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How to CONNECT With Your LOVED ONES on the OTHER SIDE! EVIDENCE of the Afterlife | Joshua Louis

He communicates with souls on the other side.

Joshua Louis has come to understand his purpose in a very profound way. His intuitive nature drew him to seek the truth regarding paranormal events and the existence of an afterlife. What he got was way more than he bargained for, he is dedicated to helping stuck spirits crossover as well as grieving people looking for closure. He is the author of, Finding Hope in The Afterlife.

Josh, the creator of H.O.P.E., is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well as a conscious medium. His God given ability is used to help others connect with their spirit guides, angels and of course loved ones for direction and guidance. Josh connects with his own higher beings and ascended masters to bring forth understanding to areas of one’s life that may be cloudy. Using his unique style, Josh incorporates seeing, hearing and feeling what spirit has to give him regarding a message for his clients. Believing in a Higher Power he chooses to call God, Josh uses his ability to help people reach levels in their life never attained before and reconnect with loved ones in a very special way.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Joshua Louis

00:00:24 Luisa
Joshua Lewis welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show today. Welcome.

00:00:30 Joshua Louis
Thank you, Luisa. It’s a. It’s an honour to be here and always be, you know, have a chance to speak about what I do. Thank you for having me.

00:00:37 Luisa
I love your passion and I’m excited to speak to you. I guess my first question is and you do incredible work and research, but how how do we how? Well two questions. How does one connect with the other side? How do you connect with the other side?

00:00:53 Joshua Louis
So it’s a good question. I I am a trained medium. I I you know, don’t claim to be the best medium or anything. But I I’m I’m pretty good at what I do and in order for me to connect, I have to you know I have to focus. I have to focus. I have to have faith and believe.
In in my, in my intuitive ability.
And I have to tune in to the other side. I I’m not someone that wherever I go in the supermarket or in in public, I just pick up things all the time. I have to, you know, I have to put, you know, an effort, concerted effort to.
Tune into what’s there and you know it’s very subtle. Connecting with Spirit is very subtle. It’s not. I mean, sometimes I’ll get hit with something pretty hard, but most of the time, you know, it comes in in a feeling it comes in.
You know I am.
I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient Claire, cognizant. So those are the Claires that I have. And so but like I said, it’s it’s a very subtle thing.
Thing I think what’s interesting about what I do is that as I do those things and I hear something or feel something or see something that really comes through as thought a lot of times when I go to my equipment, which is the instrumental trans communication aspect.
Using my equipment, I I normally get validation that what I’m getting or what I’m feeling or hearing is right. Sometimes I’m wrong and they’ll correct me, but you know, yeah.

00:02:45 Luisa
Many people who watch watch this show clearly it’s going to happen to everyone, has lost loved ones. What’s your advice?
For them to connect with their lost loved ones.

00:02:57 Joshua Louis
Well, I’m a big believer in.
Still having some kind of communication with your loved one? I’m not saying everyone has to use equipment like I do. I think that.
To do what I do you you kind of have to.
I I’ll just say it, it’s not for everyone in what I do in all aspects of what I do, but to be able to just stop, look at a picture of a loved one or close your eyes and think of that, that loved one and start to speak to them, I think it’s a really wonderful thing. I think it’s a very helpful thing, not just to you.
But to them as well, I think we’re meant to have some kind of ongoing communication or relationship with our loved ones on the other side, I’ve always said, you know some, you know, a lot of times when I’m doing a reading.
Or a session for someone. One of the main questions they’ll ask is can they hear me when I talk to them and. And so, you know, I get that intuitively that yes, they can hear you when I ask through my equipment recorders.
Or boxes or programmes? They always say yes, I can hear you. Yes, I can hear you. So they they confirm that. So when we look at when we intuitively look when we look at our minds.
Close our eyes. Think of our loved one and then start talking to them, focusing on them. It’s like placing a spirit cell phone call and so they can very much.
Hear that communication, feel that communication and that’s A and that’s a good thing. And that’s all someone needs to do in order to connect with a loved one.

00:04:53 Luisa
Thank you, Joshua. I’d love to move on in a minute to your ITC or instrumental trans communication and and the event.
Prince of the afterlife. But well, this shows about you today. But what happens when our physical body dies?

00:05:07 Joshua Louis
I mean, I’m not an expert.
Even though I do this, I’ve been doing this almost. You know, over a decade.
Based on over 3000 readings that I’ve done over based on over 500 box sessions that I’ve done for people, you know it feels and sounds like the the the consciousness transfers from the body to another dimension.
Where it could be a room, it could be just a place that it’s like a safe place. It’s a transitional place for them as they adjust from being used to being in the the physical meat sack that we’re in these bodies.
And there’s, you know, sometimes there’s a loved one that will greet them. Sometimes there’s a sighting, a feeling of light.
Sometimes there’s a divine experience that they have with a higher power, albeit a Jesus, or you know Buddha or Krishna or Allah. Any one of their you know the the belief is a big part of that. So you know all of those roads.
Lead back to source.
Some people that don’t believe in that kind of thing, you know, they’re not going to be, you know, God is not going to force himself, force himself herself onto, you know, onto that soul. So there’s there’s a a very, you know, we don’t lose our free will. You know, we have free will here, you know. And so.
We retain that.
You know, if there’s some emotional stuff that they’re dealing with, they left, maybe with some regret or feeling of emotionalism or, you know, they’re still going to feel that kind of stuff. So maybe the physical pain that they don’t feel anymore, but they, you know, they will still.
There’s an adjustment period, but I mean the majority of the people that I talked to on the other side share of.
Being in a a good place, being OK, being a lot of times feeling joy or bliss or peace. You know, some may die in some very traumatic circumstances and so they may, they still may be missing this realm or missing.
Someone from here or their life, but in time, which is different, time is different, but they will. They will continue to evolve spiritually on the other side. So I mean.
You know.
It’s not a.
Clear cut answer. It’s not just heaven or hell. Hell is really, I think, a construct of our own making of our own fears and stuff. So we did some bad things. You know, it’s not an eternity, you know, in a fiery place. But we will have to.
Come to terms with what we’ve done. If there was something that we hurt someone or we did some bad things, we will have to deal with that. I think Karma is very.
But you know, for the most part, if someone lived a good life and had a faith in a higher power, they, you know, many times they talk about walking with God. They’ve met God, they they’ve, they’ve communicated with God a lot of times they talk about Jesus. You know, there is no religion.
On the other side. So it’s not like ohh you believed in this. So you you you know you go through that door, you know the.
Someone may, if they believed in, you know, Buddhism, you know, they may have an experience with Buddha or may have something along those lines. But you know, I mean, I’ve heard Jewish people meeting Christ. I’ve heard, you know, people of all different faiths.
Yeah, they’ve talked about Christ. They’ve talked about other avatars, other mahavatar ears, enlightened beings. So it’s, you know, angels. They’ve talked about angels. I’ve heard the mention of a pal.
This many times a castle or a palace many times from multiple souls. That’s not just from one source, so it’s interesting.

00:09:39 Luisa
And yes, and it’s hard to describe in words. Many people thought I’ve interviewed even in near death experiences. The woods just don’t do it justice. It’s relating it into our.
Humanness. You spoke about people that have died certain deaths or left loved ones behind. And I know some of the work you do is helping lost Souls cross over.

00:09:59 Joshua Louis
Yeah. I mean, early on, I did a lot more of that now. So I mean I still.
Regardless of who I’m asking for, whether it’s just someone’s loved one, I do ask for well known people too. I I never claim that I know for a fact that I’m speaking to that person because I don’t know for a fact. I always joke about that. You know, unless someone.
Hands me their driver’s licence through the spirit box or through the equipment. I won’t know for sure that it’s actually them, but most of the time I would say 90 plus percent.
Of the time.
The the answers the responses are very indicative of what that person would say.
I have belief that my spirit guides and helpers on the other side, which I couldn’t do this work without them, that they’re doing what they’re doing in order for me to be able to connect with that with that. So whether it’s a regular person or a well known person.
It does seem like.
When I reach out to a well known person.
The connection sometimes can be.
Almost better, or even more astounding than it is when I, when I contact a regular person, I have a theory on that. A lot of times, you know, if I’m reaching out to a well known person, it’s someone that was involved in movies or television or music or something. And so those people.
You know, made.
A living communicating made a living of speaking and being, I guess, prolific in what they did. So I do feel like they have a good sense of.
Of of how to do this or or they’re more comfortable in communicating. So I feel like their messages do come through, sometimes even clearer than when I’m speaking with a regular person, which is interesting but.
Yeah, I mean that. And the point, I’m the the point I’m making with that and the long winded answer is that regardless of who I’m asking for, whether it’s a regular person or well known person, whether they lived a really good life that we knew.
And that the loved one, you know that the person says that they did or. Or we could see that they lived a public life that was very good. I always just say prayers for them at the end I fall on the light for them. And I ask, you know, my higher power price to to to come in and.
Shower them with light and they seem to always say thank you and that they feel that that the prayers that really help them so yeah.

00:12:47 Luisa
How do we not become a lost soul?

00:12:50 Joshua Louis
How to not become a lost soul is to have a conscious contact with a power greater than ourself. That is the way to do it. It’s through prayer, meditation. It’s through communing with a higher power, whether that’s just source, God the Almighty.
You know or or some something more personal like Jesus Christ or like Buddha like Krishna like any of these enlighten ones, it could really benefit us.
To have that ongoing relationship with with the God of our understanding with our understanding, not a God of.
Christian understanding or Judaism or anything else? It’s a God of our understanding or even misunderstanding, because no one is going to understand God, but that that that should not prevent us from having an ongoing or seeking an ongoing relationship with with that.
That power.

00:13:56 Luisa
While we’re in a physical form.

00:13:58 Joshua Louis
While we’re in physical form, that’s the most important. The whole point of this life, as far as I’ve come to understand.
Yes, we should have families. Yes, we should do our jobs well. If you want to drive a a nice car, it’s fine. You know, to have some nice clothes or, you know, to have hobbies and things. I think it’s it’s important that we experience life.
But if that becomes the sole focus, the status in our jobs, in our, you know, our bank accounts, what we can accumulate material you know materialistically that we have lost the the purpose of what this life is about, you know, love is really.
Everything and and I say that.
When I when I as I’m saying that I still don’t have an understanding of what that really means, I’m I’m actively still seeking that. I want to understand what unconditional love is. That’s to love someone without putting conditions on it. And I don’t know anyone that really does that. Very few people actually do that.
And when they do that, we kind of go, how the heck are you doing that? How do you love someone regardless of what they say or do to you? How do you turn the other cheek? How do you do things where you’re not looking for some kind of payoff in return?
And and that is is is a main goal, but ultimately the goal as far as I’m concerned is to work on that connection with God with the higher power and keep on working on that until the day that the body stops breathing and and even further.
Even go further after that, but you know.
This life is not meant for us to just live and and work and and have our families and do all those things and then say, OK, the spiritual stuff will be left for when we’re on the other side. It’s we should do the work now, work on ourselves, try to become better human beings. Try to, you know, self appraisal.
Is is a big deal. You know, I heard I remember a quote. You know, Glader is the feat that the man of the man who conquers himself rather than an army and and that is a big that’s a big statement right there. I think Socrates said, you know, a life.
Without self appraisals, not a life worth living. So there’s there’s, there’s those kinds of of notions that need to be held on to and if someone’s doing that when they get to the end of the physical life, they won’t have the regrets.
That a lot of people do have when they get to the end and going well. I focused on make only making money, but you can’t take that stuff with you. So a lot of these people that focus on.
Getting their careers to where they think it should be, or the status of where they think they should be, or the bank account.
Excuse me, that is not, you know, you can’t take that stuff with you. So it’s like kind of working to put stuff into the bank account here, but.
We really should.
Be making deposits into the spiritual bank account because that bank account you can take with you, you know.

00:17:21 Luisa
Just reminds me of a quote. I think Steve Jobs said that I don’t care if I’m the richest man in the cemetery.

00:17:28 Joshua Louis
Right. You know, and that’s interesting. You bring up Steve Jobs because you know jobs as successful as he was. He died of cancer.
And and and at.
A fairly young age too, I think he was like 58 or something. I don’t remember exactly how old.
He was but.
You know Steve.
Believed in a man who I feel has had has the answers. So his guru.
Was Paramahansa Yogananda and that is also my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda and so this book. I always recommend to people is the autobiography of a Yogi and this book is really important. I always tell people about, you know, my book as well.
But I would say even before you would read my book, I would say read this book and and and you know, you know, he was a great believer, not in religion. He wasn’t a man of religion, but he was a man of the science of communicating with.
God. And so he loved Jesus Christ, but not in a religious way. He loved Krishna. He read the Baba bagita. He read many other ancient texts, Indian texts and the texts from all over. But what’s interesting about it is that Steve Jobs made sure that.
There were 500 copies of this book at his funeral, so that everyone in attendance would leave with this book.
And the same with George Harris and George Harrison. Made sure to have copies of this book in his trunk or in his home, that when he would meet someone, he would make sure to give people this book. And what I would say is, is that I had been doing my afterlife research for many years.
Prior to finding this and when I finally read this book, you know when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and when this book finally came into my into my circle, that my consciousness.
And I read it.
It validated already what I had found out through my afterlife research. So I found that to be very interesting. That’s how I knew that that, you know, Guruji had the answers that I was also you know that I was finding already but they but he was validating so.
You know, it’s pretty amazing.

00:19:59 Luisa
Yeah. Interesting. And you’re the 2nd guest I’ve had.
This week? That’s.
That’s recommended that book and a big congratulations to your book finding hope in the afterlife. I I will leave a link below in the show notes. I’d love to talk about your evidence of the afterlife. At first you did mention spirit guides. What are they and how? How do you connect with and how do you see them?

00:20:23 Joshua Louis
Well, I didn’t know that I. I mean, I’ve been told that, you know, everyone has a spirit guide or a spirit guide or two.
I started doing some of the recordings, you know, 10 years ago, recording EVP electronic voice phenomenon on recordings on on voice recorders, doing the sessions I did on spirit boxes and little radios and things like that. And and you would have the same names.
Popping up a lot of times, there was a name, Bob, that kept coming up. There was a name, Michael, that kept coming up, you know. And so there every time I would turn on my stuff, you would hear these names and.
And you would hear other spirits saying, well, Bob is going to get them, we’re going to help. He’s helping Michael is helping. This one’s helping. So eventually I learned the names of a few of them that that, that we’re helping. So I know now that I have. I had Bob. Bob is not around anymore.
That’s interesting how that kind of that.
You know you you have some that come and go within your life. A lot of them. What I’ve come to understand are not they’re not individuals that necessarily you knew in this life they’re not not, you know some are can be family members that passed on. But I don’t I didn’t know of a Bob that I knew of.
I didn’t know of him, Michael, that I knew of. So a lot. There are a lot that come into your.
Your space that are either being asked by your higher power to help you or that are that are working with you because they’re being helped by their task of helping you. So there’s this symbiotic relationship that’s going on.
You know, it’s kind of this.
Two way St.
UM, and you know, it’s not left only to one that will help. Like I said, there’s there’s, there’s multiple. I have. Michael. Chris, Brian. I’ve heard Patrick. I’ve heard the name Betsy. So there’s these these wonderful souls that will be helping me and.
And you know.
How do you connect with them? You can connect with them through meditation. You can talk to them and say you know to my guide to my spirit guide. You know, sometimes you can get a name but names are not important. So sometimes they don’t want to tell you a name. I found that when I found the name or two.
I would just keep calling on those specific ones, when in fact there would be others that would be helping and so.
I just kind.
Of, say, the blanket, I kind of just say the name all of them, and I don’t know at any given time which one may be helping me in that moment. So I just trust in Christ that he is putting the right souls in my in my space.
And so I would say that whether you do anything like what I do, intuitive work, afterlife research or just a connection with your guides, the connection really needs to start.
Start and end with your higher power. If you do that.
And you focus on God, your God of your understanding, then you can’t go wrong. Then there will be these angels, these guides that will come in and help you. But you know they’re not. Take the place of of what God is for each person. So I think that’s important to say.

00:24:23 Luisa
Thank you. And you’ve mentioned, of course it’s a name you’ve mentioned Christ a few times. What? How does he feel? He. How the energy feel. And what is the relationship for you?

00:24:36 Joshua Louis
Which is his his real name? Jesus. Give is the name that the Greeks gave him. Really. But, you know, is the name is that, you know has there’s there’s many different names that he’s had but Yeshua was the was the.
What’s the Hebrew name? And you know, he was an actual man, whether you know, people want to argue the legitimacy of whether he’s the Messiah and all this other stuff. And you know what my feeling is that there’s just no ego at all, that he doesn’t care about, you know?
Whether what, what he’s called, he just wants to help. He just wants the love. He just wants to help in love. That’s really. That’s it. And he’s for any and all men and women. And then that’s that’s the case. All Souls.
And you know, it’s an amazing connection that’s always evolving. There are times that I feel like.
I have a handle on it.
That I have an understanding of it. And then there’s days that I go I don’t know who he is. I don’t know what.
You know, I I you know it’s it’s a very humbling experience because, you know some might say well you talk about him and you know we know that you are very close to him and and like they look at me as I’m some kind of connection to him and so maybe they can get a connection to him through me or something like that. They’ve.
And I’ve had that happen and I’m.
Like you know, I don’t.
I don’t claim that I don’t. I don’t act like that. I don’t want to be that way. I just, I mean, I if he uses me at times to help another person, that is the greatest honour that I could ever have. But I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m still trying to understand my connection and work on that.
Connection, so I don’t claim to be some master of of understanding when it comes to that connection. I I feel that.
00:26:51 Joshua Louis
Yeah, I I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a it’s a, it’s a, you know, I I have this picture on my wall with the other gurus that are there. You know, there’s mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri, Mahasaya Swami Suryakumar, Paramahansa Yogananda, and this is the the lineage of gurus that kind of.
Were in in you know with Kriya yoga. But Christ is a big part of that Mishna. But Bhagavan Krishna is a big part of that. So it’s all it’s all interwoven and.
And so you know, I mean, I think Christ was agnostic. I think you know there, you know, when he spoke about, you know.
I am the way.
That only you know, I’m paraphrasing that you know that you must go through me to the father in order. You know, he wasn’t saying him specifically. He was speaking about the Christ consciousness that is in all of us that we have to, you know, tune into.
You know, I’m the way I am. The truth, the light. He wasn’t saying that that Jesus Christ the man was that he was saying that he was the embodiment of the father, and so that we all can be, that we are all made in his image, that he was made in his image. We are all made in his image.
So you know, anything that price did, he was saying that we had the power to do that ourselves. So, you know, some people will, you know, kind of get hung up on that, unfortunately his name.
Can bring about a lot of.
You know, scorn and kind of this.
You know, and I think I think that these.
Mega churches and these, these pastors that make $40 million a year, they can bring a bad name to to what Christ was about, because that’s not what he was about.
You know and and that’s a shame. And so when you say when you hear someone talk, when you know the name, Jesus comes up we.
Don’t know what kind.
Of version of Christ, this person believes in in what you know. Is this the person that you know? They’ll they’ll, you know, Jesus didn’t believe in gays and all this other stuff. And I I don’t. I don’t buy that crap for one second, you know.
He was he was all loving, non judgmental.
You know that’s.

00:29:17 Luisa

00:29:18 Joshua Louis
That’s that’s the way it is. So you know what I mean. It’s not this. You know, the Bible can really. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth in the Bible. And I I write about it in my book. There’s a lot of beautiful things within the Bible. There’s a lot of misconceptions, misinterpretations. There’s a lot of things that were left out.
Of the Bible.
And it was there to control man. Unfortunately, so, you know, it’s it’s, it’s driven a lot of wedges between people unfortunately, so.

00:29:48 Luisa
So if someone’s wanting to establish a deeper relationship with Christ or Christ consciousness or the divine, I mean, as you said, there’s so many names for it.
What would you advise to establish that divine connection?

00:30:03 Joshua Louis
Or talking to that power, inviting that power into your life and doing it on a personal level, not through a priest or pastor. I mean, though any of those people that you feel an intuitive sense about, of a feeling that if they’re a good man or woman, that you feel that may have.
Some helpful.
Tips or or guidance to help you, but it’s it’s not through a confessional booth or anything else. It’s it’s sitting, you know, in nature, sitting in a space in your home that you feel comfortable in and and putting on, you know, some classical music or some meditational.
Music. You know, lighting a candle and and talking to that power as I’m talking to you right now. And that’s the best way. Saying, you know, I don’t know who you are.
Or I want to know who you are.
Or I feel I have a sense.
That you that you can hear me.
But please show me more. You know the prayer I believe or I, you know. Yeah, I believe. But help me with my non belief.
You know that’s a big one. That’s a good one. Sinner or Saint? I am your child. That’s another good mantra to say because we can feel not worthy. We can feel like we’re not.
You know, we can feel like, you know, who am I to? You know, I’ve made mistakes. I’m not perfect. I still judge, and I still get angry at at at my fellow man. And you know brother and sister, you know, and I I.
You know, we just feel not worthy and so that can draw or, you know, drive a wedge between us and and in God’s shame is a big problem. You know. So if we feel some shame because of something we’ve done in our lives.
So by saying that a lot of times I have to say that often because I I am not perfect. I mean I am like far from it. Like I get angry and I’m short tempered at times. I have, you know, judgmental moments. I mean, I just came from the doctor and some woman, you know, just was in the middle of the road and she.
You know, was, you know, just.
Like get out of the way and I’m just like you.
Know, I mean I can get that way really quickly and.
You know, I can be. I can be real hard on myself about those kinds of things, but that’s why I say, you know, Sinner or Saint, I am your child, Sinner or Saint. I’m your child. So that’s important for me to say because then it really it believes me of having to be this perfect example and I could still go to him and say, hey, I need you. I love you. I want you. I I.
I I need you more than ever.
Now and and I you know, on the physical, you know, on the outside the exterior, it may not look like I need him more than ever now because I’ve been in worse spots in my life. I’ve had a really crazy past and I talk about it.
In my book.
I need him more than ever now because I’m. I’m on a good.
I can’t become complacent. I can’t rest on my laurels. I can’t, you know, think that I’ve done some good things and now I can just kind of coast. Now I have to keep working at that on a daily basis.
Yes. So yeah. But anyway, yeah, talking to him, her it that source is and just doing it like we’re doing now is probably the biggest and most important thing that anyone can do.

00:33:51 Luisa
Having a conversation and we can also ask for help and or guidance.

00:33:56 Joshua Louis
That’s it.

00:33:57 Luisa
I’d love to talk about your ITC instrumental trans communication. I think that that’s correct. Your evidence of afterlife and all the research you’ve done, do you mind sharing?
Pieces of that with the.

00:34:09 Joshua Louis
Yeah, yeah, I just. I was just in, you know, I’ve done some live events and I was just.

00:34:09 Luisa

00:34:19 Joshua Louis
In you know in August, I guess so it was about 7-6 months ago, a little less than six months ago. I I was at a conference in Virginia at with at the Monroe Institute and the International Remote Viewing Association put on large 220 plus people conference.
A lot of speakers, a lot of brilliant minds.
And and and the in the video of that presentation is on my channel. Hope Paranormal on YouTube. And so if you look that up anyone wants to look that up on you just type in hope Paranormal on YouTube you’ll see my little you know blue symbol with the word hope and and.
The preview video is that presentation that I gave regarding ITC and and the work that I’ve done.
And just to give you a little bit of an understanding, it’s not something new. It’s been around for you know, over 100 years, people like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. There’s Frederick Jorgenson, who was a filmmaker. There’s a brilliant Latvian scientist.
Constantine Rabal, who was another brilliant mind who these guys worked on creating devices or recording on recording voices from another dimension and using any kind.
Of equipment, electronics, computers, tvi’s, voice recorders.
Any of those kinds of things to make contact with intelligent beings is is instrumental trans communication. And so you know, that’s what I’ve done. I mean, I felt like I had a good enough faith in my higher power. I felt like.
Like my intuitive ability was being developed with my teacher, Deborah and Katz, who’s a PhD. She’s a brilliant mind. She’s done a lot of great work, and so she taught me how to work on developing my my intuitive ability. And so I would work on those things.
At the same time, I would be recording.
Intelligent responses from beings on the other side and and so I can, you know, I have some remarkable communication with them. And what I found was that, you know.
In order for it to work.
I had to connect intuitively I had to connect.
My my ability 1st and then when I did that then I could invite them to to work the equipment with me and a lot of times they would validate what I was getting in. You know in my own self my own ability and so that and that’s it. I do sessions for people.
All the time, you know, for their loved ones on the other side, I give them a meditation.
Brief 15 Minute meditation guided meditation they do that on their own. Then they get on the phone or zoom like this and I have my stuff set up and we’ll invite their loved one to come through. It’s not easy. It’s not perfect. Sometimes they’ll say oh, it’s not working. You know, the on the other side they’ll say, you know.
Why can’t he hear me like me? You know I can’t always hear everything that is said in real time. I have to go back and listen to get a lot of the responses. I can only hear about 30% or 40% and sometimes on a good day. What’s coming through in real time. If I go back, I can.
Or more.
But we get a lot of validation. We get a lot of validation. You know, I just was reviewing a a session that a woman did with me and she asked for her dad and her dad was coming through and he says I’m safe. I’m OK, you know, I saw the light. I went to the light. I’m OK and and. And so she, you know, a lot of times people want to ask the validating.
Question to see if it’s really them, which I totally get and you know. And she says, Dad, what was my nickname that you’d call me, you know? And he says Little Miss Nancy.
And she heard that in real time and she.
Goes, oh, I heard it.
You know, and she’s like, you know, little Nancy, Little Miss Nancy. That’s my name. You know, that’s what he used to call me. So, you know, you get those a lot of times. Those those really amazing validations that really do prove that it is. It is the loved one so.
I think it’s just, I think it’s remarkable, but a lot of people.
It’s so ahead of its time that even medium ship, which is accepted more and more now.
Is or it’s being accepted more and more. Even mediums still go. Come on.
How is that possible? Like I can believe that I can connect with a loved one and get messages, but how are we to believe that they’re able to speak through a?
Equipment. So they will, yeah. Through audio equipment. I mean, they just don’t. I mean, I would say 90% of the world when they see my clips and videos are just like, this is so fake. How anyone could believe this. And I say, you know.

00:39:35 Luisa
Through audio.

00:39:53 Joshua Louis
I can do this anywhere with anyone at any time. I could show you any part of my process.
I could show you my sound source. I’ve held live events. I’ve worked with the Bigelow Institute of Consciousness Studies. I’ve I’ve. I’ve gave that presentation at that at that conference. Working with the Monroe Institute and and Irva. You know, I’ve I have many proven cases of people that are coming through.
Giving us detailed information that I did not know. There was no way to know.
Before even authorities would release information, I worked with the missing woman. That was Gabby Petito, Gabrielle Petito, who was a a big case in the US that she was she was murdered by her boyfriend, and she came through and and still to this day, she gave the most information.
The most detailed information that was about her death than any other soul that I ever reached out to and.
I mean, months before you know her autopsy was released, she said how she was killed, what happened to her? Who killed her? That her boyfriend was already dead, that he killed himself.
I mean, she did amazing work. And, you know, I’ve kept in contact with her because of my connection with her and. And it’s been amazing. So, but there’s others. There’s others that have done exceptionally well, you know, in coming through and giving us details about about what’s happened to them. And it’s just undeniable. But even with that.
Undeniable evidence.
It’s hard for people.
To accept it because of their belief system, their belief system is, is just not there.
It’s like cognitive dissonance. It’s like 2 opposing thoughts can’t exist in the same mind. Kind of makes their mind go haywire. It’s like like they just can’t. They can’t.
They can’t take that information in. They won’t.

00:41:55 Luisa
Yeah, I mean, look, everyone has free will. We’re not trying to even convince anyone here, but there’s just so much evidence, it’s almost undeniable.

00:42:04 Joshua Louis
It is undeniable, but at the same time you’re right and you know, I mean, if someone’s a respectful sceptic, I will talk to them all day. I will share with them. I will. I will answer their.
Questions. It’s the you know it’s the it’s the comments like you know, how could anyone believe this, this guy, this charlatan, this fake, you know? And again, I mean, I’ve. I’ve been doing this a long time, so I’ve been able to work past that stuff. But, you know, I am still human on any given day, I can kind of.
You know, read a comment and be like, you know. Ohh you.
Know if if you get something.

00:42:40 Luisa
I don’t think you should take a person.

00:42:42 Joshua Louis
No, I try not to and I and most of the time I don’t. Sometimes I may get caught off guard and.
00:42:47 Joshua Louis
Go, you know.
How dare?
You question my good.

00:42:49 Luisa
But they’re they’re they’re good teachers, I guess.

00:42:52 Joshua Louis
They are. Everything’s a teacher. Everything is is a.

00:42:55 Luisa
Well, Joshua, Joshua Lewis, I’ve loved having you on passion. Harvest is. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you to do?

00:43:04 Joshua Louis
No, I mean, I just, you know, keep seeking.
Work on the connection with your higher power. That’s the most important aspect of my message. I feel your loved ones wanna hear and connect with you. They are OK. We will be OK. But here is the place to do the real spiritual work. Now, don’t wait until.
We’ve reached the other side. I would say check out my book if you want to learn more. Finding hope in the afterlife. My website is hope
Where you can, you know, I have a free app that I created for people for them to check out. I have a paid programme for people to use it for computers only if they want to try it. You know I have events and I have it. I I share all my work on on, on the channel.
And so I I you know, it’s some really amazing stuff. So you could find all of that on my website, and yeah, you know, love, love is love. Is the message, love is the answer.

00:44:09 Luisa
Very true. Joshua, what a great way to end the show. It’s all about love. Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:44:15 Joshua Louis
Thank you so much please. Thank you.

00:44:17 Luisa
You’re welcome. Bye bye.


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