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NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL BEINGS: How to HEAL Wounds & Transform into a New version of You. (Part 2)

Click here to watch, NATURE SPIRITS & ELEMENTAL BEINGS: How to HEAL Wounds & Transform into a New version of You. “(Part 2)

Even if you can’t see it happening with your eyes. Because…

The energetic web of connection in the unseen realms are waiting to help and the spirits of nature can be a best friend or our co creative partner towards personal transformation.

This week on LuisaTV, I share the simple secret of connecting with the natural world, how to transform and create a new version of you. 

Every night for 3 months I was guided to walk along the beach, in fact, I didn’t have a choice in the matter, the pull was so strong.

I was in the depths of a failed romance, and I was suffering deeply from a broken heart.

“When we realize that we are the ones that create the story and that fear and our internal conflicts are all experiences of the soul, that we can no longer hold this fear, we allow something else to take its place, joy, hope, even love.”

If you’ve ever searched for love, personal transformation and an ending to grief or doubt or sorrow, you will LOVE this episode.

The earth is a living breathing organism.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly detached from nature even though it surrounds us. 

There is so much unseen that we do not perceive because we have learnt to only believe what we see with our physical eyes.

Everything is alive and has consciousness. There is Spirit in all things and I have had many encounters, communications, healings and teachings from nature and these experiences have taught me that nature has a level of consciousness we can interact with.

Connection with nature is found in a multi-dimensional framework, enabling us to expand our consciousness through the interaction. This connection is always simply achieved by living from our heart and creating space in our mind to receive the communication.

Every part of the world is alive and nature spirits are to be found everywhere: in the depths of the oceans, within the Earth and in the highest reaches of the atmosphere.

By reawakening your connection with nature spirits, you can call upon a huge network of support, guidance, healing, inspiration and love. You realise that the entire universe not only has your back, but is a source of practical guidance for you. In my experience, nature spirits are wise and are delighted to co-create with us to serve the planet.


How My Healing Experience began with Nature?

An simple experience with the healing elements of the natural world occurred several years ago on a beach and changed me completely and looking back, from when I began the journey to when it ended, I was utterly transformed, and I became a new version of me.

Grief of losing a loved one, rejection, sorrow, heartbreak, they are all inevitable at some point in our lives this is the price we can pay for love and nature can be a best friend or our co creative partner towards our healing and nature offered me exactly what I needed to heal myself at the time.

Every night for 3 months I was guided to walk along the beach, for about an hour. In fact, I didn’t have a choice in the matter, the pull was so strong.

I was in the depths of a failed romance, and I was suffering deeply from a broken heart.

I thought I would break, but we are not that fragile, the heartbreak was brutal, it was only a very brief affair, but he woke something up in me, something I had long forgotten and that was myself.

The beginning of this journey I considered myself at romantic tragedy but by the end with the help of the beach, I transformed into the romantic hero, the hero of my own story.

I realised that the love was found within me, it had always been within me, and I understood that I got to write my own story, we do create our reality though our consciousness.


How to Heal with Nature?

Sometimes on the beach at night I would close my eyes when I was walking and feel, make it a feeling experience, as long as I didn’t crash into anyone but there not many other people out there at night.

sometimes I would sing if no one could hear, I have a really really bad singing voice.

Sometimes I would talk to the stars or the moon, or chat with the ocean and sometimes I would write messages in the sand to the unknown energies that might see my words.

Sometimes I would cry

Sometimes I would laugh

Sometimes I would sit and put my head in my knees and sob

Sometimes and more often than not I would look up at the sky and be so utterly grateful and truly left in awe and wonder at the magnificence that surrounded me and so utterly grateful for where I was at that point in time.

But not once, was I ever sorry that I went for a walk on the beach, never.

Some days it was warm

Some days freezing cold

Some days the wind was so strong I thought it would take me away with it.


How I transformed with nature?

The beach every night became my sanctuary – my safety that welcomed me with open arms and it allowed me the opportunity to transform, slowly and gently guiding me in its loving embrace. It was always there waiting patiently to nurture me, heal me, clean my wounds and show me how to delight in its remarkable beauty.

The commonality of life is that it grows. Life evolves, we evolve and the main way we do this is by transforming, recycling experiences into an opportunity to be a newer, better version of ourselves.

The law of energy is that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.

At one point I surrendered to all my emotions and fears and sorrow and doubts, and unworthiness and rejection and I offered myself wholly and totally to nature, to the beach to life and I allowed it to guide me, I didn’t fight anymore, I didn’t struggle, I just let go.

Would I have recovered from my broken heart without the beach?


Would I be the person I am now, if had not spent those 3 months every night walking on the beach? I very much doubt it?

What I do know is that I chose to change, and I chose to change within the framework of the natural world and in some way it mended my heart and in its mending’s transformed me to a level far greater than I could have every achieved alone.

Nature is the best doctor for spiritual wellbeing. It can take a long time to get an appointment to see a medical specialist, nature doesn’t keep you waiting, you don’t even have to make an appointment – you just show up and it welcomes you with open arms.


Understanding myself though Nature

In those moment of being utterly present with nature, nature offers us this gift of presence, I realised that I wanted to rewrite my story and I wanted to be happy, and I didn’t want to be filled with sorrow and despair anymore. There is no time frame for our healing  but I made a choice, I chose love, I decided I would not make decisions from a place of fear anymore and I chose to love myself enough to change.

I am one of those people that love passionately – it doesn’t happen that often but when it does, I can’t help it, it just happens. Love sweeps you unawares, we can’t choose who we love.

Would I have rather loved and lost than never loved at all? Absolutely.

What is the point of half love and I don’t want to live a half lived life – I don’t want to do things in halves. on our death beds, we will not be regretting the things did, but the things we never did…..never risked never even tried…

When we realize that we are the ones that create the story and that fear and our internal conflicts are all experiences of the soul, that we can no longer hold this fear, we allow something else to take its place, joy, hope, even love.


My hope for you

My hope for you is that you always make decisions from a place of love, buy the plane ticket, quit the job, accept the date, start the company, write the book, sign up for the class, make the call, plan the trip, wander into the unknown of nature and open your heart to it.

There is no need to be scared of what will happen, it will only create a greater probability of the fear to occur as an event. Trust your intuition and let your heart and soul guide you on this journey of life, I promise you, you cannot mess anything up that is meant for you.

If you are experiencing loss or sorrow or sadness or heartbreak, I am so truly sorry

And it is ok to feel sorrow and its ok to cry and its ok to be vulnerable and its ok to break down and its ok to hurt and its ok to be afraid and its ok feel alone and its ok to hide and its ok to grieve but don’t get stuck there, don’t become numb and desensitised to life, don’t allow yourself to stop growing.

The commonality of life is that everything grows.

Don’t stop feeling, don’t stop praying, don’t stop hoping, don’t stop finding moments of joy, don’t stop experiencing nature and the absolute healing and comfort that it can offer you and from my experience be your absolute best friend, healer and life partner whenever you choose to immerse yourself in it.

It can be simple act of being present and connecting with a tree, a plant, a flower, looking up at the sky or even dancing in the rain.

While I would not wish sorrow or grief or heartbreak upon anyone particularly myself, we have this wonderful realm right outside our front door than is waiting to help us, and its name is nature.



The more you deepen your connection with nature, the more in tune you’ll feel with nature spirits.

Anything that requires a huge effort to learn takes us out of our hearts and into our heads. In my experience, connection with spirit happens organically when we stop taking ourselves seriously, lighten up and simply drop our awareness into our hearts. Laugh, play, enjoy yourself.

Nature is the home of nature spirits, listen to any guidance you receive, then do it and say hello. 

You might feel an inspiration to take a particular path through the park, or might be drawn to a particular shrub, or flower of tree because it has the energetic vibration you most need. Listen to your heart and intuitive guidance and trust it.

Remember The messages tend to be more subtle and quiet, but if the nature spirits really want you to notice something they’ll let you know. So be open to synchronises and signs.



  1. Spend time outdoors in nature
    2. Believe in the spirits of nature
  2. Be respectful
    4. Be playful and have fun.
    5. Listen to your heart.
    6. Release expectations



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Love the Natural World around us 

While some of what nature provides us is measurable, most of what nature gives us is simply beyond measure including the importance of nature to the human spirit: one only needs spend time alone in a shadowy forest dwarfed by the awesome power of nature, sit on a forgotten beach, or watch the moon fall upon mountains that have taken millions of years to form to be left in awe at the miracle of life.

Nature fills us with joy in a way the material world never can. When we connect with trees and plants, we become more of who we are.

Nature spirits are all around us even if we can’t see them, so meet them in the spirit of curiosity. Be open to the idea that there is a world beyond your everyday senses that you can tap into if you genuinely want to. Spend time outdoors during magical times of day, dawn and dusk.

Slow down to nature’s pace and be patient. It might take a while for nature spirits to appear to you but it’ll be worth it.

I hope that you take the time to rejuvenate yourself and hug a tree, share all of your worries and concerns, open your heart to it – this is one of the best healings you can do.

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in nature and perhaps one day to create one of those memorable moments that will last a lifetime, take a shower in the rain.

Thank you so much for watching.

Please leave a comment or a question below and I will answer it, give this episode a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please do subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

Much love to you, Bye for now. Luisa x




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