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What if we could remember our other lives? Past Life Memories

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Why is it that when we meet someone, some people – we can have an instant rapport that would normally take a lifetime to build? We can visit a new place and it feels like we have been here before?

The emotional signature of these alternate lives is so real, and some have bled over into my life as Luisa both physically and with the people I have encountered in them. Time has somehow folded and I become two pieces in my awareness.

All these lives are happening now in a point in time and space. They lead to the growth and development of the soul, with interchanging circumstances.

The capability to experience other lives is open to everyone. Some of you may find it easier than others to experience. In this weeks episode of Luisa TV  I share my past life memory of Iksha and offer simple tips to encourage you to experience your own memories.

I am excited and ready to open up a new offering to you, Intuited Reading. Accessing portals where I receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.    

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This week is Part-3 of LuisaTV, Past Life Memories Series, I share my past life memory of a child during the Civil War in 1863.  

Our lives are eternal and all our many lives lead to the growth and development of the soul, with interchanging circumstances.

My wish for you is that when you look back on your life – you spoke your truth, you told that person that you love them, you took that trip, you left that job, you realised it doesn’t matter what other people think and you had allowed yourself to be free.

Each moment is a lesson to learn and grow.

Everything is going to be OK.

Love is what it is all about!

With Much Love
Luisa x


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