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NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL BEINGS: Tree Spirits, Land Attachment Release, Global Earth Alignment & Future Memories (Pt 1)

Ready to step into the wonderful hidden spirit world of nature?

Click here to watch, NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL BEINGS: Tree Spirits, Land Attachment Release, Global Earth Alignment & Future Memories (Pt 1).” 

This is the first episode in a new series exploring the magical world of nature.

In this series I would like to briefly explain, nature spirits and elementals, share several of my personal experiences with nature and offer you some simple tools and tips for you to connect with the energies of the natural world.

We often forget there is a wonderful ‘unseen’ intricate web of connection of remarkable energy and life right at our feet.

The earth is a living breathing organism.  The belief that spirit moves through everything, whether plant, rock or river, is perhaps one of the oldest beliefs known to man and woman – so rather than it being a ‘new’ concept, we are in fact just remembering ancient wisdom that we have known before.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly detached from nature even though it surrounds us.

There is so much unseen that we do not perceive because we have learnt to only believe what we see with our physical eyes.

Everything is alive and has consciousness. There is Spirit in all things and I have had many encounters, communications, healings and teachings from nature and these experiences have taught me that nature has a level of consciousness we can interact with.

Connection with nature is found in a multi-dimensional framework, enabling us to expand our consciousness through the interaction. This connection is always simply achieved by living from our heart and creating space in our mind to receive the communication.

Connecting with the Afterlife and Nature is very similar, it is a similar vibrational state that is required to communicate, and it is generally a nonverbal experience. It requires a degree of trust in the messages that you are receiving and a level of heightened conscious awareness. All this communication is very possible for everyone, for some it comes easier than for others but there is no doubt with passion, determination and practice it will come, that is for certain.


What are the Spirits of Nature?

Nature Spirits or Elementals are the guardians, energies of Earth. Just like we have guardian angels and spirit guides looking out for us, the Earth has elementals. Nature Spirits are believed to exist on a different dimension than the one we live on however, they can travel freely into our dimension as and when they choose to.

Nature spirits are simply a being that works with the spiritual and energetic side of nature. They tie themselves to specific landscapes and to geographical features such as rivers, and to species of plants and animals, and even to the individual plants themselves. Plant life of many types is to be found in nearly every area of the earth. Associated with these is a most amazing array of earth spirits.

By reawakening your connection with nature spirits, you can call upon a huge network of support, guidance, healing, inspiration and love. You realise that the entire universe not only has your back, but is a source of practical guidance for you. In my experience, nature spirits are wise and are delighted to co-create with us to serve the planet.  



Trees are tended by all the same types of nature spirits as any other plants, but as well there is an earth spirit that is particular to trees, a tree spirit that dwells within every tree.

Last week I was catching up with a friend and I was early, so I thought I would walk though the public gardens near where we were to meet.

I hadn’t been here for about 2 years, and I felt called to visit a particular tree that I had sat under on several occasions. I don’t know the species of the tree, it was of a medium size, and I would always sit under the canopy on the grass, just at the outer edge of the branches and close my eyes facing it.

While it was a nice looking tree aesthetically, it was certainly not the most physically beautiful tree in the gardens – it went beyond what I saw with my physical eyes, in fact the reason it became the object of my attention had nothing at all to do with what I saw, or how pretty, or how colourful it was, or how many flowers it had, I didn’t like it for that – I liked it for how it made me feel, this was a feeling experience.

This tree made me feel, soft and comfortable and open to other realms, it made me feel special as if there were so many possibilities available to me, in whatever direction I chose to pursue. I really thought this tree was just so beautiful from the inside and it radiated joy to me.

Several times before I could often feel the energy of the tree, I could feel it on my face when I was sitting in front of it, it almost felt like a soft cloud pushing against my skin, it was defiantly a sensory experience. Often when we move through levels or realms of dimensions, we can feel on our skin the energetic layers.  

So back to last week, I walked through the gardens again to this tree, it was like greeting an old friend and I sat down, under the canopy at the edge of its branches, on the grass facing the tree and closed my eyes.

Just for a moment I thought, gosh I hope no one thinks I’m too peculiar facing a tree with my eyes closed and then I somehow disappeared into a void and all I felt was a beautiful appreciation for this tree and I just loved it and I communicated this telepathically to the tree. Again, I felt wash over me, its energy, but this time it felt like sparkles on my skin, there was no mistaking this sensation and I was cocooned in its energetic field and the next thing that happened– I saw with my mind’s eye, the spirit of the tree.

A man appeared to me in a physical form, but at the same time I knew he wasn’t human, and he walked down the trunk and walked towards me.

I was not at all afraid, just amazed at what I was experiencing, it was like he morphed, evolved out of the tree trunk.

If I had to describe him, he was a medium age, short in height with a slightly curved back, he bent over when he walked and he moved slowly and carefully but he was very agile.

He walked around me – almost ‘checking me out’. Obviously, I had got his attention and the spirit of the tree had gifted me an offering by revealing itself to me in a form I could understand.

I only saw him for a few moments and then he disappeared. It was telepathically communicated to me that I had been accepted and I don’t know how long I was there before I was guided to understand that everything in nature is intricately connected, despite its geographical location on this living planet.

All this communicated information is hard to put in words to you, it came as one giant download of questions and answer and insights and understanding.

Time lost its meaning, and this information was offered to me all at once and there was no sequential order. The answer arrived before the question and the understanding appeared before I had even thought it and the knowing came to me before I even knew and the future became the past.  

The telepathic communication continued, and I didn’t understand why I was brought back here again to this tree until that moment and then it was revealed to me why.

I understood then that the tree consciousness can reach beyond the physical plane and extend their reach to become consciously interactive with other points in space, time and geographical locations.

I have been planning to move countries for a while now and I didn’t realise until that moment that circumstances had held me back and the primary reason for this was – energetic cyclic ties had bound me to this land – I was guided to ask for respectful permission to be released, this would enable to me to move countries with greater ease and alignment of my soul’s path.

Nothing in this experience came in the right order because I was already shown that I had left, before my request to leave was granted.

My future memories have shown me that I will travel to 2 forests in 2 different countries in Europe. I don’t know the specific geographical location, but I will know them when I am there and I have no doubt I will find them, they are so familiar to me, and I have travelled there in my consciousness many times. I have been shown how and why I will be interacting with the natural world and why it is so significant at these points in space and time and, in fact it has already occurred and what we think of from one step to the next, I realise now I am just catching up with the future.



The more you deepen your connection with nature, the more in tune you’ll feel with nature spirits.

Anything that requires a huge effort to learn takes us out of our hearts and into our heads. In my experience, connection with spirit happens organically when we stop taking ourselves seriously, lighten up and simply drop our awareness into our hearts. Laugh, play, enjoy yourself.

Nature is the home of nature spirits, listen to any guidance you receive, then do it and say hello. 

You might feel an inspiration to take a particular path through the park, or might be drawn to a particular shrub, or flower of tree because it has the energetic vibration you most need. Listen to your heart and intuitive guidance and trust it.

Remember The messages tend to be more subtle and quiet, but if the nature spirits really want you to notice something they’ll let you know. So be open to synchronises and signs.


  1. Spend time outdoors in nature
    2. Believe in the spirits of nature
  2. Be respectful
    4. Be playful and have fun.
    5. Listen to your heart.
    6. Release expectations



I am so excited to continue to offer to you, Intuited Readings.

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The information source may vary from the Non-physical – the Quantum Field, the realm of thought – although always the communication is of the highest vibration.

This is a multi-sensory experience and I have remembered my ability to access portals where I can receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.

If you feel called to this service, the link to book or find out more will be in the show notes below this video, or just head over to the  Passion Harvest website SHOP page for more details.



While some of what nature provides us is measurable, most of what nature gives us is simply beyond measure including the importance of nature to the human spirit: one only needs spend time alone in a shadowy forest dwarfed by the awesome power of nature, sit on a forgotten beach, see a sunrise, or watch the moon fall upon mountains that have taken millions of years to form to be left in awe at the miracle of life.

Nature fills us with joy in a way the material world never can. When we connect with trees and plants, we become more of who we are.

Nature spirits are all around us even if we can’t see them, so meet them in the spirit of curiosity. Be open to the idea that there is a world beyond your everyday senses that you can tap into if you genuinely want to. Spend time outdoors during magical times of day, dawn and dusk.

Slow down to nature’s pace and be patient. It might take a while for nature spirits to appear to you but it’ll be worth it.

I hope that you take the time to rejuvenate yourself and hug a tree, share all of your worries and concerns, open your heart to it – this is one of the best healings you can do.

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in nature and perhaps one day to create one of those memorable moments that will last a lifetime, take a shower in the rain.

Thank you so much for watching.

Please leave a comment or a question below and I will answer it, give this episode a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please do subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

Much love to you, Bye for now.


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