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AFTERLIFE MESSAGES: How to CALL on ANGELS and Embrace MIRACLES. Freedom, Prison, Faith, Hope & Love. (Pt 4)

This experience CHANGED MY LIFE!

Hello and welcome to Luisa TV, this is the fourth episode in a 4-part series, Afterlife Messages.

Click here to watch Part 4 , “How to CALL on ANGELS and Embrace MIRACLES. Freedom, Prison, Faith, Hope & Love.” 

I was guided to share a few of my experiences in this series with the afterlife, the other side, the nonphysical realms, miracles, angels’ synchronicities and magic.

This week I share the final part of an experience that occurred several years ago, that changed my life forever. If you haven’t seen the previous episode I recommend you watch that first, I will leave a link below. Click here to watch Part 3 , “I Prayed for a Miracle.” 

I am sharing this experience as a demonstration of how nonphysical realms, angels are always lovingly guiding us, communicating with us and helping us along the path if we choose to listen, feel and ask for assistance.

This experience is also a true demonstration of the internal freedom embraced despite physical incarceration. Freedom is our birth right, and it comes not from something or someone external to us but is always found within.

When we embrace life challenges, conflicts and recycle them as opportunity for person growth, we are transformed, we become free, and the evolution of our soul grows expediently.

The energetic exchange of other souls – other energies is ever present, even if not seen with our physical eyes and the intricate web of connection is always there to support you.

In this episode I will also offer you 3 very simple principles to apply to the non-physicals realms of existence enabling you a direct line of communication from your soul to the ‘other side.

It is my belief from my experiences that consciousness does extend beyond the physical body, we are eternal. We are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Each one of us is spiritual at our core, we are all love, we have come here to experience love, this is the greatest power we have.


How to Ask for Help from Angels?

Last week I shared the first part of my very person experience with my brother, who had been living in Asia for 10 years, he had been arrested and his child was taken during his arrest. I spoke about my experiences travelling to a remote island in a southern province to help him during his incarceration. I also spoke about my niece, she had been awarded temporary custody to state services and visiting the cathedral of miracles, where I prayed for a miracle.  I have also added a few photos at the end of this episode for you.

I realised during this experience that in some way, we are living a high-level energy game – a game of life and the nonphysical realms, angels are always waiting to help and guide us if we just ask. And you can ask in any way you choose, “Please help me, please guide me, please show me a sign.”

There is just no way we could have got out of this alone, this experience was a co creation with the universe. We planted a seed of faith and hope and love in our heart, and what we feel about – we bring about.

When we focus on fear and doubt, we bring that into our reality and when we focus on love, faith, and joy we bring that forth too.

The blessing always come from within, and I watched for every door that opened and every door that closed – both were guidance from the universe. And I surrendered, I surrendered to power far greater than me.

The details were none of our business – how and what and when and why? Every day I imagined my brother and niece free. And what if all the resources we needed were found within and what if all we needed to do was continue to focus on faith and hope and love and keep up that vibration and allow the unfolding of it, in ways we never expected.

Well, that is exactly what I did, I didn’t understand the process at the time, but now it is very clear to me.


How to embrace Faith, Hope and Love?

The unseen, the multi-dimensional, angels, transitioned loved ones, are very much real – in us, in every one of us and it is not some far off universe.

It’s the sunrise, it’s the special moments, it’s the people that come to our aid, it’s the synchronises, it’s the joys, it’s the love and I can describe my experience as one that offered me tremendous sorrow and heartbreak but also remarkable joy and personal growth and a belief in life and a belief in a power and energy that we can harness within us and a force much greater than us that creates miracles and moves worlds.

And this is in essence how we can connect with energies, spiritual beings, loved ones that have transitioned, beings of light, higher guidance – my story is analogy of how you yourself can connect quite simply and I describe it in 3 simple words, faith, hope and love.

Faith is belief, hope is expectation and love is feeling and when you apply this 3 step formula to anything you wish to achieve – mountains will move and magic will follow and miracles will appear.


My Brother in Prison

After returning from Simila and praying for a miracle, I was more determined than ever that we would get through this experience and things began to move, even though at time it seemed sometimes we were getting nowhere.

Its funny what we become accustomed to and a flow began to enter our lives of legal documents, sweat, heat, unimaginable heat, flies, despair, many a tears and hope and determined faith. Each week I spent half of the week with my brother in jail and the other half with my niece, some six hours away.

My visits to my brother moved to into inside the internal jail courtyard with the rest of the prisoners.

“The first time I went in my hands were shaking so much. My brother told me it would be fine just never leave his sight.”

My brother and I, to pass the many hours and perhaps more than that to bring a little fun and joy to the present reality, gave nicknames to people, in particular: Shalom and The Beast who were 2 special characters.

Shalom was the new chief warden. This was a blessing in itself, shalom was a fair man and we were told the former warden was very cruel. The reason we gave him the name of shalom was because he was perhaps the only converted Jew in a very catholic county and my brother in order to been seen in a more favourable light – told him I was Jewish, I am not Jewish but I didn’t mind. So every time the chief warden saw me, he wanted to talk about Judaism and his dream to live and study in Israel and whenever we greeted each other we said, Shalom, this became his name.

The Beast was the nickname we gave to the mayor of my brother’s cell, a giant of a man. We called him the beast because one day, he went crazy. I was in the visitor’s room – looking through the bars, I have never ever seen anything like this before he was screaming to the guards, bashing at the bars, the shear force of his energy, his power was absolutely terrifying. So, we called him the beast, not out of disrespect but as a most appropriate name – although certainly not to his face.

I mentioned in the last episode that each cell was assigned a mayor, an inmate elected by the guards. Each cell housed 50 -70 prisoners, a cell designed for 10 men. Another blessing, the beast was the kindest of all the mayors – a man who held great power and respect in the prison, respect not earnt by force but by fairness to some extent – not what we would consider fair but in the social system of the prison, he was considered a fair man.

At the end of each month, each mayor could swap or barter inmates for the following month as they chose, depending on a man’s individual compliance.

My brother did tell me some of the things that happened at night, horrible things, unmentionable things and each cell was its own social system within a social system. Having their own rules and punishments and values.


Inside the Prison

I asked my brother to show me around the inside of the prison. It was so hot, it was unbelievable and there was no breeze, it was unrelenting – it did cool a little if and when it rained but that too bought the plagues of mosquito. It was dirty, cats and files everywhere. He showed me his cell, where he slept and the floor, with a large, recessed trough where 50 -70 men relived themselves.

The prison was a home for many, many souls, most that would never leave the front door alive. The energy was buzzing with life, cramped bodies with little space, who had never really been valued or cared for, there was a sadness, it seemed somehow a waste, what a life this was?  – Yet at the same time, they were happy, they chose to be, they had no choice.

My brother showed me a small corner cell, called the punishment cell. In there was a man his wrists and ankles shackled tightly together at his back, he was bent backwards the chain between his hands and feet not long enough for him to lie flat. He was thrown scraps, that he must have managed to eat from the floor with his mouth, and I assume he relived himself where he lay, in his own filth, he had been there chained for months.

I often wondered about him, did they release his chains and how could a man ever recover from that form of torture.


My Niece held at The Home for Girls

I continued to visit my niece weekly, when I was allocated time and it was over 6 months that she had been incarcerated at the Home for Girls, a home for girls under the age of 18 that had been abused or trafficked or sold. Her being held was a complete violation of the International rights of the Child.

It was after the third custody court case, I was finally awarded custody of my niece. I still remember picking her up, she was so excited, and the girls told me she had sat on her bags for 6 hours, since the early morning, waiting for me.

That night at the hotel was a miracle and we called her father – my brother it was very emotional, he had not been allowed to speak with her since his arrest.

On that first night in the hotel with my niece and many nights afterwards she asked me to promise her, that she wouldn’t be taken away again.

It took us another week to get out of the country, more bureaucracy, the consulate had to issue an emergency passport for my niece.

When we returned home it was bittersweet because I left my brother behind.


My Brother is Free

My brother eventually was acquitted of all charges – he spent over 12 months in jail.  I asked him what the first thing he was going to do when he got out; he replied,

  1. Have a swim in the ocean. He was a professional scuba diver, it was one of the main reasons he lived in this part of Asia, the marine life was beautiful
  2. Find a hotel room with excellent air conditioning and he wanted to get really, really cold
  3. And finally he said, once he was really cold and because he never ever wanted again to go to the restroom and squat to relieve himself and more than that never again would he want 50 men watching him while he was relieving himself – so he was to take a packet of cigarettes and sit on the toilet in the hotel room alone – what a luxury this would be he said –– and he was going to stay there for a long time.

It took him brother another year to get out of the country – this is another story in itself – but he was finally deported for overstaying his visa.

My brother now lives in the countryside, he is establishing a farm and rebuilding his life. He doesn’t like to be around too many people; he likes the quiet privacy of the county and the freedom of space it offers him. He has the love of a remarkable woman, who helped him during his incarceration, this is a love story in itself.

He likes the silence; he likes being immersed in nature. He desires honesty and and he embraces the simple things that we so often take for granted. He has scars from his experience, how could he not – he is a changed man, a man that has travelled to hell and returned.

There is no doubt in my mind that we were always guided and assisted by divine intervention.


How to communicate with the Afterlife?

We can often assume because we can’t see angles or guides or loved ones with our physical eyes, they are not real. Well, we can’t see faith and we cant see love and we cant see hope, but we know they exist. Spirits, the nonphysical, vibrate at a frequency above the visible range, and much higher than our frequency and density of matter – our body.

Communication with the non physical realms is most often not like to speaking to the person in their physical body, it is soft and subtle and gentle and requires patience and 3 simple principles that you can also incorporate into anything you want to do or be or have.

  1. Faith – belief that it will occur
  2. Hope – expect
  3. Love – allow this to be a feeling experience


Intuited Reading

I am so excited to continue to offer to you, Intuited Readings.

The information source may vary from the Non-physical – the Quantum Field, the realm of thought – although always the communication is of the highest loving vibration.

Click here  to learn more or click here  book a Reading.

This is a multi-sensory experience and I have remembered my ability to access portals where I can receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.

If you feel called to this service, the link to book will be in the show notes, or just head over to the Passion Harvest website SHOP page for more details.


How to find The Kingdom of God?… and I don’t mean a man with a grey beard

Sometimes I feel that we are all players on a stage. I thought the other day, what if this experience had been orchestrated long before and me speaking to you now and you listening wherever you are and at whatever point in space and time, had all been done long ago.

Nothing happens by accident; everything happens for a reason and we have the choice in each moment to choose internal freedom, we have the choice to embrace miracles, we have the choice to surrender to a power far greater than us – the kingdom of god (and I don’t mean a man with a grey beard) – the kingdom of god, is within us – it has always been within us.

This life is a gift – allow it to be so and don’t wish it away – your moments of now and your moments of tomorrows. My hope for you is that you don’t look back one day with regrets and wonder why you didn’t reach out your hand to possibilities, angles, miracles and magic.

Don’t allow circumstance to limit your potential, but rather see them as an opportunity to ask for assistance from the nonphysical realms..

Thoughts turn to things – Be mindful of what you say to yourself, be mindful of your words, as your soul will move mountains to achieve your thoughts, so too – listen to your thoughts and choose them wisely.

We have incarnated into this humanness to be human, to have experiences and to learn to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Now abide in these three, faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love.

Thank you so much for listening today.

Please leave a comment or question below and I will answer it.

Bye for now.

Luisa x

Click here to watch Part 3 , “I Prayed for a Miracle.” 

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