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Connect with Your SPIRIT GUIDES! #5 Simple tools to CALL IN your Guides and Guardian Angel | Luisa

I get asked this question all the time, how do I connect with my guides?  So here are my tips on how to connect with your spirit guides and guardian angel, what works for me.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides helps us connect with our true essence – love. It’s a divine union and depending on how energetically sensitive you are you might experience,

What does it feel like to connect with our Guides?
Connecting with a Divine Union you may experience their presence.
– Strong intuition
– Feeling sensation in the body and/or energetic field
– Inner hearing
– Visual images
– Dreams
– Other people – your guides can also work though other people to open the door to your heart.

How to connect with Guides?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.
– Where is my attention focused?
– Am I being distracted by the ego and mental chatter?
– Am I focused on negativity?
– Do I judge myself and others?
– Am I focused or involved in things that really are not my business and a waste of my time and energy?

Make an appointment with your guides, set a date and time, a ritual or practice to connect with them.
– Monitor where is your attention during this time.
– How are you using your consciousness and how do you intuitively feel your guides are connecting with you.
– Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath.
– ‘Hello Spirit Guides, thank you for assisting me with this question (ask for advice or guidance on…) please show me in a way that I can understand, to guide me on the highest path of loving light’.

– What is it you would like to ask for advice or guidance on?
– What coming up that is important to me?
– Be very clear on what you would like assistance or support with.
– Remember this may not be received instantly but know that you have opened the channel and trust that your Guides will show up as your day unfolds and as you need it.

– Throughout your day, check in with your guides, take a deep breath and feel into your heart. This really brings you into the present moment and reminds you who you really are. A spiritual being having a physical experience.
– You are not necessarily looking for words from your Guides.
– The guidance may come in the form of symbols, synchronicity, downloads of inspiration.

– When you do receive your guidance, say it out loud – what you have received.
– Pay close attention.
– Listen to your intuition.
– Say, thank you and yes, I will follow it. This amplifies the energy and creates a greater bond with your guides.
– Remember your guides will not overwhelm you with too much information. They will offer it as little suggestions, inspiration, slowly and gently.
– If you receive too much chatter that is your ego
– Guides will always offer you loving advice.

Other methods to Connect with your Guides.
Writing is a powerful tool – automatic writing. Start by
‘Thank you Guides for writing though me now’.
Then begin to write, you may notice your words change, you experience sensations, loose track of time. Trust yourself and your guide in this process and set a date to this on a regular basis.

Exercise, moving the physical body will move stuck energy within our physical from. Afterwards take a few minutes and set the intention to connect with your Guides.

All you have to do is ask.
‘I ask for an answer to this question. Thank you for giving it to me, if I am heading in the right direction, by showing me a sign of, (anything that resonates with you – numbers, rainbows, feather)

Often, we can forget to enjoy ourselves, to have fun, to be childlike, to connect with our inner child, to dream and to believe. Doing this by, listening to music, dancing, being creative, doing something that makes you laugh, brings you joy allows the spiritual dimensions of positive energy to clean and interact with our field of insight and intuition.

Much Love

Luisa x

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Hello, I get asked this question all the time.
How can I connect with my spirit guides or my guardian Angel?
And here are my top tips that really work well for me for move distractions and I mean distractions by mental chatter.
Where are you focusing? Your energy.
What are you thinking about? Are you focused on negativity? Are you judgmental of yourself and others so being mindful of?
The distracting thoughts that you focus on during your day.
#2 is be consistent.
Set a time each day to establish your loving relationship with your guides.
Take 5 minutes out of your day and and set the time. Be mindful of where you are focusing your energy. This establishes a relationship a a way of communication. And the more? You practise this on a daily basis. The greater the relationship grows, you can also put your hand on your heart and say thank you guides for assisting me with whatever the question might be. And please show me in a way that and communicate with me in. A way that. I can understand on the highest, most divine path. Thank you.
#3 is get clear. Be very clear on the the guidance or the assistance that you wish to be helped with. Knowing that it. May not come instantly, but trust in the knowing that will come to you throughout the day in the way they communicate to you for your. Greatest understanding what’s important for me today, show me the.
#4 is lesson B open to receive throughout the day. Remember, it’s not necessarily going to be coming in words like we’re communicating right now like I’m communicating with you. It may come in the forms of a deep intuition, a deep knowing signs. Symbols synchronicity, something that is meaningful to you. So. Be open, be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day and know that the guidance will come
#5 is gratitude. Say thank you to your guides. You can even thank them in advance. Thank you for showing me the way today for my highest. Path. Thank you for this guidance. And when you follow that guidance, it establishes A deeper relationship and the more you follow this.
The more they are likely to offer you more support, guidance and advice, remember your guides won’t overwhelm you with too much information.
It may come as little bread crumbs along the path and the information that you receive. Is always loving. If you get overwhelmed, it’s probably your ego getting in the way.
It really is such a. A beautiful connection we can have with our guides that many have been with us since we incarnated into this human experience, and they can offer wonderful, wonderful support for you on your souls path and this path of life that we’re journeying on together.
And if you’re ready to fast track your spiritual growth, I encourage you to explore my mystical mastery programme. I’ll leave a link below in the show notes or head on over to the Passion Harvest website.
But really, all you have to do is ask. Thank you for showing me that I’m on the right path by showing me and whatever might resonate with you, a number, a sign and a symbol, a a colour and image.
And one more thing. Don’t forget to play to be child, like to have fun, to smile. This raises our frequency. And connects us on a far deeper level to the non physical, divine spiritual dimensions and trust in yourself. Always, always trust in yourself and your knowing it’s it’s there. It’s always been there and so have they guiding you and.
You are so very loved.

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