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If you could make a wish for your Life’s Purpose, what would it be?

Do you have to choose only one purpose?

Absolutely Not! So perhaps it’s time to Jump?

If you’ve found yourself ever doubting your purpose, just know, it’s natural.  It’s even natural to be purposeless for a while, so long as you never cease to be curious.

Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your Path, Passion and Purpose in life.
Have the courage to follow them.

Well, I did…  here. is what happened to me this week on my lifelong search for my Purpose.

Welcome to Luisa TV. Each week I will be sharing some Inspiration, Passion, Tools, Tips and Experiences from my week to share with you.

The theme for this week is, Finding your Life Purpose, Discovering Passion, Embracing Change & Commitment to Happiness.

Find out more in the video.

How do I find my Purpose?

It’s a lifetime project for most and an ever evolving journey of exploration into rediscovering who you are.

Most people that want more for their lives, people who are curious wanting to embrace more happiness, joy, fun, peace and love make this a quest however big or small. This is trial and error process that can bring great joy and desperate sorrows, highs and lows and ebbs and flows, much like the rest of your life.

What is my Life Purpose?

We generally start off assuming our life purpose is external, more often than not a career and while it can very well lead to this, it’s not generally how it starts.

From what I have found in my own life and using Passion Harvest as an example, it began as a dream, an inspiration, something that set my soul on fire, the gentle whispers that I listened to, something that made and still makes me feel good and of course for the most part it is a lot of fun.

In this episode I explain the layers and career paths I went though, outgrew until I reached one of many of my life’s purposes, Passion Harvest and it’s not the end. I have no doubt that I will have more ‘Purposes’ and Passions to come.

Here is the exciting part ….. With every outgrowth of your old purpose and the discovery of your new one, you’ll become more and more aligned with your true Life’s Purpose.

Discovering your purpose is not about some great achievement – it’s a way to spend you moments well.

It’s all connected, your destiny, your journey, your gifts. your circumstances, your Purpose. 

You don’t need to know how it will enfold, just take the first steps with Passion and Inspiration and trust where it leads.

With Much Love
Luisa x

Finding Purpose, Discovering Passion, Embracing Change & Commitment to Happiness with Luisa TV.

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