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Shine Your Light, Embrace Your Uniqueness, Speak Your Truth, Live Your Freedom & Overcome Weird-ness

Hello and welcome to Luisa TV. Each week I will be sharing some inspiration, passion, tools, tips and experiences from my week to share with you.
The theme for this week is, Embracing You and How to Overcome Weird-ness.

OK so what I am in a constant process of learning is loving and accepting all of me and that includes all my differences, uniqueness that makes up me. When we being to shine, it is thought the process of allowing us – our uniqueness to be explored and embraced, we allow our special gifts to blossom.
We stop suffering when we surrender and allow the fullness of us to be expressed.

No one could have said it better than Dr, Seuss, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is your than you.”

This week I received messages from a grandmother in the afterlife for her granddaughter, during a yoga class. I discuss how I overcome my fear of weird-ness.
Living a life with passion, living a happy life, despite the suffering can often be challenging but I can tell you from my own personal experience, is that when you focus on emotions that feel good, despite the turmoil that may be around you, life will improve, there is no other way.

Our thoughts attract things, and our emotions are the magnet, this is key to manifestation, this is key to a full-lived life.

In each moment you choose your joy and you choose your sorrow and you, only you have the power right now to embrace your youness, your truth and when you trust this, this enables your ultimate freedom and it is so liberating, speaking your truth. Try it!

The more you choose again, the more you choose to feel good, the more you speak your truth, the more empowered, passionate, free and joyful you will be able to embrace your souls purpose, your true passions and accelerate your spiritual growth.

What can you do this week – just one thing that you are passionate about?

Leave a comment, ask a question.

With Much Love
Luisa x


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