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She communicates with our Loved Ones in the Afterlife.

June Field Known as “Worlds Best Psychic” after participating and winning “International Battle of the Psychics” which was aired and viewed by 34 million people. She has amazed audiences with her specific contacts and evidence that our loved ones are still with us.

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Passion Harvest Interview with Father June Field

00:00:43 Luisa
June Field, Welcome to passion, harvest. I can’t wait till our conversation today. Welcome, welcome.

00:00:49 June Field
Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to it and it’s such a pleasure to be here.

00:00:52 Luisa
And speak to you. It’s it’s an absolute pleasure. I’d just like to start for the audience that perhaps don’t know of you how what you’re briefly your journey to become or.
Maybe it’s always been a psychic medium.

00:01:07 June Field
Yes, I was.
Born This Way.
That’s not this is not something I wanted to do in life. I didn’t ever want to talk to people. In fact, growing up, I wanted to learn how to shut it down and used to frighten me at night that I’d see all these people around me and I just thought everyone was the same and.
That happened because you have nothing to compare it to, but as I got older I realised it was very different, but fortunately for me in the family a great aunt was a psychic medium, a trans medium.
And so it missed the generation and hit me. So my mum knew exactly what was happening to me. And then when I became a teenager. Ohh my gosh, it would just all blew out of proportion and I needed to try and get control of it. So I did actually go to someone, a spiritual church, who helped me get control of it and to.
Shut it down or control it so that I can open and close at set times rather.
Then people pushing in all the time and then I just shot out from there and.
This is again, this is not what I wanted to do. I taught music, I taught karate and and I wanted to do that. But this is what I do now because it’s a calling once you. Yeah. Get control of it. It’s a totally different. It’s a game changer. And you’re able to help a lot of people. And that’s why I do.

00:02:33 Luisa
Ohh, beautiful. So when you say you you saw or you do see people. How how do you see them and who are they OK?

00:02:41 June Field
OK, well, there can be like a mobile phone. It depends what network you’re on.
If you’re on the same network as me, are.
Getting them really clear.
But then they could be a little bit faded. Sometimes it’s a voice, sometimes I see.
Them as clear as you.
It just depends on the signal, because there’s two different worlds, and we’re vibrating it.
Different energy levels and so therefore there are transmitters which are those on spirit side because they’re an energy and then we’re a receiver and it depends on how strong your receptors are for you to receive the.
Signal and that’s.
Why sometimes people will say, Oh my goodness, guess what happened to me last night?
I saw this and it doesn’t happen again for a long.
Time because they.
Were just in the right place at the right time to receive the signal.

00:03:30 Luisa
And when you say people, they’re people that have transitioned or died in their physical body.

00:03:38 June Field
Well, we’re all.
Spirit people housed in physical bodies.
And I don’t believe that this is our home. We come here to learn lessons. This is a schoolroom for us. We learn lessons, experiences, and that’s all we take with us is how many people you touched and what or what you did for someone, cause that’s all you take. You don’t take your trinkets and baubles and things that you save and.
All the money in their bank or the house or the car, they don’t.
Go with you.
And so when people leave this side of life, they transition over. And then there’s a level that they can progress on.
And depending on how they got on here, they can decide whether they want to come back.
And do another lesson or they can stay where they are. It’s not compulsory. And so if you think of us all when we are born, there’s a load of cars on a conveyor belt and then you’ll go, OK, you can get in the red car, you get in the green car, you take the blue car. Some people’s cars never start, and some peoples never.
Run properly.
And some people last a long time because people look after their car and then some people run theirs right into the ground or in some cars get broken. But the minute that happens, which thinking of the car as the physical body.
The minute that happens, the door of the car opens and what’s housed inside the character, the consciousness, the soul, whatever you want to call it the person.
Gets out and walks away, and sometimes at the end of life when you’re not doing very well and you’re, you become ill. You become confined in a car that’s no longer working for you. And then your battle at the end of life is to try and get.
Of it, because all your pain is confined to the physical body.
That you’re housed in and the minute that you’re free of that, you’re still the same individual, you’re still a a a living, you know, evolving consciousness.
And so you walk away with no pain. You have no discomfort, but you still connect with your loved ones. You don’t wander off into the sunset and ohh well, that’s me. No, you’re still connected with them because you care about them.

00:05:59 Luisa
Well, I guess love transcends time and space, doesn’t it?

00:06:03 June Field
Yeah, love is everything, because at the end of the day, love connections, bonds. That’s all you have.

00:06:17 Luisa
So one of the main.
Lessons that we come here to learn or purpose is is kindness and and love and kindness to ourselves and to others.

00:06:28 June Field
True one. That’s one of the main ones, but you might not be here to learn a lesson for you. You might be here to help someone learn their lesson. It doesn’t always have to be a.
About you, you could be on Spirit side with someone and they’ll say you know what? I’m gonna go back. Are you going back for? I want to learn this. Ohh. I can help you with that. And so they’re both born into a physical body. They don’t know each other until much later on and then they go through.
A part of life where one learns a very valuable lesson from the other, and that’s why people will sit back and.
Why is this happening to me?
Because probably you’ve asked for a lesson and they’re thinking that this is the best way for you to have it, and then when you get over to the other side and you’ve passed away and you’re out of your physical body, the one spirit goes to the other. I helped.
Good, didn’t I? Didn’t I?
Help you good and you’re like well.
Yeah. At the time, I didn’t think that you were helping me.
But yeah, I suppose you have.

00:07:36 Luisa
Because the lessons are always pleasant.

00:07:39 June Field
No, no, no. And they say that the the hardest lessons are the ones that we.
Learn the best.

00:07:46 Luisa
So many people say I never would choose to come to Earth. So it’s your belief that we definitely choose to Incarnate into a physical body.

00:07:55 June Field
Yeah, we choose to learn and grow, you know, through lessons here. And our interaction as a human physical being so that we can progress spiritually because I don’t feel that this is our home.
This is just.
A temporary stop for us as we evolve. And if you think about it, Lisa, when you’re born, we instantly start dying physically.
But growing spiritually.

00:08:27 Luisa
So where is our our home?

00:08:30 June Field
I believe that we are beings that we’ve come from. You know, we parallel universes that we are spiritual individuals, which is individuals that are more evolved.
And therefore evolving all the time we were head of parallel universes where.

00:08:50 Luisa
I have, but I’d love you to discuss them.

00:08:54 June Field
I’ll go so far, cause what happened is that when something happens, well, we’re vibrating at a set rate as we breathe and live, and we tread treacle because we’re housed in physical bodies, OK, we’re slower and so therefore things are solid to us because everything’s made up of molecules.
And so when we touch something like the coffee table.
That’s all to us because of how we vibrate. But when you have someone who’s not in a physical body.
It’s not solid to them and they can walk through it and people go, Oh my God, I’ve seen a ghost. They’re just vibrating at a different rate. They’re still people without the physical bodies.

00:09:39 Luisa
So does that mean?
I’m identifying as Louisa talking to you at a table. Are there other?
Aspects or elements of me in the other universes or in other dimensions?

00:09:55 June Field
You see, that’s why I said to you.
I would go so.
Far. OK. OK.
Because, see, when you keep, I’ve gone to a few lectures about parallel universes and I it takes me so far. And then it goes.
Whenever it gets to the, does the clock tick in the room once you leave it?
But I understand as far as I need to understand.

00:10:19 Luisa
Well, let, let’s move on. Spirit. Your connection with spirit. Who who is spirit for you?

00:10:27 June Field
Well, spirit, they would call it spirit. They’re just people without the physical bodies. They’re individuals, spirit, people’s souls, you know, consciousness.
All different characters, people that have been on many journeys, some of them are totally evolved and other ones that are just learning, you know, there are some psychic mediums that maybe have a guide or someone who helps them. That’s probably Creek.
Committed a crime on this side of life. I know that a well known.
Had a a spirit guide who was a murderer on this side of life. But then they’re evolving. They want to evolve.
And so therefore, they obviously didn’t get the lesson that they came here right to do, because you can fail. It’s like a school room. You know, you think, oh, my God, you didn’t.
Get that right.
And and so therefore, they’re trying to make amends so that they can progress on Spirit side. And there are there’s always progression for every human soul.
If you work at it.

00:11:33 Luisa
Just one more question on that not parallel universe as as we’re progressing and incarnating, if we choose to evolve spiritually, spiritually, is there an endpoint?

00:11:46 June Field
In what sense?

00:11:47 Luisa
That we no longer that we’ve evolved to a level spiritually we never, we do not need to reincarnate on the Earth to learn lessons.

00:11:56 June Field
I don’t feel that we do need to reincarnate. I feel that it’s not compulsory.
That you can decide that if you want to come back to learn a lesson, you can. But if you want to stay on the level that you’re on, you can. And usually it’s hundreds and hundreds of years later you could think, well, I think I might come back. So when people the next question would be.
What would happen if I passed on and then I came back and all my family then and I missed them. That doesn’t happen. That wouldn’t happen. They would be around you and with you. The times are us on this side of life compared to time on spirit side of life is totally different.

00:12:27 Luisa

00:12:38 June Field
Like we trade.
Equal, you know, time is is not of an essence to them. It’s just it’s in the blink of an eye. A lifetime is a blink of an eye to them.
And so.
You can evolve and evolve and evolve and evolve as far as I know that you can just keep going higher and higher and higher. I haven’t actually gotten to anyone who has stopped, I’ve never interacted with anyone that’s stopped.

00:13:06 Luisa
Just for the audience you talk about, I think it was a painting that you were given by your father, called the bridge and this is how you connect with spirit or the spirit dimensions.

00:13:22 June Field
When I was a little girl, my dad always did painting. That was one of his pastimes. He did oil paintings and, you know, he was always maybe sitting on a Saturday doing some paintings. But that bridge was in our house from as far back as I can remember. It was painted before I was born. You actually should have been going to engineering classes. And he was going to.
Art classes.
And and so his mother wasn’t very pleased with that, you know. But he painted that bridge a long time ago. And I was always drawn to it because I was different. As I say, I was Born This Way and I just acted differently.
People would come into the house, I’d be ultra sensitive.
And my mom would say things like don’t even look at her, don’t even speak to her, because if I didn’t like someone’s energy, I would have a look at them and the bottom lip.
Would start to.
Go and and so she said. Just ignore her. Just you know, because she knew I was sensitive and then I’d come.
Myself and I just always was drawn to the bridge.
It’s it’s actually just sitting up there. That’s why I’m looking up there. It’s it’s on the wall. And I did say to my dad.
When you die.
Can I have that? Because that to me was where?
The crossing over from one side of life to the.
Next and the.
Connection from this world to the next World. I would always visualise that I stood, walked onto that bridge and stood on the centre and then spirit or those people walk onto the bridge and we meet in the middle and then they can give me information.
To help others, of course, you never think that your dad’s gonna die. You just say.
That when you’re little.
And then you did die. You know, I did receive that painting.
And it’s very precious to me. It hangs on my wall and you know.
I’ve done a lot of readings while sitting underneath that painting the bridge and I always have it in my mind that I just cross over the bridge and allow the two worlds to connect.

00:15:31 Luisa
Thank you for sharing that. So have you connected with your father that it’s transitioned?

00:15:37 June Field
You know, as a psychic medium, you’ll find it all psychic mediums are the same. We don’t all get our relatives around the coffee table after the pass and think, OK, you know, let’s all connect. I’ve caught glimpses of them. I’ve. I’ve heard them. I get.
Other people.
I’m not connected to me. I don’t get my own family as much, I don’t think.
That it’s meant.
For me, I’m supposed to help other people, but the minute that I give someone else proof that their father is OK, I’m actually confirming that mine is too. I get little glimpses every now and again or or something will happen and I’m just.
Kind of aware of them.
In essence, and I know that he’s there, but I can’t connect and go on the bridge and meet him or mother or husband or or anyone that’s connected to me and their family, I.
Just get glimpses.

00:16:26 Luisa
Yeah. And I guess it’s annoying as well, but.
There is life after death.

00:16:33 June Field
Ohh definitely definitely.

00:16:35 Luisa
June, you you won International Battle of psychics. Congratulations very much.

00:16:42 June Field
Thank you very much.

00:16:43 Luisa
Do you mind sharing a bit about that with?

00:16:44 June Field
The audience no problem. Yes, I I was thinking medium in Scotland and I was approached by STB, which is a.
In in Kiev, Ukraine and asked if I would take part in this and I ignored it. Actually, I just.
It and then they got in touch again and sent emails and and I thought I’m not. I’m not going over there. I don’t know what this is about. And then they asked me if I would go to casting and I thought, well, I’ve never been to Kiev, OK.
I’ll go for.
A week for casting, and there were 70,000 and they had us.
In groups, but what we had to do for this competition, and it was a competition international battle of the psychics called Beat beat for extra.
And it was to whittle down and find the best psychic in the world. And I thought, I’ll just go out.
For a.
Week and have a a little time there, but they asked us in front of a camera to hold onto a picture and to just just say there were five people on it to see who was alive and.
And who was dead?
And I said, well, this person’s alive, but this person passed with this condition and and this person’s alive in his left handed. And this person is. And it happened to be the producers.
Family and she went. What? And so I was pushed in and to the competition. I stood out and then I lived there for seven months and it was a bit like an X Factor style. You would have these tasks to do and then they would be, they whittled it down from 70,000 to the best 12.
And then the programmes were starting to be filmed over the the 12 and then you would be eliminated one week or you would be voted best psychic of the week the other week. And I can’t lie to you, it was probably one of the most difficult times in my life because my mother had just passed my husband.
Passed just before that, my cat had just died and to me.
They were right there by my side because Yuri Geller, who was one of the judges he said he’d never seen a psychic so specific and that one battle of the I won the best psychic of the week five times, and I was the only psychic in the history that never failed task. And so I just battled on to the end.
And took 54% of the votes, but it was difficult, especially I was always getting into trouble from the interpreter because I talked quite fast. And now when I give information it’s. Ohh yes and I’ve got.
That and you could hear it.
Earpiece, saying you need to slow down and I can’t slow down because it’s coming in and I need to get it out so I would always.
Get into trouble.
For it so.
It was definitely an experience, but it was difficult. It was difficult time, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
And it’s very.
Solidity to my length.

00:19:45 Luisa
Very true. Congratulations. So how do you receive the information? For example, you mentioned you were looking at that photo. How does it, how does it come to you?

00:19:57 June Field
I’ve heard it since birth. I’ve heard it since growing up. As far as I can remember, I’ve never been in in vertical normal. I’ve I’ve always had this and what I do is I just look at it a different way and that I just get information it’s like.
Flicking a switch.
And it’s the same when I go to read someone or I get a feel for someone. You have to switch off because you can’t be approaching someone in a supermarket and going, by the way, do you know your mother’s there? What that doesn’t you can’t do that. You have to switch off. And I just, it’s just something I’ve always done. I just switch off and on. It’s like a.
A little shift. You can either look at someone.
Or you can look in someone and there’s a total difference.

00:20:42 Luisa
I love that.

00:20:45 June Field
Does that make sense?

00:20:46 Luisa
To you it does.

00:20:47 June Field
And people that are, you know, I can, I can flick that switch if I’m just looking at you now. But if I’m looking at in you.
I change it and I look in rather.
Than just superficially.

00:21:03 Luisa
Now I’m wondering what you’re looking at, what you’re finding in there.

00:21:07 June Field
It’s just for a brief moment.

00:21:09 Luisa
Ohh no you can if you want to. I don’t.
Seem to have any.
Secrets on passion harvest.
You also or have before helped police catch serial killers.

00:21:25 June Field
Yes, there was a. It was during the competition, this one and I think there were only about five of us left the psychics. They had whittled it down, whittled it down, and we were asked to do.
A task where.
During this competition, your mobile phones are taken from you and you’re kept in a room with an administrator.
Whether it be a hotel or whatever, and you’re giving coffee and lunch and things and then they take you one at a time.
And they’ll let you do the task, and then you put you in another room and no one goes anywhere until everyone has completed this task. And so I was taking in in front of this gentleman.
And I was asked to hold onto a chain.
Of a date girl.
And to get into the energy and again what I’m talking about, as in, if you’re on the right network or you get the signal, it must have been a really strong signal because I instantly connected. And the first thing.
I said was.
She’s not blood related to you, and it transpired that she was actually adopted at six months, but the production team didn’t know that and I held onto this chain and they described a murder scene that I saw and you could actually see that on my website. The programme, and you can see me drawing the murder scene.
And I smell oil. And I saw a tattoo on the right shoulder. I saw a scar on the left hand, and I saw the way that her body was lying and what she had on. And I said that she knew the gentleman because I was. I felt before her death. I didn’t feel threatened.
So I knew that she knew him and I described her bridge in an area because it just came in.
And then the police pulled me aside and they let me hold onto another object off camera. And I said it’s the same person, but of course. Then I said to the administrator has this is this person caught because I’m.
Living in an apartment.
And Kev, when does this show go? Where does this go out?
And they said no, it’ll go out, but it didn’t. They put it out, but he was actually caught nine months later. I’d already won the competition by then. But at that time, I hadn’t.
And he did say that the psychic that described on was 99.9% accurate with his description. He did have the tattoo on his shoulder that I drew in the scar on his hand, and it, and it hit BBC News. So that was.

00:24:02 Luisa
Amazing. So were you connecting with the the the spirit of the girl? Yes.

00:24:08 June Field
Yes, because I had something that belonged to her and it’s called psychometry. If you hold on to something.
Or you can psychometrist an area or a room. Everything’s got a vibration, Lisa. And it’s the same with with healing or you take someones hair and you can get into their energy and send it and objects have.
Remnants on them of people’s energy and the minute I touched it, it it hit me like a silly show. I just watched it and I could see where she was. She was thrown over a hedge. What she had on the way. She was lying. I can still see her in my head because it was very clear and I just did description. And once I follow that, I get into that.
Heard you. I just hang on to it and follow it along.

00:24:56 Luisa
So amazing and interesting you do teach. You do teach how to increase one psychic abilities or awareness. What’s your advice for the audience or some tips to increase their psychic abilities?

00:25:11 June Field
Well, when people are trying to get in touch with their own loved one.
The biggest mistake that people make is they wait until they’re having a meltdown where they’re really upset and they’ll cry for them and they’ll go. Ohh my goodness, I miss you. Can you? Can you flick that light? Could you just knock on the wall? Could you just give me a sign that you’re OK? That’s when you’ll get nothing.
And I’ll tell you why. Because if you think about transmission and receiving, OK, they’re transmitting. They’re an energy, and you’re a receiver. You have to be in the right conditions to receive.
From spirit and the key is to quiet in the mind. So they’re transmitting. You’re getting upset. That’s what happens to your energy. OK. And so the chances of a connection are few and far between. But if you quiet in the mind.
You’ll get a connection and that’s why most people get connections at night. Nothing to.
Do with the dark.
It’s to do with the mind being quiet and so if you get yourself a sound or something that would resonate with you now I’m not talking about music. I don’t want music because the brain is a wonderful piece of equipment and it’ll go, oh, we’re coming to the end or. Ohh. That’s a phrase. Or I like this bit or I’ll need to put it on repeat.
So you’re taking your focus away?
Say I want a sound that would resonate you with you, similar to either rain on a roof, Thunder and lightning birds.
If you think of a sound that you can get and something that would resonate with you, something that you have a memory of and that you feel safe and calm within it and sit within this sound and just concentrate on the breath and the breathing and feeling safe that actually then quietens your mind. OK and then.
00:27:02 June Field
That allows you to link and you’ll be more aware and perceptive of that signal that’s trying to push.
So and that’s how it works. And so if they try.
That at home.
And once you pick a sound, don’t ever change it. Stick to that same sound.

00:27:19 Luisa
And would you have that sound like a recording on a phone or something like?

00:27:24 June Field
You could.
You put it on YouTube, you can get whatever you want on YouTube and you can say OK, I like the sound of the ocean, but birds in the background, if you were to put.
That in your.
And get and and you’ll get stuff that can go on for a long time and the the aim is that you just feel safe and quiet because you can’t differentiate when that when that sounds coming to the end because it just goes on and on and on. And you just sit quietly. You don’t ask any questions, you don’t go. Is there anybody there just sit.
The quiet in the mind and.
That is the.
Key and when I do teach people and spiritual workshops, I’ve just done one. Actually at the weekend.
And in Saint Andrews in Scotland, and it was lovely. And I love to see people. And first of all, they come in and they’re intimidated and they’re like, well, yeah, I’m. I’m here because I think I want to learn. I’m not not really that good. I’m not that advanced or you know. And then the second day they’re like that I did I get that.
Yes, because my aim is to try and find help them find their key. We’re all different. And the biggest mistake that we people do is they’ll hear a meditation or somebody else say ohh you’ve got to try this meditation.
It’s great. Yeah, it’s maybe great for you, but then I’d be trying to use your key to open my door. And the aim is to find your own way of working or connecting, cause we’re all different. And what there’s it’s not a one size fits all. That’s not the case at all. We’re.
All different, so that’s that’s a tip on how to do it.

00:29:05 Luisa
So true. And how do the messages usually come to?

00:29:08 June Field
Again, one size doesn’t fit. All people perceive things in different ways. There’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear sensations, you know, to to hear, to see, to feel, some psychic mediums just.

00:29:11 Luisa
It’s different, right?

00:29:23 June Field
Since some of them just you know, here and some see and here or some people.
Have all three.
So everyone works differently.

00:29:38 Luisa
And people, I mean.
I’ve heard this quite a lot. People often ask for signs or symbols from loved ones. What’s your thoughts on that?

00:29:47 June Field
Well, any signs it doesn’t have to be a symbol, but a sign. Anything that spirit, those that care about you. You know that they can see you. They can see that you’re sitting crying every night next to your.
Photograph or or.
Upset or something will trigger you off.
And you miss them. It’s a different kind of grief cause they worry about those on the other side, but they can see us, so they’re not grieving the same. I’ve always thought that if there was just a window, that’s all it would take was that when somebody left this side of life that.
We can look through the window, everyone and the person just turned round and waved. That’s all you need cause then you know they’re OK, but it’s the not knowing and that’s why we grieve as individuals here on the.
The site, but over there they can see us and they’re reconnected with those that they thought they had to say goodbye to. And so, you know, you’ve always got that connection.
With them so they are close by. But there’s no the aim for them is to get our attention. It doesn’t matter how just to get our attention so that we can look at something and there is no logic for it. It’s like you go.
How did that happen? Because then they’ve managed to get your attention. Similar things like you go to put your car keys down in the same place all the time, and then you go to pick them up and they’re not there. And you hunt the whole house and you go back and they’re sitting right there and you think I, that’s the.
1st place I looked.
You’re thinking of them and you’re having a sad moment, and you go into your car and a particular song instantly starts on the radio that’s connected to them, or lights off views. I’ve even heard people that have received phone calls from them from their number, but there’s nobody that they know. One on the other end.
And the mobile phone doesn’t exist anymore.
And I had a lovely lady once. I did a reading for and her mother.
When her father died, her mother kept saying, you know, your dad’s seagull and keeps coming to the window and I feed him all the time, you know, he he comes as a seagull and he’s an energy and he’s he. I feed the seagull and the seagulls there. And the daughters like. Yeah, that’s really good, mum. And that sort of thing. And when?
The mother died.
They were waiting in the crematorium for her coffin to be brought in and they played the piece.
Of music for her.
And she was never coming in. They were never bringing her in, and they paid, played the piece of music three times, and eventually the call from was brought in and they carried on with a lovely service. And afterwards she said to the funeral director, what happened? What was the hold up? And he said we were trying to get.
The coffin out of the hairs, but this a seagull kit dive bombing us and I couldn’t get it to go away and we were scared that it was going to mess on the coffin. And that was why we were a bit.
Late, I mean.
That one seagull in in a town you know not down at the seaside.
There’s no food around.
That just was another piece of the puzzle that fitted, you know, so that gave her comfort because she thought, my gosh, you must have been right. OK, he’s.
Portraying himself as an essence, in other words, to give me a bit of a sign. That listen, don’t worry cause I’ve got your mum. She’s OK.

00:33:37 Luisa
Not just a coincidence.

0:33:39 June Field
No such thing. I don’t believe in coincidences. Don’t say no such thing, no.

00:33:41 Luisa
Neither do I.

00:33:45 June Field
The little pieces of a puzzle that all fit together that we need. It’s particular times in our life, and although you’re going through something that you might think, Oh my God, why what is? Why is this happening or this isn’t fit with what I need to do later on? Down the line, you’ll discover. OK. The meaning of why?
But at the time, it’s really disheartening.

00:34:11 Luisa
Can be yes, absolutely.
Thank you, June. June, where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:34:19 June Field
You can find me at June That’s the best place. And I do travel about. I travel all over.

00:34:29 Luisa
I know you’re very busy. I looked at your schedule.

00:34:32 June Field
I know, I know, I’m very busy, but I don’t actually do readings all day. Every day takes an awful lot of energy to do a a psychic reading connect people.
And I work at a set standard that I refuse to to go below that standard, and so therefore I do a few readings. I don’t do them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I’ll do Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And I do very few. Unless when I work away, I’ll do intensively. But then I take time off because if people could you just squeeze me in?
I could no, because then I’d be tired. It wouldn’t be as good. And the person you know, at the end of the day wouldn’t get to the standard that I like.
To give and so it it is I am a bit busy, yes, but I enjoy it and I enjoy people and I enjoy teaching and and I do a lot of healing also and I always raise money for charity. So it’s it’s just I do enjoy it.

00:35:31 Luisa
Clearly, clearly I will leave a link as well below in the show notes.
Do you know I’ve loved having you on passion harvest. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you today?

00:35:44 June Field
Well, just to remember, for those that have lost loved ones, for those that are grieving your loved ones are there and that you will possibly find that if you quiet in your mind you’ll get a signal, you’ll get something that doesn’t make sense.
To you.
And for those of you that want to be psychic medium to.
You know, just keep at it, but don’t keep reading lots of books of other people and how they work, because all you’re doing is you’re trying to work someone else’s way. Sit quiet in the mind and work your own way and allow yourself to be guided by those that are around you.

00:36:19 Luisa
Beautiful advice

00:36:23 June Field
I wish the audience luck on their spiritual journey.
00:36:25 Luisa
Thank you. Thank you so much. And for everything you’re doing in this world, June field, thank you for being on passion Harvest. My pleasure. Thank you, Lisa. Thank you. Bye bye.

00:36:35 June Field
Thank you. Bye bye.


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