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Re-Discover You, Certainty, Empowerment & Love

Have you ever thought… what it would feel like to be complete?

Well, I did…  here is what happened to me this week when I embraced all of me.

Watch the video here

I threw caution to the wind, I always seem to embarrass myself – but I always, always choose love over fear, so I took a breath and spoke.

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Why do we disconnect from ourselves?

It is part of our survival mechanism Not following our heart is how we separate from ourselves as a means of protection.

So often we turn away, disconnect in order to protect our heart, to cope with an un cop-able situation, a career, a marriage, a trauma – that requires a deep analysis and which at this time, is perhaps too much for us to bare, so we separate and we continue, we become mechanical and loose ourselves only to find one day when we look back, how we managed to slip away, almost disappear and then we desperately try to find those pieces of us, of our heart, our truth that have been so long buried. We get lost in our external world – work, relationships, tasks and we tend to focus on anything but our selves.

We focus on others to receive appreciation, value, self-worth and try so hard to please them in an attempt to be loved.

But this will never make us happy – how we live and who we are as a person and loving ourselves is what its about.

People can take away all of the “things,” but who you are, no one can take that from you. When you do reconnect with you – you are able to show up for others more and add to the world around you.


What am I separated from?

Separation from God, Source, the Creator, as we are the Creation, form our values, our essence, our soul.


What happens when we forget our essence?

We are unable to access our true feelings, you may function, but not living and dissociation becomes a way of life.

Many people live their lives in a numb state, stay in the same situations for decades, and then wake up later in life. They feel disillusioned, lost, but worst of all, they feel as though they’ve wasted precious time that they can never recover.


How can I be free?

Everything can be taken away from you, everything except your Freedom to choose.

Your freedom to choose how you will respond.

You cannot always control what happens in your life, but you can always control how your feel.

There are always choices to make, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. In all these moments you are offered the opportunity to make a decision to determine whether, you will be apart from you. I trust that your decisions will reflect your hopes not your fears.


When you choose to love yourself, it is only then can we being to feel again.

How do you learn to love yourself?

You start speaking and acting based on what you truly feel in every situation, with kindness, mindfulness and mutual respect.


From this basic guiding principle, three powerful tools emerge that have supported me on the path from separation to re – connection.

  1. LOVE

Speaking and acting based on what you truly feel in every situation, with kindness, mindfulness and mutual respect.


Am I happy?

Am I fulfilled?

What am I passionate about and when was the last time I did something I was passionate about?

How do I remove my fear?

Why do I feel guilty when I said no?

Why am I here?

How can I live my best life?

When was the last time I was 100% certain about something?


Spend some time with you.

Put down your phone, turn off the computer and connect with everything that lights you soul on fire.


Perhaps the simplest things are often the hardest, but the road to wholeness will always lead you home.

Stand in the arms of your own love. Forgive yourself for separating from you in the past and know that you were born to be complete and there is a reason you are listening to this message right now – this is my gift to you.

Welcome home and embrace those powerful words;


Watch the video below.

Much Love

Luisa x


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