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Living a radiant life might seem like something reserved for perfect people on social media, but it’s actually within reach for every single one of us.

Now, more than ever, we need people who are bold enough to shine. We need all flavours of personality, quirks, lifestyles, because the more examples there are of people truly comfortable in their own skin, the more others will feel alright to relax into their true nature.

To play the game, there are some simple guidelines. But be warned, when we learn to align with these guidelines, something powerful takes over. We begin to live our lives beyond our self, we partner with an intelligence and forces that want us to succeed.

And that, my friend, makes us unstoppable.


Want to play?

Here’s the 5 guidelines:

# 1 Choose An Elevating Circle Of Friends

We were never meant to do life alone. You will find that the more you align with what’s good and healthy for you, the more the people around you will reflect your changes.

Holding onto outdated friendships can be painful and a drag if you’re committed to your evolution and being your best self. In order to shine your brightest, those around you will either organically come along and shine bright with you or you will find yourself having to make choices about who you’re spending time with.

Like attracts like, so if you’re committed to bringing out the best in yourself, choose to spend time with others who are doing the same. You will shine brighter together.

# 2 Align Your Thoughts, Words & Actions

When we think something, then say something, then follow up with actions that match, we are in integrity. It’s a very simple process but can be tricky to master.

The beauty of this method is that life becomes much simpler and people will trust you more. You will also find that there is a flow to life, and whenever the flow is interrupted, it’s easier to clear the way and get back on track with wherever you were at.

There are few people today who truly follow through on their thoughts and words. When you do, you shine. People will notice.

# 3 Pursue That Thing That Makes You Come Alive

 We all have that thing. Something we love, something we could do all day, something that makes us feel peaceful or joyful. If you’ve lost touch with what makes you come alive, revisit when you were a kid and those activities you loved doing and were good at.

Those things that make us come alive are hints of our deeper soul calling. They are expressions of life itself making itself known through us. The more we lean in to the activities that make us come alive, the more we will naturally radiate satisfaction.

In a nutshell, do what you love and happiness will follow. It’s a deep kind of happy that needs no explanation to anyone. This is a dialogue between you and something far greater.

# 4 Clean Up Your Life

Just like we clean our environment and the objects in it if we want our home to shine, the same goes for our lives. The less cluttered our inner and outer worlds, the more free life-force energy is to move around.

So take an inventory of what no longer serves and can be cleared out. It may be belongings, relationships, thought-patterns, rituals, habits, all of the above! Thank them for the role they have served and lovingly do what you must to release them. You’ll be glad you did.

# 5 Commit To Shining Unapologetically Bright

Your dimming your light serves no-one. Life, my friend, is fleetingly brief. The time we are each given on planet earth, in a human body, is a privilege. Use it wisely.

In case you need a reminder, there has never been another form quite like you. You are a unique configuration of millions of years of stardust all wrapped together with a phenomenally brilliant mind and heart.

The choices you make matter. The quality of your thoughts matter. The way you show up in every, single interaction matters. Make those moments bright ones. You’re the only one who can.


Want to join a community of people committed to living ridiculously radiant and purpose-driven lives? Here’s your tribe, the Agents of Awesome.

Guest Author. Dr. Nicole Gruel

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