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102-year-old Woman! Dr. Reveals POWERFUL SECRETS. Joy, Health & Purpose.

102-year-old Doctor revels her powerful and life-changing secrets to live with joy, vitality, and purpose at any age.

Dr. Gladys McGarey began her medical practice at a time when women couldn’t even own their own bank accounts. She teaches you how to spend your energy wildly in order to embrace your life fully and feel motivated every day. Dr McGarey is the cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association and author of The Well-Lived Life.

Gladys McGarey began her medical practice at a time when women couldn’t even own their own bank accounts.

Over the past sixty years, she has pioneered a new way of thinking about disease and health that has transformed the way we imagine health care and self-care around the world.

The cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association, Dr. McGarey has mentored everyone from Dr. Mark Hyman to Dr. Edith Eger and has helped hundreds of patients live happier and healthier lives. In a voice that is both practical and inspiring,

Dr. McGarey shares her own extraordinary stories and eternal wisdom from her early childhood in India and chance encounter with Mahatma Gandhi to her life as a physician and a mother of six children, to her survival of both heartbreak and illness. And she doesn’t just look backward, she looks forward.

At 102, Dr. McGarey has a ten-year plan and an eye on a healthier and more joyful future for all. Gladys McGarey M.D.: books, biography, latest update

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Dr. Gladys McGarey

00:01:19 Luisa

Doctor McGarry, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:01:26 Dr. Gladys McGarey
I’m happy to be here.

00:01:30 Luisa
Normally we don’t discuss women’s age, but you’re over 100. My gosh, what a life you’ve experienced.

00:01:38 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Amazing, really. I’m in awe of.
What the world has done since I, you know, I’ve been alive on this planet.

00:01:48 Luisa
So how does it feel to live over 100 years in the incredible changes that you’ve experienced and seen and witnessed?

00:01:58 Dr. Gladys McGarey
It’s awesome. It’s absolutely awesome because.
There is no way.
Along the path and since I’ve grown up that I could have ever imagined being able to talk to you this way, you know this very moment.
Is so awesome in this game.
Things when when I was a kid, we didn’t even have a phone, you know. Well, actually, the the school had a phone, but I don’t know who they had to talk to, but but the the telephone was not available to us.

00:02:38 Luisa
Yes. And to talk across continents it’s it’s just incredible.

00:02:43 Dr. Gladys McGarey
When I was born, the only in India in particular India, the only way that my father had.
Let my family in Cincinnati know was to send a cablegram, which meant that this message went under the water across the Atlantic and every.
Everything that was said, I mean every every, not just the word, but the.
And any everything from the alphabet that was set used had to be paid for separately. So that message that I have it here, but the message that my grandmother got, she lived in Cincinnati, her name was seal S i.e. HL.
So the the telegram said seal.
1818 Avenue Ave.
Period for the address. That was all.
The the message was girl well.
So that was my dad’s name. Was Taylor. OK, so my grandmother got to know that she had a granddaughter. Now, who was born in India, but.
You know it. That was a that was.
That was considered awesome.
And I think it’s awesome. Imagine having that message go for under the.

00:04:28 Luisa
Amazing. So how did she?
I you know.
Get the message on a piece of paper and it was delivered to her home.

00:04:35 Dr. Gladys McGarey
No, it was a a what’s called a cable gramme.
Table grid.
Like like a well, like a cable grab. And it was brought to her home.

00:04:50 Luisa
Fantastic. Well, amazing. Amazing. A big congratulations on your book. The well lived life and I will leave a link in the show notes below for people to click on that. You have 6 secrets to live life with. Joy. Fatality.

00:04:57 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Thank you.

00:05:09 Luisa
Passion and purpose. Would you mind sharing some of those secrets from your 100 plus years to the passion harvest audience?

00:05:20 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Not at all the first one.
Is you’re here for a reason.
You know that that’s a very, very important one when we can figure out.
What it is that our purpose is why we’re here? Because we’re not just random something or others. We are actually people who are here for a reason and a.
Finding that.
Allows us to really put our energy direct our energy in the way in which we want it to go.
So we’re here for a reason. It’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle like the like. The world is a huge jigsaw puzzle, and we’re individual pieces within that jigsaw puzzle.
Part of our being.
Affects the other parts of the world, but no one else can take our place.
So it when we recognise who we are and who what it is that we came to do to to to allow this.
Message of life itself.
Become what it needs to be. That’s when life gets so exciting.

00:06:55 Luisa
I’m just saying how what if we don’t find our purpose? How do we how do we find it?
00:07:02 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Well, you won’t find it if you’re not looking for it first.
Of all.
It’s like for anything else.
00:07:12 Dr. Gladys McGarey
If you’re looking for the light, you’ll find the light, but if you’re not looking for the light, you’ll never find it. It’ll all be darkness.
It depends on what you’re looking for. It’s like if you’re reaching for the like like ET was doing it in looking for home, you’ll find it, but if you’re always looking for the darkness over your shoulder, like right reaching over your.
Right shoulder. Maybe your neck’s gonna get stiff and it’s gonna get stuck there.
But if you’re looking for the light, you’ll see it and the light moves and you’ll move and things will go on. So looking for your purposes like that, it’s like looking for what it is it like, my path. What it isn’t. I need to see what it is that I want to see.

00:08:10 Luisa
And we can get so caught up in our, in our humanness, in our daily life, whether it’s family and children and work, that we often forget pieces of ourself. And why are we why we are here?

00:08:24 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Well, it’s very easy to have that happen. You know, because life.
00:08:30 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Throws us out curves and sometimes awful things happen and we can get stuck.
00:08:37 Dr. Gladys McGarey
And that.
But we can stay stuck in that. It’s like if I cut my arm here and I spend time picking up that scab, it’s never gonna get healed. But if I look at that and see and do something to help it heal.
It’s and then just stop picking at it. It’ll heal, and sometimes it will look back on it. I’ll see the scab and say, oh, yeah, I know who you are, but it’s.
Not going to hurt.
It’s it’s a different feeling when you see something that you’ve lived through.
And it’s.
Done what it needs to do, taught you the lessons that you need to learn and you’ve.
Gone on with it.

00:09:29 Luisa
Thank you so much. So aside from I mean #1 passion and purpose and and finding your purpose in life, what are some of the other secrets to live?
A life.
Filled with joy.

00:09:44 Dr. Gladys McGarey
One of it is that I just mentioned and that is that everything has a purpose.
And So what we’re looking for our purpose look for what you’re doing in life. What’s what’s going on in your life, what it is that you.
See and that makes you sit up and take notice. And what it is, it makes you sort of want to just go back to bed. You know, it’s the, it’s.
See a part. See I’ve sort of constructed what I call the 5L’s it and it’s gone. It’s not.
It’s not a a theology or anything, it’s just that the way I help it helps me construct the way I live and the way it works for me.
And the first 2L’s are life and love they are.
Actually they can’t function without the other.
A seed can can be.
In the pyramid for 5000 years and never able to do anything until love in the form of light and water and so on, softens its shell and it breaks the shell and it can.
Begin to live. Those two are.
Actually one unit, it’s like a pregnancy. The spur and the ovum come together and begin to grow, and the mother and the baby become one unit.
The baby knows what the mother knows and the baby hears what the mother hears and eats what the mother eats. It’s one unit for however long it is, nine months, seven months, however.
But that baby.
Becomes its own person.
When that aspect of its bringing those two energies, life and love together, is.
Manifested as it takes its first breath, then it becomes its own unit.
But until then, those two are.
Are really one unit, but when? When.
It claims itself when it becomes who it really is and takes its first breath. Then it becomes that person.
So then the third L is laughter. Laughter Without love is cruel. It’s mean it breaks up families, it causes wars. But laughter with love is joy and happiness. It’s what gives us the light is what allows us to.
Find who it is that we were. We are so.
I haven’t written nice little story to tell here. I have a great grandson who is now probably.
Eight months old.
And they were wanting to go to Mexico, so they had to get up a passport.
But when they tried to get this baby to pose for his passport, he started giggling and he wouldn’t stop. And the people that were trying to take the picture would say, make him close his mouth. Well, this kid was happy. He was laughing so hard. He wanted about to close.
Both it took him a very long time to get that passport picture. I think that’s delightful. Anyway, that’s that’s the third L the 4th L is labour.
Ohh my life is too.
Hard. There are too many things go to love.
We just drag ourselves to work and it’s in too many diapers too much. It’s too much.
But laughter.
I mean but but labour with love is bliss. It’s why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s what makes our hearts sing. It’s it’s actually the juice that we.
Can function with it’s it’s it’s wonderful.
Without love, without love, Labour just drags on and you just can hardly get through it all. We work 15 times as hard to to to work with.
Love because it juices us, but it allows us to get the energy.
Without that, you just drag yourself through it and do what you have to do.
And the fifth one is listening. Listening without love is empty sound.
You can, you know, hear something and not understand it and just Chuck it off. Or you can hear something that’s really important.
And you take it in and think ohh that’s what I’m looking for.
It’s understanding.
Listening with love is understanding, otherwise it’s empty sound. It doesn’t mean anything.
So those five cells that help me to structure my life.

00:15:26 Luisa
It all comes down to love.

00:15:30 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Absolutely love it here.

00:15:33 Luisa
What’s your do you kind of just mentioned it, but what’s your advice for the audience if someone, how do how does one change their life if they’re not happy with what they’re experiencing?

00:15:44 Dr. Gladys McGarey
You choose.
It’s what you choose to, you know, we all have. See, I have this other.
Idea this is not a theology. This is just an idea I have and it makes sense to me, I said.

00:15:58 Luisa
Well, this is your show today, so.

00:16:01 Dr. Gladys McGarey
OK. When God, whoever God or whatever God is to any one of us, you know, it’s a personal thing. Whatever God is.
00:16:11 Dr. Gladys McGarey
When the Earth was created, God looked at the Earth and it was beautiful. I mean, this was perfect. Everything was where it should be. Everything was doing what it should be, and then he created the human being.
And he said to us, as human beings, you’re the only beings on this world who have choice.
And free will.
I now give you dominion over the earth and we in our.
Arrogance thought. He said dominance.
So we’ve kind of taken over and done what we want to do with poor mother Earth that she suffered so hard.
But that’s that’s not what the the divine energy that.
Gave us who we are really wanted.
Us to do.
And that’s where we can choose what it is that how we live. In other words, if we’re stuck in a hard place, we can choose to stick there, or we can start looking for the light.
It depends on what we choose.
To do it’s a. It’s a matter of, you know, just picking at that scab or letting put it, letting it heal and working with it and letting ourselves to listen, you know?
My mother taught me something when I was a a a girl and then on through. In fact, my sister and I didn’t even recognise what it was until we were in our 90s, I think, and one day we’d be. We were talking to each other and we just take our hand and let it drop like this. You know, it was.
Just let it drop.
We said to each other why?
Did he do that?
And we said we don’t know. And then we said.
Who did it? And we said our mother did it. We realised we remembered. And then we said and she said something. What did she say when she dropped her arm like that? Ah, we both remembered at the same time the words that she used was, uh, which were the money, which means. Ohh, it doesn’t matter.
And that has been a free statement for me all my life. In other words, people say something that’s nasty. You can take it in and say ohh that hurt my feelings and it ruins.
Your whole day.
It ruins peoples lives. It ruins whatever is going on.
Or you can say ohh it doesn’t matter which per want and you let it go and you don’t even remember it.
So it’s that kind of choice that we as human beings have.
And if we don’t recognise that and don’t allow ourselves to step up to that.
We’ll just go on feeling horrible and think we’re stuck in the dark places.
Where we don’t really need to.
So it’s where what we’re looking for and that I’m not saying that it’s condemnation. We all get into places like that where where it feels like they’re not. But when we when we realise.
No, no, there’s little ET looking for home. It’s I we as true human beings.
Can continue to look for our true humanity, and I think that’s what our juice is. It’s our true humanity. Or we can just go on, you know, feel.
Drag drag ourselves through through life. It’s our choice and and. And let me tell you, there isn’t a one of us who haven’t gone through hard times.
And painful times and all kinds of things that.
You, you know, you don’t want to live with.

00:20:32 Luisa
Of course, I mean in our humanists, no doubt we’ll all experience suffering or loss or grief. I want to move on to that in a minute. I just want to ask you a question. And you spoke about if someone has done wrong by you, we can often get so caught up in our thoughts. This person did this to me and it it’s almost like a cycle.
That perpetuates.
Again, I guess maybe. Well, I’m not going to answer your question, but it it doesn’t matter you know because we can get caught up and tell ourselves this story and relive the experiences.

00:21:07 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Well, if you take it in and say that hurt me then.
It hurts you.
If you can say ohh that’s not important, which for one it doesn’t matter, it’s just and it’s that persons opinion.
If you don’t agree with that opinion, you don’t have to take it in.
It says that we all have a choice. We have a choice to think another person is a good person or whatever it is that we want to take in.

00:21:45 Luisa
And we suffer for many.
Incredibly different reasons, and I’d I’d just like to move.
On to.
Suffering or grief or loss, or they’re all aspects, perhaps of the same thing, and no doubt you’ve in your 100 plus years of experienced a lot of that. What is your advice for the audience?

00:22:06 Dr. Gladys McGarey
It’s again the same thing. You know that everything that happens to you to us is there for a reason.
You know when when I was.
A young one living in the jungles of North India. I thought life was bliss. I mean, I was having a great time. The Indian kids and I were. And we were playing around. The Indian kids would rub the my arms to get try and get the white off, you know. Now you know I love that and.
And I didn’t care. We were. We knew what we were doing so.
When I started school, my life turned.
Upside down because I have. We didn’t know what it was. It’s called dyslexia. I’m a severe dyslexic.
I can’t. I could not read. I could not write. I could not add. I could not subtract because the numbers in the alphabet just shifted all over the page and so I flunked first grade and the teacher called me the dumbbell and the students called me the stupid one.
And I had to repeat first grade. So for two years.
I was.
I was.
Actually, my psyche was injured very deeply as I thought of myself as this stupid person who couldn’t understand anything except for the fact that.
I at home it was different.
We we were in the high in the Himalayas and when I would climb the mountain to get up to her, my house was my aya, the Indian nurse who more than a nurse.
Was well to be an I or was like a person who steps into the person to the family as a second mother. So by Aya she was ignorant. She didn’t know how to read or write. She didn’t know anything. But she knew how to love. And she would watch for me. She knew what.
I was going through. She’d watch me come up the hill and she’d.
Stretch out her child, her, her, her, her, her scarf, her scarf, and she’d see me come up and she’d say Israel, come here and I’d come over and climb in under that shall and sit there until my life came back into focus and I could go on with it.
But I had the blessing of.
Choosing within my soul what it was that that I needed to work with, and this aspect of love that she was reaching out to me really helped me through those.
Times until I got into third grade and the teacher there saw something in me that I that the other one hadn’t seen and she appointed me class governor. So I got to take what we did in 3rd grade and.
Take the message to the rest of the student body.
I didn’t really find my voice until I was 93.

00:25:39 Luisa
I love that. So I’ve got a while to go.

00:25:43 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Yeah. The thing was, you know, my my psyche was so damaged by.
It was two first years that I I would I, you know, I had written five books, but I had. I kept having people as I was writing those books. I had to have people.
Check what I have written. I’d take it to my husband or have somebody else check it so that I was sure I was writing the same same things.
However, when I was 93.
One morning I had a dream.
I I because I’ve found through the years that my dreams are very, very important.
If I pay attention to them, so it’s a matter of and and finding guidance through my dreams has been very important too. So anyway I woke up this Sunday morning with a A.
So a joyous feeling and what I saw in the dream was that I saw myself as nine year old Gladys.
Peeking out of our tent in the jungle, pulling it back, that tent flap and making sure my younger brother wasn’t out there because if he was out there, he would tattle on me and I’d be better. So I didn’t want that. So he wasn’t there and I ran as fast as I could.
Time the the mango tree clear up to the top.
And started singing. Now the thing was that in our in our home at that time.
We were not allowed to say anything but hymns or buttons on a Sunday morning, and this was, as I knew was a Sunday morning and I wanted to say any old thing that I wanted to say, and I thought that this world was stupid. So I was sitting up in the mango tree singing.
I’m singing the Caterpillar song or I’m singing anything else that I want to think.
And every so often I stopped singing.
And I look over my right shoulder and Jesus is up in the tree with me.
Now I’m looking at Jesus and he’s laughing and I say to him.
Jesus loves the little children, right?
And he’s laughing and he says yes. And I go back to the singing.
And then after a while I get to thinking, did you really say yes? Yeah, there’s all doubts. They crept in again.
And I look back over my shoulder and I say I’m still a little shoulder. Right. And he says yes, and I go back to the singing. And I woke up singing and laughing and realising that if Jesus thinks my voice is.
OK. And then I can use it and use it the way I want to.
I better just start using it and so from that point on I really.
Trusted the the thoughts that were coming to me, the dreams that were coming to me, and I didn’t have to check them all the time. But you know, be make sure that somebody else realised that they those things I was saying were OK.
But you know it’s it’s you take one step at a time. You do it with what you can do and go as far as you can. Go with that. My mother called it me.
She said, you know, you you use what you’ve got at hand and make do. That’s what it’s a great word to, to have a a vocabulary is to make do whatever it is whatever in the and there is where your choice and free will come in.
It is.
And this is where we really claim who and what we are. And when we do that, let me tell you folks, life gets really interesting and fun and exciting, and it gets better as we get older.

00:30:11 Luisa
Yes. And what a beautiful experience meeting Jesus. And you know, we so often don’t believe ourselves to be worthy in whatever way that may be, but to not look externally for validation. It’s.
It’s it’s beautiful.

00:30:29 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Whoever, whoever that.
Higher aspect of ourself is.
We look towards that.
You know, no matter what religion we are that I think we need to find how within our our own culture.
We fit.
But we have to choose.

00:30:57 Luisa
Thank you. You talk about, you know, a a traumas, our sufferings and how important it is to learn from those experiences. Would you mind just exploring that a little bit more?

00:31:09 Dr. Gladys McGarey
We’ll try living 2 two years of this dyslexic kid who’s the stupid one, you know.
Either and during those years I learned to fight.
I mean and my my brother showed me how to.
Land the punch because the kids really, really did pick on me. I was a stupid one that, you know, that’s.
That’s a soul.
It’s a deep injury that that a child feels when they’re whatever it is, whether you’ve been neglected or abused or whatever it is that’s going on.
Is that?
It’s it’s a.
Aspects of yourself that’s that’s been hurt and damaged.
And sometimes it takes the rest of your life to to begin to see what there is there in your life. That, like my mother said, they do use what’s there to make yourself happy, not to make yourself.
Feel worse?
At least at home.
My family saw me as worth something.
It was at the school place where I was injured, but at home I was important.
And it’s that finding what it is that’s important to us that makes us feel.
And understand that really we have like that jigsaw puzzle there isn’t anybody else that can fill in that place.
And when we find that and can work with it, life really honest to goodness.
Begins to come alive within us, and it’s and it’s a great thing. And let me tell you, that wasn’t the only hard time I’ve had my life, you know, life dishes out big doses of happiness and big doses of pain.

00:33:16 Luisa
I’m from.

00:33:25 Dr. Gladys McGarey
So what are we going to choose?

00:33:30 Luisa
Yes. And for the audience, what’s your advice for those that are experiencing?
Grief or the loss of a loved one.

00:33:43 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Well, if you’ve lost a loved one, you don’t. You have not really lost them.
They’re just not there in the physical body.
I call it. For me it’s going down memory lane.
Because I have these amazing memories of people that I have loved and that they’ve loved me and I can.
If I’m.
Having trouble? Not not sleeping at night. I can choose to go down memory lane and reactivate.
What I remember as that person, like my sister, my sister is, is still a very active person in my life.
To the point where she she lived to be 98.
And was healthy until the the two weeks before she died. She got.
Flu and and and died. But when she was just in the process of.
Well, making the transition.
My her youngest son and his wife were sitting beside her at the bed and she’s all the sun began singing.
Budgens and and and Pimms and 1st. Your voice was very soft, but then it got stronger.
And she saved for two hours, and every so often she’d stop and say, and Aya is here.
And that makes me when I think about that, I have to really laugh because our I had taught my sister and me to play the toilet which is A2 sided drum, the Indian drum. My sister learned but I couldn’t sit still long enough so she learned.
And I in my mind, I see the two of them.
Moving into heaven, where whatever that is moving through the Pearly gates, singing and drumming as they go along. I mean, that’s when I when I think of my sister now.
She’s still alive like that in my life with all the other wonderful things that we did together. And I I can remember those. And I can, you know, really feel the joy and the.
Of things that we did together and the things that we snuck off and did together that, you know, I’m not going to tell you about. But you know the memory. Nobody can take our memory from us. That’s a big.

00:36:40 Luisa
Yeah, she’s still there.

00:36:43 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Absolutely no money and and what we choose to remember.
Is our choice. It’s what.

00:36:52 Luisa
And it goes it goes.
Directly back to thoughts. Whatever we choose to think as well.

00:36:58 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Yeah, what you want to take into your soul? What would you want to live with?
And live and live on, because that’s a choice. That choice. I mean, I have so many wonderful people who made, you know, I’m.
Sitting here pretty much by myself, I don’t have any of my.

00:37:21 Luisa
They’re all gone.

00:37:23 Dr. Gladys McGarey
They can’t check on me and I can tell any stories I want to.
The way I want.
But, but the reality is.
They’re still alive in my life.
Just because they are in another dimension doesn’t mean that I’ve checked out on them or they checked out on me.

00:37:47 Luisa
So interesting. So many people are afraid of dying and what may happen is that a fear.
For you.

00:37:55 Dr. Gladys McGarey
For me, it’s sort of like going to sleep.

00:37:57 Luisa
00:37:58 Dr. Gladys McGarey
And have a good drink.

00:38:00 Dr. Gladys McGarey
You know.
Recognise that? That’s the path that we all take.
And there come a time.
Then I’ll go to sleep and I’ll wake up on the other side, whatever that means.

00:38:16 Luisa
Well, we all will.

00:38:20 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Then we can talk about it.
But at this point, it’s something that our soul knows within ourselves, deep within ourselves, we know what’s going to happen, but our brain hasn’t quite put it together so that it’s.
Real until we start thinking about it.
And when we?
Start thinking about it. It becomes real.
So it’s a choice.
Be either to be.
Scared of dying? But you know I have.
Through the years.
I have people who have come to me as patients.
And they’re so afraid.
Of something like, oh, I don’t know.
Not having the right diet or something that they make themselves sick.
In other words, focusing on what you don’t have or what’s wrong, or they’ll sit at the table and eat something and say, I know this is bad for me, but I’m going to eat it anyway. I mean, come on.
You know, if you know it’s bad for you, you don’t have to eat it, but you do. If you feel that you have to, and sometimes you do have to eat it because you’re in a company that you have to eat that. But but you have to understand that you don’t have.
Say to yourself this is bad for me.
You know you can say these folks, they made this food for being there for, you know, something like.
With love and I’ll accept that part of this food. It may not be something. Well, you know.

00:40:08 Luisa
You could hear. Ohh, I really feel like.
A piece of chocolate, yes.

00:40:13 Dr. Gladys McGarey
And and bless it.
If you bless your food as you’re taking.
It in your body will understand it.

00:40:19 Luisa
Ohh, talk to Gladys here wealth of information. I won’t keep you too much longer. Just a few more questions if you don’t mind.
You’ve kind of we we’ve talked about this, of course. But heartbreak. What’s your advice for those of experienced romantic heartbreak?

00:40:39 Dr. Gladys McGarey
I think we all have it.

00:40:41 Luisa
Of course.

00:40:42 Dr. Gladys McGarey
My husband asked me for a divorce when I was 46 years old and I thought we were doing real well.
00:40:51 Dr. Gladys McGarey
And uh.
00:40:52 Dr. Gladys McGarey
I I couldn’t imagine it. I I couldn’t. It was something that was just absolutely we had done so much work together. We’d we’d started the American Holistic Medical Association. We’d, you know, I mean.
In my mind, we had had it just, yeah, great life. And then all of a sudden, he asks for a divorce.
And I I just.
Well, there, there was a time when I was coming back to my home, which was empty and I was in my car and I’m driving down the I-10 and.
Just screaming at God. I mean, I was screaming at the world. I was screaming at everything and telling them how terrible it was that what I was going through.
All of a sudden I stopped my car.
And I thought, you know.
Maybe, maybe. And and words came to me.
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad, rejoice and be glad in it, and the words be glad. Just hit me like a.
You know, that’s my game.
Now, what are you going to do with that name?
And I realised I have a licence plate on my car. I can change that licence plate. So I went home and the next day I changed my licence plate to be glad.
And for for the rest of the time I was practising here and feelings and I was a long time. But that was about 30 years that I was still in practise.
And I realised that every time I got into my car, I had to walk past that and be glad.
And have that attitude as I got into my car. Not only that, but everybody who was going to be driving behind me in town would see. Be glad. So it was a message that I took in for myself, but I wanted to share it.
With people that I met, so it it was.
Something that.
Alone me.
To deal with the heartbreak and pain that I was feeling so that it wasn’t something that would continue to damage me because I’m telling you I was not a pretty sight.
I mean that was I I was so broken.
But when I was able to take that and look at it from another perspective and realise that I could do something about it.
It changed the whole thing.

00:44:01 Luisa
Oh, I love that. And and not only did you work through it, but you know who knows whose life you changed when they saw that that, that plate.

00:44:09 Dr. Gladys McGarey
And you don’t? You don’t just get all of these things. People say, well, just get over it. You don’t just get over it. You you. You live through it.

00:44:17 Luisa
The rejection.

00:44:21 Dr. Gladys McGarey
If you can live through it and really come up on the other side like that, it’s worth something. You’ve learned something from it.
And I think that that’s that’s our challenge and our choice.

00:44:40 Luisa
Doctor Gladys, what’s your advice for those?
And you spoke about it before briefly. As one grows older, or even if they’re younger and the children might have left home, and they might not be with a partner that are perhaps experiencing a sense of loneliness, or I don’t even like the word boredom.
But it it.
A sense of isolation from the world.

00:45:06 Dr. Gladys McGarey
We’re not alone. We’re never alone. There’s always somebody.
Or some.
Aspect of life that is around us, that we can look to. Let me, let me tell you another quick story. I had this wonderful friend named James and he was he. We were just really good friends. And then he moved into.
Dementia and we had to put him in to a home where he was taken care of and he was being taken care of and it was all nice.
But one day I took a little plant, a little pot with a little green plant in it, over to his his room, and I said now James.
This is your plan.
And it it’s you, you.
Have to take care of this plant.
It’s and I had no idea whether he was understanding what I was saying or not. But I said it’s going to need water and it’s going to need sunshine, and I’m not putting it in the window here. But you you have, it’s your job to take care of that plant and love it.
So I did that kind of a little talk and then I left and a week later I came back and he meets me at the door and he says.
Magic, magic, magic. And I said what, James, what’s magic? And he says.
He goes like come come and he will walks over to the.
Wall, where the the box for the air conditioning was.
And he says.
Push this button.
Nice and.
And cool.
And plant loves it.
But push this button.
It gets hot.
It doesn’t like it.
Now I to me, I was so happy to hear that and to hear the fact that he connected with the one thing that was living in his room.
And made a connection.
At that deep level that that was going on.
And he couldn’t.
Figure out how or what or anything.
So it was, you know, he.
Remember the word magic.
And he.
Was able to.
Do that to me.
You can. I I I didn’t give him that plan. With that in mind, but he showed. He showed me how that little plant a living thing.
Could bring life into his.
Confuse state and what that that’s an extreme story, but I think it’s that.
Ability to look for what it is that can or who it is. Or maybe it’s a tree. Maybe it’s a chrysanthemum plant. I mean, you know, maybe it’s not that. Maybe it’s a lizard. That that is living around your house or something, you know?
A little.
But whatever it is, it’s alive and moving and bringing you joy.
In little doses of joy, hang on to them because they grow.
And they get better.
And it goes on, you know.

00:49:07 Luisa
Thank you. So in in a few sentences, how can with your wealth of years of experience, how can we live our best life?

00:49:17 Dr. Gladys McGarey
How can we do?

00:49:18 Luisa
That how can we live our best life? How can we live our?
Most fulfilled.
All encompassing life.

00:49:28 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Look for it.
It you can’t if you’re.
Not going to look for it. You won’t hear it. You won’t see.
It you won’t.
Do work with it. You know it won’t connect.
Because you have to reach for it, you have to reach for your true humanity. You have to understand, you don’t have to. But I suggest that you that you reach for it.
In a way that really allows you to know that you are a human being who has choice.
Free will and can do what you choose.
You choose.
And everything that.
Comes your way. Is a teacher.
If it’s hard.
Then figure out what you can do about it to check your dreams. Ask somebody who you you like. You know you can.
Talk to you about these things. Talk about what you’re thinking about.
Don’t. Don’t close it up. Don’t put it in the drawer and think it’s going to stay there. It won’t.
But or if it does it just be just darkness.
Get it out and look at it. What are?
Examine your life. Find out what’s there.
Because I’m telling you, there are secrets that only you can find for you.
No one else is gonna find them, but you could find them.

00:51:13 Luisa
So get curious. One more question. You look so amazing and my gosh, you’ve lived, you’ve living to such an incredible age. Is there a secret to your way of life or your diet or your way of living?

00:51:29 Dr. Gladys McGarey
I think it’s because I found my voice.
And I have something to live for.
And it’s something that the world around me gives me joy and happiness.
And love.
My life is so full of love that it’s awesome and I’m always looking for.
And people look back for it. You know, you can look at a person and know if they like you or don’t they. I remember my.
Grandson, he was 3. And when I met, went up to their house, he opened the door and he doesn’t let me in. He’s standing there looking at me up and down and up and down finally, he says.
Nonny, you’re a good person and he walks off and that’s be him. It’s it’s, it’s that watchy.
I like that and all of a sudden I’m a good person. You know, it’s it’s listening to what you want to hear.
You don’t always hear.
And so when you when you, when you hear something like that, it’s wow, yeah.

00:52:55 Luisa
Ohh, I love that so well. Doctor Gladys. Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Is there anything you would like to share with the passion, harvest audience? Finally that I haven’t asked you.

00:53:06 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Yes, I I.
Looking for my 10 year plan from the village for Living Medicine where when a person steps onto the ground, your healing starts.
And we, I know there are places around the world.
Some people call them blue zones, but they’re places where really, that’s that kind of the people that live there know the sacred spot of space. And I really want to build a village for living medicine that.
Has a birthing centre. There’s a loving birth centre.
That has a sanctuary that has no walls, that has research and education and.
Aspect of brewery into health.
Instead of growing old.
Just allowing ourselves to understand that there is an aspect of health that we have to grow, grow old, but go into health.

00:54:24 Luisa
I love that. What an incredible passion and vision for the future.
Doctor Gladys, thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest. My gosh, it’s been such an honour. Thank you so much.

00:54:36 Dr. Gladys McGarey
Thank you. Thank. You.


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