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He channels profound insights from the Guides.

Paul Selig is one of the foremost spiritual channels working today.

His latest book from the Guides is, THE BOOK OF INNOCENCE, a channelled text, Book Two of the Manifestation Trilogy.

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Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. Author and medium Paul has recorded an extraordinary program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature.

Paul was born in New York City and received his master’s degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. As a way to gain a context for what he was beginning to experience he studied a form of energy healing and began to “hear” for his clients. Described as “a medium for the living,” Paul has the unique ability to step-into and “become” the people his clients ask about, often taking on their personalities and physical characteristics as he “hears” them telepathically.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Paul Selig

00:00:48 Luisa
Paul Selig. I’m so honoured and excited to have you on the show today. Welcome. A big congratulations on your latest book, the Book of Innocence.
It’s fantastic for those of the audience that have it, don’t know anything about you who are the guides that you channel and write these incredible texts.

00:01:00 Paul Selig
Oh, I mean, they’re they’re teachers, you know, they’ve they’ve called themselves the true self. The name they generally come through with his milk. He’s a deck. And I’ve heard that for a very long time. They’re only called the guides because my ex years ago, when he found out that I could do this, he used to say, ask the guides, this ask the.
Gods, God, and that’s how they.
They got the name, which I don’t think that they mine, but in the books they’ve said if you wish to call us something, you may call us smoky as a deck and.
And and that’s the name I I I support.
When people ask that.
In the in.

00:01:45 Luisa
In your book state, well, we’ll call them the guides they speak about the Kingdom. What is the Kingdom?

00:01:52 Paul Selig
Is it that the Kingdom is the awareness of the inherent divine in all things? So it’s a level of realisation where.
Are the divine within you and an activated or realised state is experiencing the inherent divine that’s in all else, they say really nothing can be outside of the divine except that which we put there, and even then that’s only our perception, their fundamental level, the divinity, is inherent.
You know manifestation because everything is an expression of one source.

00:02:27 Luisa
Life can be incredibly challenging at times, and I know the guides offer well in the in the concept. They but incredible insights for humanity.
What are some of the insights that they share?
I mean there are.

00:02:44 Paul Selig
A few things that they speak too often that I do my best to live by. They say that the action of fear is to claim more fear, and that every choice one makes in fear gets us more of the same. So they say don’t take actions based in fear.
Who? You damn or what you damn dams you back, which is really a teaching of Co residence, not a teaching of approval or sanctioning. Poor behaviour, but it’s a realisation that.
Who you put in darkness, they say calls you to that darkness. There can be no other way. And so the light, you know.
You know the the light doesn’t discriminate on who or what it shines upon. What’s not the action of source is.
Not to be.
A hypocrite. So there are some things, but there’s a lot of information. There is now book of Innocence is the 11th book that they’ve dictated through me. They’ve since finished another, which is the last book in this.
Large series of 12 books. We’ll see what’s next, I hear there’s.
More to come, but I don’t know what it is.
So it depends on I guess the context of the question. You know, when I work as a psychic, I’m tuning into people and hearing often from them what they require and what’s really going on. The guides I think are less interested in.
Our our our attachment to outcome and how we think things should be and who we think we’re supposed to be, I think they’re trying to teach us something beyond that. So much of what they teach is actually, I think in support of a of aligning to a higher awareness beyond the personality. So for example.
They say you know self, the self righteousness is or self righteous anger. Self righteousness is always the the small self or the personality structure seeking to enforce itself. So when I keep some of these things in mind, I.
Have an easier time.

00:04:45 Luisa
And I guess it also relates to fear. I mean, if we life is based in in two columns, really fear or love.
How do we? What’s their advice on how to move through fear, whatever the circumstance or situation may be?

00:05:02 Paul Selig
Yeah, I mean I, I mean, I would have to go to them for this, I think and I don’t know that.
I can channel this early in the morning for me, but.
How do you get through fear? I mean I.
Understand at a certain level that my attachment to outcome is born in a legacy of history or what I think should be based on prior constructs. One should be frightened of this and one should be terrified of that. And as we adhere to those things, we end up claiming those experiences.
I do think not enacting fear is something that helps enormously. You know, for example, they say there’s never been a lie told that wasn’t told in fear, which is a really simple instruction in telling the truth, which is basically a requirement for for, I think, anybody who’s on on a path.
See seeker. Let me just see what they say about how to, you know, get through fear. When I channel, I whisper and repeat. We’ll see if I can get anything. Would like, say, one thing we would like to say one thing it is. It is your attachment to outcome. I shouldn’t be what I see. It shouldn’t be what I see when you exactly. And you accept it is what you see before you can move through it.
You can move through without the attachment.
And without the attachment to outcome, when you understand the choice you make, when you understand that the choices you make are actually bound by logic, are actually bound by logic, and much of what you choose from, and much of what you choose from all the Lego.
They appear holds a legacy of fear. You will see the majority front of it. You will see that much of what you were frightened of has no real bearing, has no real bearing. The emotional self, the emotional self. It is often in reaction that is often in reaction is actually bound, is actually bound by ideas of which should be by ideas of what should be or what could be, or what could be, or the all that might happen.
Or the horrible thing that might happen always comes back. You are always getting what you expect in one way or another, in one way or another. You are critical level. You are Co creators at that level to realise that you see to realise that what you see holds an idea holds an idea of what it is, of what it is born in past.
Except for an in past precept past understanding past understanding will show you that we stand. We’ll show you that where you stand in the present moment in the present moment need not invoke the old need, not invoke the old. You step into a new world. But you may step into a new world with a new awareness.
Within new awareness.
Of the source of all things at the source of all things must even be present.
Must even be present when expense, where and what you experience is fear.
That’s them.

00:07:33 Luisa
Well, thank you to them or to the guides or whatever you would like to call them. Thank you. Thank you very much. Talking about suffering and fear and suffering. We suffer so much in our humanity. What did the guide say about suffering?

00:07:48 Paul Selig
I don’t know.
I mean, again, you have to ask them, you know, I retain maybe 1/3 of what’s in a book because I’m when I’m channelling, I’m just taking dictation, like, whatever they just said a moment ago. I might remember 1/3 of it, and I probably wouldn’t unless you reminded me. It’s like I’m the officer with the radio where the broadcast goes forward.
I think.
What do I think they say about suffering much of?
It’s our own attachment to what we think should be. You know, when I.
They often say around relationships and people are having a hard time in their relationships. They’ll often say you have to forgive the other person for not being who you want.
Them to be.
Who wanted them to be? So the philandering partner is being who the philandering partner is. You don’t have to agree with that choice, but you can forgive him or her for not being the person who’s going to remain thankful. And then you can make another choice if you wish.
But I think a lot of what we’re doing according to them.
Is operating off of a menu of what we believe is supposed to be depend upon. You know, where we were born and the circumstances and how we were parented and where we went to school. And all of these things create expectations that we seek to.
support, you know, we seek to reclaim again and again and again. They say that the personality self only knows itself through historical data, whereas the divine self or the monad, or the God within knows itself and the ever present. Now, so much of what they’re doing with us. Really, I don’t think falls under the heading of self help. How do I feel better?
In this situation, which is self-help, and there are ways that we can self soothe, I’ve done everything one can do to probably self soothe and found out that most of it doesn’t work entirely very well and doesn’t really get to the get to the real issue behind the suffering or the pain.
But the part of us that does not operate in fear and is not in pain and doesn’t believe itself or think of itself as damaged, or, you know, not good enough or all of those things, all of those are structures of personality. And they say that the God within, or the monad, which is the divine expressing.
As and through seeks to reclaim us at a level of comprehension and comprehension generally means Co resonance, where our alignment is with a higher level of reality. We’re not where we’re not, reinforcing the old ideas.
So you know, it’s not that there isn’t pain and as part of life, I think the idea that there’s not supposed to.
Be or that we’re not supposed to have difficult times and go through them is part of the problem, you know, and and. And one of the app criticisms of of new age spirituality. It’s supposed to feel good all the time. Don’t look at the news.
Don’t feel bad. Don’t do this and we can do that. But the guys say, well, if you don’t, if you don’t pay attention, we’re do you know how to.
Send the light. You know if you’re going to ignore the person on the street with their.
Hands out you.
Know or not being fed? How are you truly in service to the world? You know, this idea that it’s all supposed to be comfortable all the time, I think is a is a misnomer. You know, I went through puberty, it stank. It stinks for us. Most of us, they sing. It. Stinks is a horrible, awful time.
Your body is changing. Your voice is changing your you know your your identity of who you’re supposed to be is changing, and it’s it’s really uncomfortable. And I think when one comes into one’s awareness, one is aware that these things.
That are painful. The end of a marriage, the death of a friend or a parent or a child. You know, these things are heartbreaking at times, but they’re also opportunities for our learning and our growth. And I think if everything can be reframed that way, we can have a different experience going through them.

00:11:47 Luisa
That was just a perfect way of explaining that perfect. I mean, in our humanists, we’re all going to experience conflict and contrast and sorrow and death and great, there’s no doubt and we’re not happy all the time.
Yeah. Well, I guess that’s what we’re looking for, but many of us look externally to find happiness.
Yeah, you know.
And that’s hard.

00:12:13 Paul Selig
I’ve well, but that’s some of it’s hard, but it goes back to this idea of expectation.
And who?
We think we’re supposed to be, you know, the divine self or the God within you isn’t comparing yourself to anybody else.
Why would it? It knows who it is, and it also knows who everybody else is at that same level of of vibration or realisation. You know the gods have often said, you know, God sees God in all of its creations. And as you align to that.
Part of you.
That knows who she is and knows means realise, as you begin to realise who others.
Are as well beyond the prescription for what should be and as to what should be. I think that gets in the way. When I was a young man.
Then I had a list of things that I thought I needed to achieve, and the world would make me OK at 25 was very fancy list and I got the whole list. I really did and my life was not OK and that’s when I began to change and God knows that was awful to begin to change.
You know, I didn’t want it to come the way that it did. My my growth was anything but elegant and polite. It was hard, and I think that’s true for some people. I don’t think it has to be hard, but it was. But, you know, I learned that I had to let go of some of that stuff because it was going to.
Kill me if I didn’t so.

00:13:39 Luisa
And and what’s your advice or the guides?
Advice for one to connect.
More with the divine self or.

00:13:45 Paul Selig
Ask, ask, ask, and I really do feel that we have free will.
You know I am. I’m not living in a state of constant union and awareness. I would love to be, you know, I’m fallible I.
You get cranky. I, you know, wish for things that don’t happen. I’m terribly human and my my experience here, but I’m not suffering as I used to. And I will say that. And I’m not attached to that anymore.
As a way of.
Having to mandate all my learning through through difficulty. Well, I hear that we chose.
I don’t know if we intended it, but I hear we chose to learn through separation and now we’re having to return to a level of of realisation that that’s not the highest way we can go and some of that, as they’ve explained it if.
I can remember it correctly. Is this idea in lack and that the source of all things?
Which you can call God or whatever is.
Not going to support.
Us so we have to, you know, wall off our garden so that the neighbours don’t come and steal the lettuce, you know, and if they’re going to start doing that, we have to build a bigger wall and then we have to arm the wall, you know, and, you know, shoot people when they try to climb over it.
And that’s all.
Based on the belief that we’re separate from source and then consequently separate from one another.
And they say, well, we’re not, but we’ve been very much indoctrinated into a belief that we are and we have ample evidence.
To prove why there can be nothing like sorts, or why we’re separate and why we should fight for what we have and not let anybody into the garden. You know we can do that all we want to and it seems that we are doing that. But that finally, you know.
Everything can be learned through, including.
This, you know, the idea that we have pretty well you said, how do people open up? That was the question I forgot or ask ask, ask ask for me I I was raised pretty much an atheist.

00:15:43 Luisa
Connect with to connect with source.

00:15:49 Paul Selig
And it wasn’t until I got to a place in my life where.
There was nothing to do but pray that I began to pray and when I did, I actually got an answer, which was.Changed everything for me, you know, and continues to and not that I do any of it perfectly, but I do think that.
The universe requires our permission in some ways, and I by that I mean like you know, when people say you know.
My guides tell me that I have to move to Minnesota. I go well, that’s great, but I don’t. My guides don’t tell me that I have to do anything. They do counsel me, but they do wait to be asked. And if I say is this a good time to say this or do this? I may well hear. Not wise. And I’ve learned to take that counsel not wise means yeah, I can do it if I want to. I have free.
No, but I may regret it.
Later, you know, and I can learn through that action. God knows I have many times, but it hasn’t been what I wanted to hear. But the invitation, I think, is is is all that’s really required. I’m willing to know source or I’m willing to be known. My God, say people are so.
Desirous of knowing God or whatever God is that they forget that they already are.
And so they they go on a path of seeking something outside themselves. And one of the claims or attunements that they offer is I am known. I am known, I am known. And they say that that’s invoked by the aspect of self. That is the divine self that already knows this is true, not the personality self who’s struggling and confused.
And often with good reason.

00:17:34 Luisa
Thanks, Paul. Why? I mean, you’ve talked about this before. What what are the guides here about what or from your information, why are we, why are we experiencing this human incarnation? What is the purpose?

00:17:46 Paul Selig
I think it’s.
An opportunity to learn, I think. And I think that we can choose in many ways how we learn. I think we have some say in that and I mean that individually and collectively.
But I do I I’m.
Of the belief that this is school.
And that the souls evolution is part of what we’re here in an incarnation for. But the guides are teaching.
Doesn’t always feel like it’s about. OK, well, I’m going to learn through this in this time, and I’ll learn through.
That next month and.
They’re they’re speaking about a level of realisation where the God within begins to.
Into a process of reclamation with the aspects of us that are held in shadow or deny the.
Which is an uncomfortable process. But you know, that’s people like to bandy around the word ascension, which the guides don’t use often, because I think partially because it’s become loaded with sort of, you know, pop culture, meaning it means different things. What the guides say Ascension is, is really aligning to that.
Aspect of us.
That is the God within and allowing that aspect of us to be expressed as who we are, inclusive of form and inclusive of our awareness of reality. It’s not about wearing a crystal and you know, saying Nah, let’s say it’s about knowing the divine and what you experience, and that’s who we really are. So they’re teaching.
About what we’re here for.
Finally, is to reclaim ourselves or be reclaimed at that level of essence.
And everything else is part of how we’ve come to learn, and even that, I suppose, is how we’ve become part of how we’ve come to learn or what we’re what we’re choosing to go through the guides do say that humanity is undergoing this at a much larger level right now, that the species itself is aligning to a higher potential. And so part of the the.
Chaos that we seem to see and found us now is part of that process.
What’s been swept under the rug being revealed and nobody wants to look at it. We put it under the rug for a reason, you know, but you can’t heal anything until.
It’s seen you can’t bring the light to anything that you’re you’re hiding in the cell.

00:20:03 Luisa
I know the guides.
Speak about the future of humanity. What, what? What do they say about humanity’s future?

00:20:11 Paul Selig
Well, that we’re going to.
Make it.
They say that we’re going to make it. I mean, they do say we can choose to continue to learn through war until there’s nobody left to fight. If we want to, but we don’t have to. And they say they don’t believe it comes to that. They don’t see us going down that route because we’re becoming too aware of.
The folly and the horror that is war. You know that, they say there’s really been one war fought since we’ve been throwing rocks at each other when we were in the caves. You know, we there’s been one war. It just takes different forms under different names at different times. And it’s all all all in agreement to what they say.
Is our only real problem as.
A species which they.
Say is the denial of the inherent divine.

00:21:03 Luisa
The disconnection with self.
That’s the problem.

00:21:05 Paul Selig
Disconnection. Exactly which we do through the denial of it, which God can’t be here. God can’t be there. God can’t be in the situation. God can’t be in that horrible human being. And those horrible human beings.
These people to.
Do those terrible things and we have schism, schism, schism, schism. And we continue on that route, and then we can pat ourselves on the back for being so terrific in spite of those people.
And that doesn’t get as much of anywhere either. So when the guides teach.
They talk about the divine self or the God within reclaiming what it encounters in a higher level of alignment or vibrational accord, and that includes the things we would like to see swept back under the rug. But they said in the very first book, which was dictated through me in 2009 now.
They said humanity is at a time of reckoning, and a reckoning is a facing of oneself and all of one’s creations and everything that’s been created in fear is going to need to be reclaimed or reseen in a higher way.
And that seems to be what we’re going through now and some of it’s the the hard part about looking at how we are participatory, the very things we say.
We don’t want to see, you know, the gods say, you know, we tend to think of manifestation as what we get. I manifest to this great apartment, this great relationship manifest you.
Know as if.
It’s a thing that we get and what they say we’re missing is that everything you see.
High, low and in.
Between you or all of us are in vibrational accordance with.
You know, if I can see the war, my consciousness is aligning to it. How I’m reinforcing the thing that I see supports the matter or the expression of the thing. So the guides say, you know what you put in darkness calls your calls into the darkness. It’s really very, very simple. And they say what a blessing.
And as it’s not a platitude, a blessing is the realisation, which is the knowing of the inherent divine where it has been denied.
And that that’s what actually alters the structure. So we’re all party to this and that’s the good news is we’re all in it together and consequently we can.
We see or reclaim, or we decide about how we wish to attend to anything, including you know, ourselves and our neighbours and those people that we don’t want to have dinner.
With, you know.

00:23:30 Luisa
It’s and it.
And it’s almost like that conscious awareness that our consciousness creates our reality and and what we see around us.
Our experience is that, as you said, in vibrational accord.

00:23:42 Paul Selig
Yeah, but I think, you know people and and and I don’t know, this is my guides talk about collective agreements and you know, I don’t read other channels I’ve read. I think I read half of a Seth book when I was a graduate student.
Before I was in.
I’ve read Seth.
I thought it was remarkable, but I didn’t finish the book, but I think it had a big, big impact on me, but I really don’t watch or listen to other people and it’s not because.
I’m not interested. It’s mostly because I.
Just try to keep this clean or whatever is coming through and not informed by other stuff. People are getting different things, but my guys say it’s, you know, when they talked about collective agreement and manifestation I said. So are you saying that if there’s a book on a table in Paris I’m in vibrational accord with the book?
And they said yes, is the moment you know that there’s a book on a table in Paris, you are because you’re holding it in your consciousness and you’re informing.
And so we tend to think sometimes in the spiritual community that it’s all about us. And why did I create this? And why did I create this? And I say sometimes, well, if you’re living in a city or town where the the well water is polluted by a toxic dumping, did you create that? Well, you’re participatory.
To being in a war where such things are allowed.
At that level, it doesn’t mean that your five year old, who gets sick from drinking the water you know, did something to bring it about himself. You know, we have collective agreement and I do want to say collective.
Responsibility to others and the well being of others, whether or not we agree with.
Them or not?

00:25:22 Luisa
Yes, manifestation is such a a big topic nowadays. What did the guides say about manifestation about creating the life that we desire?

00:25:33 Paul Selig
Well, the first thing they.
Say is we’re always getting what?
We expect.
Like it or not?
You know what? Whatever your life is right now is what you’re.
In accord with.
So they don’t talk as much about getting stuff as others might.
They do talk about moving into a place of receptivity with an awareness that your real needs will be met, and that doesn’t mean that if you need fire, what you don’t might not have to go out and chop down a tree for the winter. I mean, we’re still responsible for what we have to do. It’s not like, well, God’s going to pay my rent. So I’m not going to get a job, you know.
People do go down those roads and learn some hard lessons that way.
But they say they lift, they lift their students or they have a teaching where they teach us to lift to what they call the upper room, which they say is the level of vibration that is above what they call the common field, which is the reality that we have been entrained in. And they say the upper room exists concurrently.
With the reality that we know, but it is not dense through fear. So the energy of fear does not express at that level of tone or consciousness. It can’t.
And they say when you go to that level, you begin to move into alignment or agreement to source or God as source, which is different. So they say it’s not about grabbing things or trying to rush to the front of the line to get there first because somebody else might get there. It’s about moving to a level of of awareness where you can become receptive to what?
Is your food or what your requirements are for being so? It’s got a little less to do with outlining and putting things up.
On the wall.
That you’re going to focus on and.
Say I’m going to get this next.
I mean, I suppose and and you know, I think that I’ve had a good experiences with that kind of thing and I.
Think those things?
Can work. The challenge with manifesting at that level for most of us.
Is that we?
Are mostly asking for what we think we’re supposed to have through an indoctrination. What one is supposed to want? I should be.
Great looking and have ABS and I should, you know, have a perfect partner. And I my kids should be doing great in school and go to the right school. After that I should should, should, should, should. Based on what I am in no way shape or form living the life that anybody expected me to lie.
And I will say I think it’s a whole lot better than the one I would have chosen for myself from that old list. But you know, it’s funny. I live in the jungle on Maui now, the beautiful place. And I remember 10 years ago, maybe 15 years ago, I used some. Somebody gave me this computer game where you got to, you know, have little avatars of yourself and build your little houses and put the avatars in.
I actually basically built the house that I’m living in now like 15 years ago on a computer screen. Yeah, that’s how did that happen? But you know what? It’s I loved it then.

00:28:30 Luisa
That’s amazing.

00:28:37 Paul Selig
And I guess it’s what I was brought to here. You know, it was. I’m not the first tenant. Somebody else built the place.
But it was where I.
Belonged. You know, I would have put myself someplace very different. You know, I don’t even drive. What the hell am I doing?
In the rainforest. But you know it’s worth.

00:28:53 Luisa
Well, your background looks beautiful with all the palm trees.

00:28:55 Paul Selig
Oh, it’s very pretty here it really.
Is very pretty. Thank you.

00:29:00 Luisa
It’s interesting when just just I’ll just touched on it briefly talking about manifestation, as you said, the upper room, it holds No Fear. Often we can desire to manifest for a place of of of fear based not a love based.

00:29:13 Paul Selig
Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I agree well.
The guys have said the personality self knows itself through history and so we’re basically taught to aspire to what we think we should have, and it’s part of the reason that people I think are busy trying to get stuff and they’re thinking of the universe as a catalogue.
That they get to order from.
And I think that that’s a stage of learning. I think that that can be useful to learn really. You know, I learned abundance when I was.
Next to homeless, really in my, you know, late 20s and it was a very, very, very hard time.
But I learned a.
Whole lot through it. And that wasn’t done through. I’m going to manifest this or that. It was done through.
Learning responsibility and showing up for the work that was before me and also trusting source, really, which is what I had to do. I had nothing else to trust him to support me in. Having worked with my head and food on.
The table and I really didn’t lack in those years. When I look back on how poor I was, I’m horrified.
You know, people don’t live like that. You don’t live with $0.45 to your name in New York.
City but there.
Were periods where I did, and I learned, you know, so.
I will always manifesting we all hold these little frames of this is who I am and this is my world and people are awful or people are wonderful or other the universe is on my side or nothing ever works out for me and we’re always filling that frame with what we expect to be there. So I suspect if we stop looking at this stuff.
To solve our problems and we start looking at the part of us that’s wanting our needs met in very specific ways to reinforce a paradigm of I’m only as good as.
The House I live in, the job I have, the school I went to, you know, and I’ve done all those things, really. I, you know, I had a masters for me when I was nearly, you know, unable to do anything for myself, you know, at a certain time in my life.
So I don’t know if I’m answering anything, but we’re always manifesting because we’re always in.
Vibrational resonance in that that resonance is in accord and they say AC or D or a CHORD is on a piano with what we experience and we do this individually and collectively. For example, the guides have said we have been.
At war for.
So very, very long, we expect war as long as we’re expecting more, we’re going to.
Keep having them.
That’s it. You know, we have to move to a level of vibration or consciousness where that’s no longer a possibility.
And we don’t have it anymore.

00:31:57 Luisa
And just talking about the guides and and and source.
Many people feel alone or isolated, but really what you’re talking about is there is always the non physical beings around us. We are really never alone.

00:32:14 Paul Selig
I believe that I really do believe that I’ve been given a fair amount of evidence. You know, the guides are always there. Are they solving all my problems? No.
No. Do they care if I ever get a life partner? I don’t know. I haven’t seen the evidence yet. Maybe they do. But maybe my aunt on the other side, you know, or my mother. Who’s there now? Maybe they have some some help, but I really when I look back at my life, I’ve been thinking about this recently.
You know Grace has.
Really been present even at the times when I thought it could never have been. I look back and I go wow. Boy, were you protected or boy were you shielded or boy, that could have been so much worse than it was.
And I learned through all those things and they gave me, I think, with nothing else, a depth of compassion for others who might be going through their own pain.
And it also offered me enough.
That, you know, I don’t think I’m going to get knocked over by a slight wind anymore. More it could happen. I still get worried, but I’m no longer as as terrified as I once was.

00:33:35 Luisa
Gosh, I can hear those beautiful birds in your jungle behind.

00:33:39 Paul Selig
There’s actually a big rainbow out the other side of the window. I wish I’d have to turn the computer around for you to see it where it’s quite astonishing. It’s huge. Huge, huge, huge, huge window. Let me see if I can do this. If I just connect with me, but I don’t know if you’ll see it. It’s quite the the pretty view.

00:33:44 Luisa
That’s beautiful.

00:33:55 Paul Selig
Out there. But can you see the rainbow?

00:33:57 Luisa
Oh yes, it’s magical.

00:33:58 Paul Selig
Not nice.
It is magical. It’s for our interview. There you go.

00:34:02 Luisa
Ah, that’s magical.

00:34:04 Paul Selig
Yeah, yes, so special.

00:34:05 Luisa
That was beautiful. Thank you for that.
I’ll just. I’ve just got a few more questions. I won’t keep you for too much longer. I know you’ve got up early for me.
Many people are afraid of death. What did the guides say about?
When we transition from our physical body, what happens?

00:34:23 Paul Selig
Well, I think we go to another level of of vibration. That’s all I think it’s. I think the piece of paper that’s been in one envelope is released from that envelope and has another experience. You know my mother.
Died couple of months ago and I have a lot of friends who are are good meetings so I’ve been getting the updates on her from everybody. Ohh, your mom’s really having a great day today, you.
Know it’s like.
And I actually trust it. I do. And so I don’t think that this is the end. I think it’s.
I think this life is a is a chapter in a much, much larger book, you know and all these chapters maybe.
Being written and experienced in simultaneity for all I know, I don’t know how much linearity there necessarily really is here, but I just think we go to another level of vibration, that’s all.
That’s it. Still learning, still our still ourselves in a way, but possibly without the attachment to the personality level that.
We’ve we’ve been.
Been trained in.

00:35:28 Luisa
Thank you. Two more questions. The Book of Innocence for those that haven’t read it, I encourage you to get it. It’s fantastic. Do you mind just sharing pieces if few pieces of about about it for the audience?

00:35:41 Paul Selig
The Book of Innocence Speaks to the aspect of ourselves that they say is seeking to reclaim us. That is, in the eternal Now operating in the present moment and is not tainted. And I think that’s an interesting word corrupted by.
A kind of equivalency or agreement that is born through our rough experiences on this plane, in other words.
The part of us that is and the guides talk about the idea of sin in this book, which really surprised me because I don’t talk much about it, but sin basically being the denial of the divine nothing, not a terrible thing that you do, you know. But those ideas are basically expressions of where we say, well, there’s not enough. I’m going to have to steal it, you know where.
You know, whatever. I’m going to have to, you know, fight.
To get my way.
So this part of us is seeking realisation through US and they actually talk in this book a lot about how memory all of our memories are informed by the false belief that we’re separate from source. Every memory we have individually and for the most part, the collective mind as well is informed by that.
So basically everything that we’re seeing is gonna battle ends in the glasses and the spectacles, and they’re actually restoring us beyond.
That distortion. So it’s a reclamation of memory, or the idea that God could not be through our past experience sharing individually. And that’s quite something. But it’s a, you know, they’re, they’re they’re all of the books are about reclaiming who you truly are in this stage as of that.
And they’re really beginning to talk a lot now about how this work impacts the structures of reality that are shared, how consciousness informs the manifest world, and how that can be altered through the aspect of us that is in innocence and is not holding the bias of what things are supposed to be through old.

00:37:47 Luisa
Just what we’ve talked about, absolutely fascinating. Gosh, Paul, thank you so much for being on passion Harvester. The guides. Maybe it’s too early to the guides have any messages for the passion harvest audience. On a final note.

00:38:01 Paul Selig
We would like to say two things, decide that you’re worth it, but you decide that you are worthy of what you receive. You’re always worthy of it. You’re always worthy of it. We have because it’s what you have when you and what you are in a core. We’re gonna require more. And if you require more difference or in different experience, please invite it. Please invite it. I’m allowed to know myself the way I am allowed to know myself in a different.
Way I’m allowed to choose differently and expect the best and expect the best I’m allowed to do this. I am allowed to do this because why would not? I mean because why would not I be period?
That one or two. So that was 2, OK.

00:38:37 Luisa
Perfect. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest, Paul.


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