like love and light and how?

00:13:05 Father Nathan Castle
They do, and then they have.

00:13:05 Luisa
Hard to describe in words.

00:13:08 Father Nathan Castle
Well, some sometimes it’s scale. Uh, like once in a while, I’ll get one that feels enormously powerful. Like think of electricity. If you’re right next to the generating station, the the power lines that carry the power from that generating station are much larger.
Then the plug in your kitchen, you know.
We don’t want to ruin your toaster or your hair dryer. It that and that energy has to be reduced and reduced until it’s at the appropriate level, and so they can do that too. They can. They can power down to make sure that they don’t overwhelm me. But this, but sometimes their scale is different. Yeah.

00:13:50 Luisa
Interesting so.

00:13:52 Father Nathan Castle
They’ll always love it and they’re always. They always tell the truth and they can be funny. They can be just the persons. They’re angelic persons, not human persons, but the persons.
And there is different as human persons are from one another, some are quite serious and sober and businesslike at their task. Some are playful and energetic. They’re all happy because this is a graduation day for the one they.

00:14:17 Luisa

00:14:17 Father Nathan Castle
But still they you, you you could go. You could be in a crowd at a graduation and find.
Very different kinds of people celebrating a very similar event.

00:14:27 Luisa
And it’s my understanding that angels guardian angels have not had a human incarnation.

00:14:33 Father Nathan Castle
No, they haven’t. They’re, they’re.
At least in the cosmology that I’ve been taught, I will always be a human.
Whether I’m in the body or out of it, I won’t become an Angel or become an elephant. I’m going to be human because I was created to be human and.
I believe the angels are what I’ve been taught anyway, is that they’ve always been personal beings, but they have not. They’re not native to Earth and they’re they’re not material. They can. They can materialise if they have a a reason, and that’s usually.

00:15:06 Luisa
In a physical form.

00:15:08 Father Nathan Castle
They can. They can manifest in a physical form briefly for a purpose, but that’s not their native way of.
0:15:15 Luisa
So it’s your belief, whether it’s reincarnation, incarnation or just life. In Humanists, we never some people say.
We move up.
Levels to angels or other things. It’s not your belief that that is the.

00:15:29 Father Nathan Castle
I believe that we.
You and I can evolve into higher sometimes it’s called vibration. Higher levels of being a human, but I don’t think that.
My I don’t believe my humanness is something that I will ever leave behind because I outgrew it and became some other kind of thing. I believe that I will be more and more whole. In fact, the word holy is from the word whole.
And so sometimes we can feel fragmented or broken hearted where we feel like we’re in pieces or or sometimes we just have experiences where we feel complete and so many guys, some sort of growth in wholeness is I think the way I look at it.

00:16:15 Luisa
I’m sure everyone that’s listening to that this is felt all of the above. The suffering is many people ask me this. They probably ask you as well. Is there an end to this reincarnation trap? The cycle of the humanness experience?

00:16:32 Father Nathan Castle
Well, I I’m.
I believe I I I’d follow the.
Teaching that I’ve been given and for me, I I’m I don’t believe I’ve had past lives or that I will have other lives that are not me, that are not Nathan, but that I’m around a lot of people who do believe that and I listen respectfully and my stories are so outraged.
That people can grow their eyes and think I’m going to and I try to listen respectfully to what other people believe is true and listen to their reasons for how they form. They’re thinking. But no, I I believe that I’m. I’m going to continue to be me.
And I’ll, I’ll.
Grow into ways that are just more whole.

00:17:14 Luisa
With this, what what we term as from birth to death in our lifetime.

00:17:20 Father Nathan Castle
Yes. And then afterwards, because I do believe I will be me after I die, I will. I’ll. I’ll won’t have this body any longer, but I’ll have some kind of a body and I deal with people that that talk about their embodied this. They’re out of there after the afterlife form that they can. They have to learn.
Things they have to learn how to be.
Well, for example, a person could die while they’re young while they’re a child.
Do they have to stay a child for all eternity because they died as a child? That’s not what I’ve seen. They have the opportunity to mature and grow in in the next plane or they can. They can sometimes go back and forth. One thing that people will do is if if you’re a can you think of somebody that you?
Loved who died while an old person.

00:18:13 Luisa

00:18:14 Father Nathan Castle
A grandparent or a great grandparent, or yeah, she might if she wanted to make herself known to you, she might first show you the way she looked the last time you saw her, or at least in the healthy version of her late life self.

00:18:16 Luisa
Mother, yes.

00:18:30 Father Nathan Castle
But then that doesn’t mean she has to be that anymore. She can or to another time in her life where she might have been in.
30s very, very often in our homes, on the wall, there’s a picture of family members on their wedding day or in their military uniform. But they lived another 50 years after that. But sometimes they’ll show that that very familiar version of themselves, just to establish their identity. And then they’ll morph into.
Something else?

00:19:00 Luisa
And it’s interesting, you know, when I.
Feel perhaps she’s close, or it’s almost not something I see. It’s almost a memory of feeling more than anything, but that’s that’s how it works for me.

00:19:16 Father Nathan Castle

00:19:17 Luisa
Why a soul stuck?

00:19:21 Father Nathan Castle
Well, I’ve written three of these books. Some of your audience.

00:19:24 Luisa
A big congratulations on your new book as well.

00:19:27 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, it just came out a couple of months ago. It’s just making its way in the world. The audiobook is almost finished and just a lot of people enjoy listening to these books rather than reading them. I think I lost my train of thought. Would you ask me your your question again?

00:19:40 Luisa
Why? Why? How can one get stuck?
How can the souls get some?

00:19:45 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, but in in the first book I thought I used the image of a vehicle that can’t get traction. That’s gone on to the ditch and the mud of the snow or something and.
Is spinning and are.
Very familiar with post Traumatic stress, PTSD and how sometimes people can have had.
An experience that was appalling and awful or violent and.
It might have happened years ago, but they they relive it in ways they wish. They didn’t have to. A lot of people with PTSD don’t like sleeping because in the in wakefulness, they can at least turn their thoughts away from something else. But when they’re unconscious, it they just come back with full force. I I originally thought that the people that I was dealing with.
That were all stuck because of their trauma and some were, but not others. Some of them just needed a therapeutic level in the afterlife because they lived here so suddenly and.
Family they you know, when we go to a funeral, you must have heard some eulogists or people, you know, commiserating over the death of a loved one that well. Now Amy’s up there with Dad or.
Dad is playing.
Poker with his buddies or out on the golf course in heaven or something like that. Very often people want there to be.
New GOA’s in the lives of someone who has died.
But sometimes they’re not ready for that because they just got shot. They don’t want to play poker, they they don’t want to have family reunions, they have to. They have to make sense of the fact that they were just alive moment ago and dead, and they have to acclimate. And so sometimes they’re not really stuck. They’re just getting the help.
They need in an environment that provides what they.

00:21:32 Luisa
Yeah, almost going on a holiday and just healing from certain situations.

00:21:33 Father Nathan Castle
And then they graduate from.
Yes, but it’s not exactly a holiday where you go off by yourself because you need helpers. So it’s more like a grand spa.
You know the kind of, especially the kind of places that here are either rich, can go to.

00:21:54 Luisa
Yeah, right. And apparently they have your telephone number.

00:21:58 Father Nathan Castle
Like that, they know how to reach, but there one one man was from either Bolivia or Colombia. Somewhere in that part of the South America. And he died a poor man.
And then awakened into an afterlife clinic. And he thought he must be rich because there were clean sheets.
And there was ample food and attentive caregivers, and he just thought I would never have been able to afford this kind of care where I came from. And he had to get used to the idea. Ohh. He had died. And now here he’s not poor anymore, but he. But he needed help and the help he got came in the form of this and work very well.

00:22:37 Luisa
Let’s look.

00:22:42 Father Nathan Castle
Equipped SPA, where he got the help he needed.

00:22:46 Luisa
That’s lovely. OK, a hard question, but I get this asked this as well. Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?

00:22:56 Father Nathan Castle
I don’t know is the the most truthful answer I understood. Do you? Do you remember at what age you knew that you would die?

00:23:09 Luisa
In this life.

00:23:10 Father Nathan Castle
Like as a child when the.

00:23:13 Luisa
And do you mean that their age, that I would die or just?
That I would actually love.
No, no, no that.

00:23:17 Father Nathan Castle
Did you know that that you were that you were a person who would one day die?

00:23:22 Luisa
No, I don’t remember, but that’s an excellent question. You should be the interviewer. No. Excellent question.

00:23:22 Father Nathan Castle
Or that you.
Like, that’s how you made it.

00:23:28 Luisa
I know what?
Around what year I’ll die. But no, that’s different.

00:23:34 Father Nathan Castle
That’s a different question. Now I’m asking, did you ever see a dead bird on the sidewalk, or did you have a pet that you yard or or did you have a a neighbour or a loved one die and go to a funeral?

00:23:35 Luisa
Not for a while, yeah.
Interesting question. No, I’ve never really been afraid of death. I don’t want to.
Die a bad death, but I’ve never. I don’t know it it’s not.

00:23:54 Father Nathan Castle
Well, I wasn’t even.
Presuming that you would be afraid just when did you know that there would be a death that you would die anyway?

00:24:01 Luisa
I can’t remember.

00:24:03 Father Nathan Castle
OK, that’s fair. Well, anyway, I you asked me about bad things happening to good people and the bad thing that happens to everybody as they die, you know to mortals that, that that comes to everyone. I just remember believing that. Well, first thing I’m I’m a Christian. And so I’m a Catholic and I grew up around.
Crucifixes with a gruesome death depicted on it and being taught that it doesn’t matter what bad thing happens to you Good Friday turns into Easter morning.
Whatever bad thing happens, you can move through it with with the help of the Holy Spirit, and it will turn.

00:24:46 Luisa
So the resurrection it’s it’s almost yes, it’s not really the end. It’s not really the end.

00:24:46 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, and that Light day follows night that both belong.
This life is not to be the constant avoidance of pain.
There’s pain comes and has its place. Just don’t let it take over. You know, there’s there’s, there’s always a blend of of what you might think of as positive or negative, good or bad, light or dark. Any of that stuff. And I just try to stay in the present moment and.
In the in Christian language we the Lord’s Prayer. In it, we ask for Our Daily Bread.
We don’t ask for a bakery or a lifetime supply of bread, we just ask for what we need in the in the day and we ask that we we fed it.

00:25:39 Luisa
Right now.

00:25:43 Father Nathan Castle
You know.

00:25:43 Luisa
And interesting like like the power of prayer. Whatever faith one may be, that’s listening to this. It it really brings you into the present moment, the awareness, the consciousness of now.

00:25:56 Father Nathan Castle
It can, unless you’re primarily praying for future things, it’s it’s not to not to bring one’s prayer and fill it, fill a worry, especially right before sleep.
I don’t do very much prayer right before sleep about tomorrow.
Because that doesn’t help me fall asleep. I’m I’ve tried to be grateful for the passing day and be grateful for anything that I can get that I’m I think of. And then I just ask to go to sleep and tomorrow I can pray about tomorrow. I try to felt felt today with too much of tomorrow.

00:26:33 Luisa
You know gratitude. Gratitude is so powerful. Thank you. So, so just a couple more questions. I know you’re tired. We’re both tired today.


00:26:43 Luisa
What’s your advice for the audience to connect with their guardian angels?

00:26:48 Father Nathan Castle
Ah, good question.
Some stillness, to be sure. Today as we’re recording this, it’s the second day of Lent. Ash Wednesday was yesterday, and I was preaching to college students yesterday.
And you know, Catholic people want to give up something for, for Lent. And I said one of the things that I enjoy doing living here on campus is playing the in the United States. You know, we have 50 states. And when you’re in a car on a trip, one thing to do is look at the licence plates of all the other cars on the road and see how many states you can find.
Some car from some far away part of the country and count them or used we used to.
Play a game.
About different kinds of cars and what colour they wear. Different things like that, I said. One of the things I enjoy.
Doing here is.
Watching students walk down the sidewalk and see if I can find one that’s not looking at their phone.

00:27:47 Luisa
Uh, the phone I know anyways.

00:27:49 Father Nathan Castle
Because they’re there, there’s hardly anybody walking down the sidewalk who’s not looking at their phone. You have to be careful in the neighbourhood because they’ll walk right in front of your car. They’re just, there’s not paying any attention. And so I I try to to to say to them, if you want to know your guardian Angel.

00:27:59 Luisa
It’s a different world, yes.

00:28:09 Father Nathan Castle
One thing would help is to put your phone down.
Put it in the other room. Be still.
And go inside yourself and say hello because your guardian is there already and they’ll hear everything that you say out loud.
They know how you’re dressed. They’re like a Secret Service agent whose job is to guard you so they can hear everything that you say aloud and see everything that it would, that anyone in the room could see. They won’t read your mind because it’s rude.
You’re entitled to your private, though.
But if you want them to come into your thinking if you’re trying to make a decision and you’re perplexed, you can say to your guardian, hey, guardian, would you please come inside my thought process? Because I’d like some.
Advice if you’re able to give it.
And then you won’t necessarily hear a voice, but you might a train of thought might begin to form that’s inside you. That might lead you to a different conclusion.

00:29:09 Luisa
Would that thought feel good and positive?

00:29:12 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, and it and and they will be.
Well, you’ve probably given advice to people, haven’t you? I have.

00:29:24 Luisa
But it’s your show today.

00:29:27 Father Nathan Castle
Oh, yes, OK, I’m. I’m also a podcaster and and so I often have. I’ve had people on my show where I interview them when people ask us for advice.
We can just jump in with both feet and start telling them how to live their life.
I’m I’m so happy you asked Lisa. And now, now listen carefully, because you should do these 10 things. Or you could you could engage them in a little more heartfelt dialogue and say, well, what would you think about this? And then be still.
What about that? There’s different ways that advice might be given, and the Guardians try to be good coaches, not so much bosses.

00:30:10 Luisa
Thank you. And and.

00:30:12 Father Nathan Castle
They can steer us away from what’s not good for us. They also get to know our bad habits, and so they can. They can cause us to reflect on. It would really be good if you did less.
Of that, you know.
Then they could work in your conscience and say as much as you’re attracted to this thing. Think of what it produces.
That always makes you sad or angry or arrogant or something that you do that maybe you’d like to do less of that.

00:30:39 Luisa
And just even the way you’re speaking, it’s it’s that gentle. It’s not forceful.

00:30:45 Father Nathan Castle
No, it’s gentle.
They don’t force at all. In fact, one of the things that the people that my partners and I deal with, one of the things they enjoy most in their afterlife world is the absence of.
Bossy judgement.
And agency, the idea that I’m in charge of me and my thoughts and my feelings because a lot of people have been victimised by someone who overstepped.
Especially younger people where somebody abused them while thinking that they had every right to do that. And so a lot of the people that we deal with are working through trauma and sometimes they’ve had they’ve part of the trauma is they.
They had something stolen from them, maybe even their life. They might have been murdered, you know, or or they ended up in pain that moved them towards drug abuse and addiction issues and that they, the voices in one’s head and addiction are very, very controlling.
People who live with addiction have lots of like sometimes they’re calling their demons that that tell them what they have to do. And and I just, I just have seen it over and over where the people that we deal with in this realm are grateful that they’re being led through processes, but they’re always in charge of what the process is.

00:32:09 Luisa
So we have outlined free will as well.

00:32:10 Father Nathan Castle
They never.
Precisely and. And when you when I look at humanity, the the, the most degraded forms of human personhood on the earth are wherever you find degradation of a person, you find some sort of domination.
Some sort of external force that holds the person down.
Or maybe, maybe, maybe they even interiorize it and think they deserve being held down and the the opposite of that is what I’ve dealt with people just seeing and that the helpers are very gentle in helping them along. And one thing that has to do with pace but.
Do you need to heal quickly or slowly?
Well, it’s up to you. It’s really more of a Montessori school than a strict classroom where everybody is held to the same standard all the time. You’re you’re you’re respected for it, your own uniqueness and your own pace at which you want to work.

00:33:12 Luisa
While profound insights about domination and addiction that’s incredible. Two more questions, and then I’m I’ll move on if someone would like to communicate with their loved ones in the afterlife. What’s your advice?

00:33:32 Father Nathan Castle
Well, first listen and try to create some listening space some place where again where the technology goes away. There’s no media feeding your filling the airwaves in your head and your in your in your house. Put the put the technology down.
Sometimes it’s helpful to create a sensory place where it smells good.
So, flowers, incense. I like to light a candle, and then I close my eyes, which makes no sense at all. But I have a sense of there being a flame near me that I find helpful. It’s good if you can be in a place that’s quiet.
And then go into one’s heart of hearts. I’m a Catholic Christian. My mom taught me when I was like 3, how to make the sign of the cross, how to touch your forehead, your heart, and draw a line shoulder to shoulder across your body trying to bring mind, heart and body all together. And then she taught me that that X marks the spot where the buried treasure.
Yes. And like in pirate stories.
You know the little dotted line on the island with the X that.

00:34:44 Luisa
The map, yes.

00:34:46 Father Nathan Castle
The map the treasure is inside you. That’s why you can’t see it. Because it’s buried your eyes look out. But if you close your eyes and look in, you can see the treasure. It’s inside you. So.
I’d I would say to people go inside yourself and you don’t have to be a Catholic or a Christian necessarily to borrow that little practise, you can just say.
I want my body, mind and spirit all of one, and I want.
To I want to be inside myself with the one who created me. If you can posit some kind of belief in a higher power, are God. Most people who believe in a God believe that that God is everywhere. Well, I just asked yesterday how much do you weigh? You know, is the space inside you where your liver is your bones?
Your muscles.
Is that a place? Of course it is. It’s a place. It’s inside you. Well, God, if God lives there, just go in there. You don’t need to talk to the furthest star. You can talk to God. Who is with them. And then just be still.
And then say, Mom, I want to talk to you.
It’s easier to sound than it is to receive, but if you form a thought that I would call a prayer that you direct to a loved one who has died, they will hear it.
Some most of the time they hear it in real time. When you say it, sometimes they’re indisposed. You know, they can rest or they can be, but they’ll get the message. It’s almost like when you visit someone in the hospital, but they were asleep when you can.
If you didn’t want to wait them.

00:36:18 Luisa
Yes. No, that was beautiful. Thank you. And in regards to prayers, it’s not necessarily the words we say. Is there a specific prayer that one could use?

00:36:26 Father Nathan Castle
It. No, it’s not. It’s not.
It doesn’t have to be formulaic prayers, memorised prayers, just heart speech, you know? Hello. I’m I’m. I’m thinking of you and I’m remembering happy. A happy time with you or I’m grateful for this thing that you this attribute that I have that I know you put there. I know that I am this way because you.
Warned me this way.
I want to do you I I sometimes send people.
Loving energy as a resource when we use the for example, one of the words we used to describe money as currency from the word current.
Something that connects us, a current between my heart and the heart of a loved one who’s died. And I’ll send them a blessing that I think of as a resource that can help them.
Buy something if you will. Gonna can help them have a have power or range somehow.
I I I.
Frequently bless people that have died and or tell them I love them and I I hope that my love for them is not just a passing emotion, but it’s some sort of.
Currency, some sort of energy that enables them to do something that they might not have.
Been able to do otherwise.

00:37:47 Luisa
Beautiful. While I’m absolutely sure it is.
For those of the audience that are listening to this that have lost a loved one in a sudden death or other and and feel that their loved ones may be stuck, how, how can they assist them? What’s your advice?

00:38:05 Father Nathan Castle
First of all check your work and don’t presume the worst. You know, don’t presume that someone was is stuck because you think they’re.
Check your work. They might not be. Another thing would be we are not responsible for the outcome of another person’s life. Even parents. Parents are often heartbroken that their children had, you know, addiction issues or.
Broken heartedness or something? We’re not in charge of the outcomes of other people’s lives, so take yourself off the hook. It’s not your fault, you know, or your. It’s not your responsibility. You can love without.
Choosing A preferred outcome for somebody else, so don’t presume they’re stuck, just love them and love and try to love them into a higher state. If if they’re open to that, I don’t know, I just love just love and.
And then don’t pay too much attention to these things at the expense of people who are here around you. Some grief can sometimes I was talking about domination. Grief can be very bossy.
Grief can bring on heartbreak, and it can close one off and move toward depression. And after a while, you’re so preoccupied with your own inner sorrow that you don’t even notice the neighbour or the person at the grocery store. It’s important to try to stay in the present moment, so have a discipline where you pray for the person who has died.
But don’t let that be all day.
They have other things to do besides listen to you and you have other things besides on focusing on them. Morning and night is just important. Especially one thing it is about loving, I think is if you’ve loved and lost, well, at least you learned how to love.
And if you’ve logged.

00:40:04 Luisa
Love the most powerful thing in the universe.

00:40:08 Father Nathan Castle
Absolutely it is. I think the universe is made of.
Love and you can thank a person who has loved you, who has died, and you can miss them and tell them so. But then you can say, help me love the next person. Help me love the unloved or help me help me grow in love. I don’t want my loving to be cut off because you died. I want my loving to continue to grow. Help me do that. So.

00:40:31 Luisa
Thank you, Father Nathan. A big congratulations on your book. Please let me explain. What’s it about for the audience and I will leave a link below in the show notes.

00:40:40 Father Nathan Castle
00:40:42 Father Nathan Castle
Yeah. Well, it’s the third of three and the the first one, we called it helping stock sells crossover because as I mentioned, I thought that that most of them were spin.
Like more the deeper I got into it over the years, this has been about 27 years of my life, not just the last five, when the books have come out.
We learned that not all were stuck, so we got rid of the word stuck and crossed through it in the cover. This one we the subtitles. Please let me explain. Because sometimes in the course of helping a person do this crossing.
They just explained their circumstance, which such clarity.
And my prayer partners and I end up going wow, I never thought of that. No, I didn’t know that was possible. And there’s just the the multiplicity of forms in the creative.
Well, that we can get used to thinking that things are the way we think they are and then we come across some little animal or some flower or some something that’s in the created world that they didn’t even know was there and hadn’t any idea that that could be. So there are all these stories in the new book that 13 of them.
People that are are in them.
Bring us something new and so.
That’s that. When that was the rubric to pull this book together.

00:42:05 Luisa
Congratulations so.
Transitioned souls that you have assisted in crossing over that have told you.

00:42:11 Father Nathan Castle
Yes, in the last couple of years there were, there were so many of them. I think I’ve got going on 600 now, but so choosing 13 of them to put in a book already was funny because I was when I started writing, I thought a dozen would be just the perfect, you know, kind of like round biblical number.
And and then it ended up being 13 all the time. Do you? You’re. Do you speak French? You live in France, right?

00:42:35 Luisa
I do. My French is not that great, but it’s possible.

00:42:38 Father Nathan Castle
You have the word Lanyon.

00:42:40 Luisa

00:42:42 Father Nathan Castle
I’m from New Orleans or my my mother’s side of the family is in Lania in at least French. Cajun, New Orleans means a little something extra.

00:42:53 Luisa
Don’t know what that means.

00:42:53 Father Nathan Castle
And little little shop owners in New Orleans, if you have your, if you have a little bakery, you don’t you and a person wants a dozen doughnuts, you give them the dozen Donuts and lanya, which is one more.

00:43:07 Luisa
Ohh OK.

00:43:09 Father Nathan Castle
So you get 13.

00:43:12 Father Nathan Castle
The new the newspaper in New Orleans has one of those special sections about concerts and things to do around town, and it, and it’s called Lonnie Top, a little something extra. But here’s a little something extra happening around town that you might enjoy.

00:43:24 Luisa
I’m gonna. I’m gonna look up that word.
Father Nathan, where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:43:35 Father Nathan Castle
Via my website
One thing I do ask if that is that if people email me with questions about the work that I do or afterlife issues, please first read at least one of the books.
It’s just too exhausting to to say what I’ve already said to people who could access it by purchasing a pretty inexpensive book. But if, but if after you’ve done that, if you have a question that I might be able to address, I’ll, I’ll try to do it.

00:44:07 Luisa
I’m sure you receive a lot of emails.

00:44:10 Father Nathan Castle
More than more than ever. And now I’m not having to adapt to how many I can answer and how I prefer to do it on the phone. Except you’re in France. So time zone is an international calling. I don’t really want to do a lot of that, but but I try to at least reply to to people and.

00:44:19 Luisa

00:44:30 Father Nathan Castle
Do the best I can.

00:44:31 Luisa
Yes. Well, Father Nathan, I mean, the work you’re doing is so incredible. You never even searched out for this. But they kind of got your number.

00:44:41 Father Nathan Castle
Well, I started in childhood. I was praying for people that have died really, really young because I was taught to. And so it’s just grown as I’ve gotten older.

00:44:49 Luisa
Well, thank I want to say thank you on behalf of the collective consciousness. Is there anything on a final note like you would like to share with the passion harvest audience?

00:44:58 Father Nathan Castle
Oh, just a blessing, I suppose, which I think is just love flowing between people. So thank you for paying attention to to all that you offer the world and and.
Blessings to you.

00:45:13 Luisa
Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:45:17 Father Nathan Castle
OK. Thank you.


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