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NEVER Reincarnate Again! Last Incarnation on Earth. Rewire Your Subconscious Mind | RJ Spina

The Secret to Never Incarnate Again!

How to Change Your Life in 3 weeks.

RJ Spina is a metaphysical teacher and healer whose wisdom and guidance have forever transformed the lives of many across the world. He teaches self-healing, self-realization, meditation, manifestation, and self-mastery. These enlightened teachings are the same ones he used to verifiably overcome permanent chest-down paralysis and chronic disease in just 100 days as outlined in his best-selling first book Supercharged Self-Healing. RJ currently lives in Canandaigua NY with his partner Amara and Jack Russell/Chihuahua Sophia.

His latest book is called, Change Your Mind. RJ guides you every step of the way, providing meditations, mindfulness practices, and more. He demonstrates how to not only meet the real you, but also maintain and express it through numerous activities you can easily integrate into your daily life. With this book’s help, you’ll experience a greater sense of self, power, and freedom.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript RJ Spina Interview with Passion Harvest

RJ Spina, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:01:21 RJ Spina
Thank you for having me, Luisa, it’s My pleasure.

00:01:25 Luisa
Congratulations on your latest book. Change your mind.
I’ve read parts of it and I’m planning to read it all and and it’s kind of amazing. I’d love to dive into that first, I have to ask.
A question that no doubt you get asked all the time and the listeners are very interested.

How do we never reincarnate again?

00:01:48 RJ Spina
Yeah. OK. So.
There’s my my direct understanding this this really relates to to two things here, so excuse me.
The reason why we do get caught.
In the.
The repetition, almost endless repetition, sometimes 10s of thousands of incarnations is karma.
Now the Karma to me right is if you think of Spiderman shooting his spider web so the spider web, whatever Spiderman attaches himself to, he’s now stuck to that building a tree.
Our energy karma is the spider web. It is our addiction or attachment to anything here.
So that is what causes this sort of endless cycle, so it’s not enjoying ourself or enjoying our friends, our family.
It’s not that I’m talking about addiction or attachment. When your energy is actually stuck to it. So once your energy is stuck to something here where you’re going nowhere.
So you can only unstuck.
Yourself in the place that you got stuck. So hence you have to keep coming back here because part of your energy.
Is stuck to whatever it is you got addicted to or attached to, so we must release all identifications. So non identification is the key because that releases all energetic attachments and addictions.
To to to know the.
Health, through detachment by not identifying with anything anyone the body beliefs, circumstances, experiences, bodily sensations, knowledge, status, material wealth.
There’s a bunch right? So non identification with those things doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those things, because that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is the addiction or attachment.
So once we no longer identify with any of that, including this the suit.
There is no more karma now the other.
Part of this, though, which I don’t think is.
Generally talked about or not, probably not talked about it all and certainly not understood it has to do with the accrual and the deepening of sentience now sentience.
Is what we really are. We are an indirect fractal of God, a divine intelligence which is really our level or amount or weight of love and wisdom, who subsets our towns and abilities. That is given energy to create with.
OK, now part of.
Evolving the higher self evolving itself because we’re an aspect, A projection of the higher self part of the higher.
Self evolving itself so.
It can move up within the multiverse.
Because you move up the multiverse based upon your level of sentience.
So there’s a certain amount or weight or level of sentience that has to be accrued. It has to be sufficient in order to never have to come back here again. So it’s those two things. So it’s kind of like.
Let me let.
Me. Find a selling analogy. So to graduate college.
Right, we have.
To have a certain amount of credits.
Right. I believe I’m old. That’s how it.
Used to work.
So we have to have a certain amount of sentience.
To quote unquote, graduate past the need to ever have to Incarnate. So it’s those two things. It’s detachment. So there is no karma and it is the accrual or deepening of our love and wisdom.
And once we reach a certain level of our own sentience, there’s really nothing here that we would necessarily learn from that.
Is new any type of experience, whatever that might be within any timeline Incarnating with any different kind of form, et cetera, et cetera. So once those two things are mastered and taken care of there, there is no more need.
Need to evolve through incarnation? Then at that point.
You could choose to out of service.
And more evolved souls.
Often, even though they have no more karma and they they have graduated.
They choose to come here to help others, but at that point that there’s no need to. And that’s how you can remove yourself from the evolutionary cycle.
You’ve, I mean, I just love the way you explain things, but I’m just putting it in my simple terms.

00:06:02 Speaker 2 Luisa
From what I understand and it sounds easy, but it’s almost a detachment from anything, it doesn’t mean.
You don’t love people.
Or enjoy certain things, but you don’t need them to complete you to make you happy.

00:06:18 RJ Spina
Yeah, that that’s exactly.

00:06:18 Luisa
Would that be correct?

00:06:20 RJ Spina
You got it. So the.
The ego mind identity the MI.
When it thinks of detached.
OK, everything the ego mind does is is conceptual.
OK, so every everything is a thought, a belief and ideology, a concept or role, right? So there’s no tangibility in that.
OK, so when when we talk about detachment, the ego, Mind Identity associates that with not caring about anything, not being involved in anything, having no passion, having no love, no excitement, no have, I’m just so detached. I just sit in my room.
Don’t do anything. Meditate right. It’s the.
It’s the absolute opposite. When you’re detached, what you’re actually experiencing instead of having your energy stuck to this, that and her this belief, this circumstance, this bodily sensation, this experience.
When you’re detached, what you’re actually experiencing continually.
Is is the Majesty and the all of.
The I am.
Of the sentience, which is all your love, all your wisdom, all your power.
All your forgiveness.
All your courage, all your compassion. So it’s just the open.
Said of how the ego, mind identity, conceptualises, and therefore intellectualises what it can never actually tangibly have a felt sense, truth or understanding of so.
That allows you to experience the depth of yourself and the self contains everything, and so upon authentic detachment, you’re not emotionless or lifeless.
I mean, I mean, I’m sort of the opposite of that, right? So that’s what starts to happen. Everything that you really are all those innate qualities come online.
And and that’s really the key.

00:08:02 Luisa
Beautiful. Which kind of leads me to your new book? Change your mind?

Can we really change our life in three weeks?

00:08:12 RJ Spina
Yeah, absolutely. I’ve seen people do this over and over and over again. So the.
The key the real key.
For my direct experience with myself and with working with.
Thousands and thousands of people over the last time, I guess it’s more than seven years now.
We have to understand.
What is motivating and driving our actions and behaviours?
00:08:39 Speaker 1
Now, for most of us, or nearly all of us.
We are operating on Autopilot.
Right. The hamster wheel of life, right. We don’t even really know why we’re striving for certain things. It’s just because that’s what everyone does here.
Right. You fall into the conditioning and the brainwashing, the patterns of conscious ego of mind. You fall into it because it’s actually indented within your body of energy and it actually becomes imprinted within the layers of your of your subconscious mind, the body, the the layers of your subtle bodies of energy which we talked about in the book. So most of what we’re doing.
Has nothing.
To do.
With our true desire.
At all has nothing to do with it. We’re simply going along because we haven’t reclaimed our own sovereignty by examining what it is that’s truly motivating our behaviour. Now, once we understand.
What is truly motivating our behaviour and we see it, we bring the subconscious into the conscious mind. At that moment we can see it clearly.
Because 95% of reality creation is comes from a subconscious mind, which consciously we don’t have any access to it.
So by doing the exercises that the 14 day notebook exercise you actually uncover what is driving all of your behaviour and actions, and once you.
See that programme?
That you’re running consciously.
You can then delete it just like an unwanted programme off your computer and the moment that you do that, you’re regaining your own sovereignty and you’re reclaiming your own mind.
And that’s really the key to own your own mind. And the only way to do that is to deprogram the subconscious pattern of mind. And we can absolutely do this.
In two weeks I’ve seen people do it. You have to be diligent about it. You have to follow the instructions.
But once you do it, I’ve had people do.
This do this exercise.
And in about.
36 hours they contact me. They’re like I have never felt like this in my entire life.
I have never felt.
This light, this free, this is empowered, and I’ve only been doing it a.
Day and a.
Half so yeah. And and anybody can do.
It and then it only does take two.
And they I mean.

00:10:52 Luisa
We’re getting such habits. I’m just.
Going to give a very simple.
Example and I’m doing basically.
But I was inspired one day.
And I moved my whole kitchen around like the cupboards and where things go.
And I watched myself for maybe two weeks. I open a cupboard to go to put something away, but I’ve forgotten that it had.
Changed or I was in that habit. My body, my mind was in that habit.
Of that behaviour.

00:11:16 RJ Spina
Yeah, yeah.
Our whole life, Luisa is memorised.
And we and this is exactly what I’m talking about. We don’t realise this because we are really operating.
On autopilot, the rational thinking mine has only about a 5% sway in terms of the life that you create.
So your thoughts and emotions literally have very little effect on your reality. It is 95% subconscious mind. Now if we looked at what you just said.
And if we could see this with the higher mind, which is possible we.
Would actually see all these indentations.
So the subconscious mind is think of.
It like a tape recorder.
Every single moment, every single experience of every life you’ve ever had, you’re having now all the parallel conditions, all the lives that you’re going to have are actually embedded within the subconscious mind, their memories.
It’s the greatest storage device greatest recording device ever that’s ever been created, and it goes beyond just what we pick up with our five physical senses or more subtle bodies of energy.
Are picking up information and these these informations.
As I talked about.
The book they’re like little marbles on the bedspread.
Every single moment is leaving an indentation within your within your body of energy.
Now that is.
Stored in the subconscious and this is.
What we call memory.
So our entire life.
Is memorised if you look if you.
Look at everything. You don’t have to.
You don’t have to think to understand any word.
That I’m saying.
Well, feed yourself, clothe yourself. You know where everything is in your house. You know when you get in your car, you know how to drive.
When you see a couch, you know how to sit. When you see a cup, you know how to drink from it. When you see a pencil, you know how to use it.
Just really sit with this for a second because the entire life is memorised.
We’re not supposed to use our rational thinking mind to think about everything, because the subconscious mind already takes care of.
You don’t have to do any of that. It’s done.
So really what the the idea is to reclaim your own mind by being connected to your higher mind and being inspired to create the life that you want because the memorization of everything is already taken care of, so it doesn’t require any conscious thought or effort in terms of how to actually lead your life.
Because it’s done what we’re meant to do is to create a life through divine inspiration and let the subconscious mind take care of the memorization which it does automatically.

00:13:27 Luisa
I love it. It’s almost like rebooting or rewiring the system. What’s the difference between?
You talk about the.
The higher mind and the subconscious mind and the ego.
What are the differences for the audience?
And for me?

00:13:40 RJ Spina
Sure. Yeah. OK.
So the the higher mind all of these things are projections of the higher mind or?
The higher self.
OK, there are there are aspects of that. So we’ll let let’s work backwards. So the ego mind.
Right. Is is really our what I call our ego mind identity that that is the rational finite thinking mind the ego, mind identity identification and the foundation of the identification is identification with your form.
The suit, which then reduces you to body consciousness, what I call body consciousness, which is then just five senses and the intellect.
So now we’re this immortal unlimited.
Divine Immortal creator being that is literally reduced itself to the identification.
With a suit.
That has very limited mobility functionality and only has five physical senses that pick up on a very narrow bandwidth, and then that’s the data stream that comes in that forms the intellect.
Now your identification, ego, mind identity, your identification.
To the things.
That are within what I just said. Become your ego, mind. It’s how we operate and we can.
We think about what we’ve identified ourselves with. So that’s the ego, mind, subconscious mind if we actually.
Looked at it.
Our physical body of energy, which is still just energy, and our more subtle bodies of energy, and you could think of as an image.
It’s because it’s silly as an image. Think of us. Think of a seven layer cake, right? So we have all.
Those layers, OK.
And now we can think of the Shockers. So we have all we have all these different layers within.
Subtle body of energy. Now that’s really what I call the energetic beds.
And everything that is going on right leaves a mark in indentation, just like if you have a bedspread and you drop a marble on it and you look at that bedspread, right where the marble drop the.
Bedspread goes down.
Just a little right.
So every single thing that is going on, even the things that are going on beyond physical sensory perception, is leaving a marble.
Within our energetic bedspread.
An indentation within it, right? And it becomes a memory, and now our energy works through.
Now, all of that subtle body of energy and seven layer cake is actually the information or what the subconscious mind uses for its storage device.
So all of that is being fed into the subconscious. So every that’s why we do or try to do hypnotherapy to go back to these memories, to these things that happened as a child.
For another lifetime, because it’s exactly what I’m talking about, it’s it’s literally embedded a marble on your energetic bedspread and all of those memories are your.
That is what your subconscious mind actually is, and it’s part of the subtle bodies of energy and including including this body of energy.
Now all of that.
Is contained within and a projection of the higher mind the the higher mind contains all of that, and that’s those things are all aspects or projections when we actually Incarnate, that’s what’s the higher mind uses in order for the subconscious mind to be able to function properly, and then the ego mind that we use to navigate.
Our existence here, and really the the, the, the highest use of the ego mind.
If that all if all.
That makes sense the.
Highest use of the ego mind is really just to keep the physical vehicle intact.
It’s not to create an identity, it’s not to create a limitation programme. It’s it’s it’s so we’re aware enough.
That we don’t walk out to the middle of the street and get run over by car or, you know, walk up to a lion and get eaten by, et cetera, et cetera. It’s to keep the physical vehicle intact. The Eco mine is meant to be a servant.
To the higher mind and the higher mind, when used properly like in the book, will have access to the subconscious patterned mind, and at that point, once it has access to the subconscious mind, not only can it delete all these programmes of limitation that it runs, it can actually access all these different incarnations. All these different parallel conditions, and all this different.
Information that’s contained within the subconscious mind, and I can I can actually read it like a book. And once we do that, then the the superhuman is online. That’s the supreme intelligence that we allow into our life.
If we operate backwards from ego, mind, subconscious minds.
Are higher mind.
This is what the superhuman starts to look like.

00:18:01 Luisa
Mind blowing and and incredibly complex and it’s just unbelievable. You’ve created this book and tools and techniques to assist all these people.
So when we die, or when we Incarnate, or whether it’s all happening now, we take.
I’m going to call it baggage. We.
Take all the.
Imprints with us.
In our energetic body, is that correct?
But they’re not wiped clean once we die and then reincarnate.

00:18:32 RJ Spina
No, no, nothing is ever lost. Nothing is ever thrown away. That’s a big misperception. Misunderstanding and Miss Misidentification the the, the trifecta of of misses. So nothing is lost because everything is useful.
And I think one of the one of the biggest misunderstandings about what we call death, which is no such thing as transition, is that when we die.
When we leave our body.
Right. The ego mind. We leave the ego mind identity and we we become what we really are, right, tangibly with just the I am authentic enlightenment self realisation is actually the opposite.
It’s the opposite of what everyone talks about, so.
When you when you no longer identify.
Right with with the ego mind identity and there is authentic and Lightner full full communion with your higher self.
When you actually merge once again with your higher self, your individuality is gone.
And what remains are all the characters.
All the different ego mind identities of all the different incarnations that you have are having are.
Going to have.
Are actually there, so this.
This individualised Ness.
Is gone.
And what remains are all the residuals, just what you’re talking about. What remains are all the residuals of all the different ego mind identities and incarnations because.
It’s used.
It’s useful, and when I say it’s useful, it’s useful for another incarnation. So let’s say in some incarnation.
Well, I won’t be too.
Specific. So let’s say in an incarnation you were you.
You had a very outgoing personality.
And you had a a very strong will.
You were very resilient and this certain personality right, certain incarnation excuse me. And so with another incarnation, those aspects would be very useful or could be very useful.
In terms of helping you achieve what it is that you’re trying to achieve in this other incarnation.
So you would then garner.
Or pull with you or take with you some of those energetic qualities, because they might be helpful in the next incarnation, and the challenges and the obstacles and what it is that you want to learn. Experience in that one.
So that’s actually what remain. It’s the opposite.
Of what everyone talks about the ego minded that there is no more individualised self when you’re in full communion, you realise all of it is you and you’re all of it. All of these characters are you and and you are all these characters.
There’s no more individualization whatsoever. The wave has crashed and has emerged with the ocean. It’s oneness. But what?
Does remain are.
All of these things that we just talked.
Yeah. Which are these identifications? Indentations and ego personalities. Because they’re actually, they’re actually useful.

00:21:22 Luisa
Thanks RJ. So also just to clarify, when you talk about the whole higher self, could that also be called this what we refer to as the soul?

00:21:33 RJ Spina
No. So my understanding that that.
Word Soul has been around forever.
Right. Forever. OK.

00:21:36 Luisa
I know it’s.

00:21:38 RJ Spina
Yeah. So my understanding is that what?
We call the soul.
Right is really two very distinct quote unquote separate things. OK, So what we really are is what I call sentience or what we’ve heard the term I am.
Right. The sentience the I am is a divine intelligence. It is our level of love and wisdom.
Whose subsets are our talents and abilities?
Now that that’s the that’s the God.
The I am is the God think of God as a gigantic this is ridiculous. But think of God as a gigantic glass of.
Right. Glass of water. Gigantic glass of.
Water right now take one drop.
One drop of that water out right, just one tiny drop. Now that one drop is water, it’s just like that water in there. It’s just.
Less than volume.
Now we are the drop.
We are a drop of God now, directly we are the sentience of divine intelligence. Our level of love and wisdom, who subsets our talents and abilities. Now that has been given an allotment or an amount of energy in order to create with.
Now, just like the painter is not the painting.
We are not what we create, but we tend to lose ourselves in our creation. Specifically, we lose ourselves in our incarnation. I think this is what we really are now historically.
The soul has been putting those two things together. The sentience and the energy, as if it’s one thing, and we call that the soul.
It’s my direct experience that’s not accurate. We are the sentience that is given energy, which is why the painter is not the painting.
We are not what we create. We are the creator and the creature. Awareness of what?
We create now the higher self.
Is the much larger being.
That we actually are. So here’s another silly analogy. So think of an octopus, right. And I know it’s my fist.
But think of an octopus, and if the octopus wants to know what the water is like, a little down below it drops a tentacle and does that right. OK.
We are that tentacle, A projection, an aspect of our higher self. Again, that same analogy about being a drop.
Within the bucket of water.
We are 2 1/2. My direct experience is that we are 2 1/2% of our higher self. We are our higher self, just less in volume, our higher self.
Is an aspect of God also just less in volume? You can even think of like those nesting dolls, the doll within the doll within the doll, and the doll. That’s really how it works and everything is.
Learning about itself.
As we create, including the ultimate creator, so everything is learning about itself so.
The higher self.
Is what we are.
The soul is a term that we’ve used for aeons and aeons of time. Hopefully we’ll start to move past it.
We can be a little bit more accurate and understand that what we are as the sentience which is the divine intelligence that’s given energy to create.
And most of us, when we put those two things together.
That’s what we refer to as the soul.

00:24:46 Luisa
Thank you. Gosh, we take our what we perceive as our reality. So seriously, don’t we? Well, not you, but most people.

00:24:58 RJ Spina
We do because we identify with it.
Well, so if.
Yeah, that if we if we realised.
If we tangibly not mentally mental understandings.
00:25:10 Speaker 1
Aren’t worth anything.
If we tangibly realised.
That everything is playtime.
That we’re just creating.
And we endlessly create and we are immortal.
And no one.
Ever dies, we just keep.
Going from different experience to different experience to different experience.
But it’s really play time and we learn about ourselves through what it is that we create.
And it really is play now I understand.
What goes on here?
In the lower frequencies of our version of Earth.
We would be hard pressed to consider this play.
That’s from a very limited human perspective that doesn’t.
See the larger picture.
Now when we start to see the larger picture, we realise that this is all an act.
It is all an.
Act it’s a all the world’s.
A stage. So we come here to be able to play a character so we can have certain experiences so we can learn about ourselves through the experiences.
But if we step back, we would realise that this realm is still playtime. We’re still just creating with our energy now we may be creating.
Again, from a human perspective, we may be creating horrifying.
Circumstances events. So I’m not certainly not saying that those things don’t occur. They they absolutely do. But I’m also saying that these are Co created by everyone and that no one actually dies.
Now this is the only place we can have these kind of.
Experiences because as you.
Move up the the centre frequency.
Is back there.
Right. As you move up the frequencies.
The holistic nature of the environment and the Oneness starts to become more and more tangible, more and more obvious, and then at a certain point and it’s actually the 7th frequency at a certain point, we’re in the third frequency at at at the 7th frequency, there’s no more of what we would call from a human perspective, what we would call violence or aggression.
Because the oneness is so tangible, you can’t have ill intention towards anything or anyone, because you actually realise it’s it’s you.
It’s part of you now because we’re down here. The energies are more dense and so we feel the separation more heavy.
It’s we can.
Still cause atrocities to ourselves?
Through the human identity and to others, because the oneness isn’t tangibly known. Lots of people walk around talking about world one, especially in the spiritual community, and I can’t.
Stand that word spiritual because it’s been hijacked. Complete.
But there’s lots of love and light. We’re all one, and it’s just a concept. It’s useless when it’s tangibly known.
This is when this planet will change, and this is when everyone will operate completely differently, but it’s it’s pointless to talk about it conceptually. It must be a tangible felt sense knowingness and within the 7th frequency is.
When this when this starts to happen?

00:27:59 Luisa
I’ve just got one more question that I want to move on. It’s a big one, but I’m sorry you spoke about incarnation and reincarnation and death. It is. Is it your belief that it’s all happening now?

00:28:13 RJ Spina
Well, it’s not a belief, so.
I talk about what I experienced directly. Beliefs are what we use when we.
Don’t know.
And that’s where we decide to believe things. And we’ve fallen so far frequently and we’ve left our knowingness behind and swap them for beliefs.
So what I share is what I know, what I tangibly experience, so I don’t have any beliefs. But what I would say is that.
It is all happening at one time, but this is this is very, very difficult to understand.
While we’re within what we call space time.
Because there’s a logic and linearity programme, which are the subsets of space time it’s it’s, it’s how our finite mind works, right? Everything happens in a linear fashion, right? And if it doesn’t make sense, we can’t process it.
OK, that is a sliver of how things actually.
That’s not how things are.
That’s how our human mind within the lower frequencies processes and creates the reality.
It’s this much of what’s going on.
This much so.
I’ll give the direct answer about this, but it’s very hard for the mind to grasp and that’s why everything is meant to be experienced tangibly. OK, so the higher self, the octopus.
The higher self is.
Or from a human perspective, outside of space time.
And so IT projects pieces of itself within space time.
So within space time, you and I, we can’t understand nor tangibly experience that everything is happening all at once.
It’s impossible. You would have to remove yourself from it and then see it all occurring all at once, all interconnected. Everything happening right now, because there is only now.
And that statement is now or never is so true. If we really felt into that statement, it’s now or it’s never.
It’s past future, just in the state of delusion. So when we start to leave behind body consciousness, which is identification with the five physical senses, and therefore that’s the data stream that produces the logic and linearity programme of the intellect.
And we move past.
That, and we realise that that is just.
A sliver of what is.
It isn’t what is. It’s a sliver of what is so.
Everything is actually occurring. There’s only been one moment of creation seen from an infinite amount of perspectives.
00:30:34 Speaker 1
And it’s occurring right now. There’s no, there’s only now or rolling now, if that makes sense now then now then now.
Then now but.
From where we are, it’s impossible.
To have that experience using using the finite using the subconscious pattern, you go with mine one must use.
The higher mind.
One must remove itself from space time and almost look down at it. Think of a rubber band ball.
And each one of those rubber bands is like.
A timeline.
And they’re all in the same space. They’re all intermingling, they’re all influencing one another, and it’s it’s all happening right now.
Now it’s an analogy, but that’s.
A decent that’s a decent.
One and excuse me if you go.
Beyond space time, you can actually see it.
You can actually see all that happening, so yes.
It’s all happening right now, but all of our incarnations just to make it even crazier, because our higher self can only project 12 pieces of itself.
At any single now moment.
Because it has to maintain about 70% of its sentience at its energetic volume, or just like a balloon losing helium and will start to they’ll start to drop down and the whole point is to ascend the the frequencies and dimensions of the multiverse and the key fob of that is your sentiments.
So it can project 12 pieces of itself, and those 12 pieces can also break itself.
Off into 12.
So the higher sub.
In any single moment can have 144 incarnations happening within space time.
Within space time.
And then at that point, if it wants.
To keep going, it has to pull back one of those.
In order to project it again into that.
Rubber band ball.
Now from that perspective, it would seem like everything is not happening all at once.
But again, that has to do with the limitations of logic and linearity and space time.
So it’s kind of like 2 answers and you really have to lose your mind to be able to experience these things.
But that that.
Is what I experienced directly and it and we can say that it is all happening right now because there is really only now.

00:32:44 Luisa
Yeah. Mind blowing? I mean, it feels right for me. Mind blowing?
What are some of the tools you for those who haven’t read your book, change your mind. What are some of the tools you can offer the audience in the book that to change their life that some of the steps you can offer to change their life in two weeks?

00:33:03 RJ Spina
Yeah. So that this is something that.
I I was trying to remember the other day someone was asking, when did I? When did I?
Start doing this. It was something about roughly.
14 or 15 years ago and I I I I could just feel that my life.
Wasn’t my own.
Right, all these.
Desires and intentions and these.
Things that I was striving for didn’t feel like they were coming from me.
Stuff I was determined to have self sovereignty to, to wake myself up.
And I I realised at the moment the only way that I would actually be able to reclaim my mind and reclaim my life is to figure out why I’m doing everything that I’m doing. Why am I doing this?
Why? Why am I taking these actions? Why have I developed these behaviours? Why do I have these certain desires?
And intentions that pretty much everyone on.
This planet has.
It doesn’t feel right. There’s no authenticity.
There’s no uniqueness at all, so I’ve.
That if I questioned myself.
Like the lunatic, if I question myself about every single thing that I’m doing and kept asking, well, why do I think that?
Why do I feel that way? I would.
Get to the core motivation. I would get to the subconscious pattern.
Do you go mine and all these things that have been implanted into our head and make them mistake? That’s exactly how that works, so.
I woke up.
I decided for two weeks all I’m going.
To do is deprogram myself.
Right, I need to liberate myself and I’m willing to do anything.
To liberate myself so.
I I told my partner I said, hey, I’m gonna take two weeks off. It’s like, great. We’re gonna go on vacation.
No, I’m actually gonna deprogram deprogram my subconscious mind so, so, right. And me saying that too. Yeah, that makes sense. OK, so.
Here’s here’s how it works right? You get a notebook.
And I still have mine.
And you, you catch you, you start to monitor what it is that you’re doing so.
The the very.
1st morning that I started to do this. It’s so simple but it’s.
It’s so liberating. There’s no way.
To there’s no words to describe it.
So I woke up the 1st.
Morning of this two weeks that I was going to understand everything that I’m doing.
Why am I doing this? Why do I feel this way? Why do I think this way? Why am I taking these actions?
So the very first morning I.
Woke up. I slept with my notebook. I did.
So I woke up, took.
My notebook. I went into the I had to go to.
The bathroom. So I walked to the bathroom.
And I catch a a glimpse of my reflection.
And then.
Without thinking at all.
I reached for a brush.
And start breaking my hair was a mess. I start brushing my hair right and I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. What just happened here?
What just happened?
I’m doing something I have no conscious sort of choice that I’m even doing it. It was beyond reflexive, so I stopped right and I wrote down brushing my hair.
Right. Here’s an action. Here’s a behaviour.
I have no idea why.
I’m doing it. I just started doing.
It so I.
Said why am I brushing my hair?
Right. The answer is because it’s a mess.
OK, that’s not why.
That’s a justification.
Right. OK. So that’s not the core motivation. That’s the justification most of us stop at justifications. OK, I was determined to get to the core, so I wrote down because my hair is a mess.
And I asked.
Myself. Well, why do I care if my hair is a mess?
The answer is because I want it to look good.
Another justification that’s a justification, right?
So I wrote down why do I care?
If my hair looks good.
The answer I got was.
00:36:37 Speaker 1
So other people find me attractive.
Ah, OK, now now I’m getting somewhere now and I could feel it. It was almost like an egg cracking.
So other people find me attractive, OK.
Why do I care?
If other people find me attractive.
The answer I got was because I get a sense of my own self worth.
Through other people.
‘S opinion of me.
I felt like my mind.
Exploded Luisa.
I literally felt like my mind exploded.
That was 100% subconscious pattern. Ego of mine that was programmed into me to get a sense of myself through societal conditioning.
And I was doing that action with no conscious awareness at all. And I was just doing it right. So as soon as I wrote that down, I literally felt like.
Like my brain.
Like someone had just sort of ripped.
It open a little bit.
And once I saw that I was doing that action.
To get a sense of myself from other people.
‘S opinion of me in that moment.
I never had to.
Obey or do it because of that reason because I.
Saw it clearly.
I saw that I was getting a sense of myself from other people. That is completely subconscious echo of my I wrote that down and in that moment that I wrote that down by writing it down by bringing that subconscious into the conscious. It’s like deleting A programme off your computer.
That no longer.
Herbs you.
And in that moment, it was gone. Now I’ve brushed.
My hair since then.
OK. But I don’t brush my hair.
So other people think I’m attractive because I get a sense of myself from.
Other people’s.
Opinion of me, I brush.
My hair cause I want to.
Or I don’t brush my hair if I don’t want to. Now, what is the big deal about that? Freedom and sovereignty is the big deal about that. I am no longer programmed.
That’s the key. So by understanding the core motivation and all you have to do is ask why do I think that way? Why do I feel that way?
You start doing this with all your actions.
You won’t believe.
That none of your life is your own.
None of it.
Zero, and this was what was happening for me, and by the end of the two weeks I was free.
And I mean.
It I was free. I was liberated. Every I owned my mind once again, sovereignty and freedom was tangible. Once again. I was not a programme slave at all.
And the only way to do it?
Is to understand what is driving your behaviour and it’s as simple as the 14 day I just call up the 14 day notebook exercise because I didn’t think of anything more impressive to call it.
So you just ask yourself why you’re doing this. Why do I think that way? Why do?
I feel that way, and if you’re brave enough.
And honest enough, and you go past the justification because I want it to look good. That’s not. That’s not the reason. That’s a justification.
And you get to the truth once you get to the truth, you’ll liberate yourself.
And then you have your sovereignty and your freedom. And at that moment you can live like your true self.
And that is that is the whole point. So that’s the that’s the first third of the I’ll change your mind, yeah.

00:39:55 Luisa
I say I I love that it’s so powerful and so simple. It’s it’s, it’s amazing.
So you took your notebook every you must have done a lot of.

00:40:06 RJ Spina
Writing. Yeah, for excuse me. Yeah, for I mean, literally, for two weeks everything.
And I and I kept my personal as you read my my personal things that I did. One of them was brush. That was the first thing that happened to brush my hair. That was one about.
Text messaging a friend and this and that.
I I wrote down everything that I was doing.
Because I realised very simply and very quickly that this wasn’t my life.
I was not leading my life. This was this was someone elses where the the matrix.
This was not.
My life and until you see it clearly.
You can only recycle your experiences, but once you see it clearly and.
You delete that programme off your own.
Hard drive now.
You can create your life with sovereignty and.
Freedom and this is what?
00:40:51 Speaker 1
We’re all meant to do.
And so, I mean you have to dive deep. You may have asked lots of questions, but once you have that realisation, it it offers.
You the freedom it.
That that programme is deleted or cleared.
Yeah, the whole the whole key it it’s.
What I found is that in general we have to ask ourselves.
Once we, once we see ourselves doing an action or behaviour, we have to ask ourselves why we really think that way or why.
We really feel that way about four times.
Sometimes 5, because like I said, the first two. Why am I brush my hair? Cause it’s a mess. That’s not the core motivation.
That’s a justification, right? And also, so I want it.
To look good, that is.
A justification that’s not a core motivation.
So all anybody had, and I’ve taught, I don’t know how many people have taught to, do you know this, what I call the 14 day notebook exercise when I when I used to work with people one on one.
I said you do this for 14 days, you you, you will be free. You’ll have your life back.
All you have to do write it down. Then ask yourself why do I think that way?
And I I promise you 30 seconds.
45 seconds. You know, whatever it is right, you will delete that programme. The key is.
To just go.
Past the justifications because it looks good. Oh, that’s why I.
Brush my hair so it looks good, no?
Keep going and when you start to get close to the core, motivate, you’ll feel you’ll tangibly feel something happening to you.
You’ll tangibly feel because these indentations within the energetic bedspread, those marbles are starting to be released.
They’re literally starting to come off of you. The empowerment and the tangible sense of your own sovereignty and freedom is unlike anything else.
And the this book means a lot to me, and it’s the the reason why it’s I feel it’s a worthy.
Sequel to supercharged self healing. This is the book that everyone needs to do. If you want to remove all.
The limitations in your life.
This book will.
Literally show you step by step how to do it.
00:42:45 Luisa
Amazing. Well, I encourage everyone to go and purchase the book. I’m so excited. I’m starting tomorrow. Just one question.
As we’re writing in the journal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be actions. Can it be thoughts that come into your mind repetitively about people or events or situations? Why am I thinking that?

00:43:04 RJ Spina
Yeah, absolutely. Because it it’ll be some form of the subconscious pattern, ego of mine. Absolutely. So if you find yourself repetitively.
Thinking about whatever and the whatever doesn’t matter.
But if we find ourselves.
Repetitively why do I why do?
I think this way.
Why do I feel that way?
Why do I keep thinking?
About this.
Why does this feel?
So important to me.
You will. You will be floored.
At what comes up, because remember the subconscious, our conscious mind has no access to.
It so we’re all day.
Long all lifetime.
We’re doing these don’t even know why we’re doing.
Oh, I have to make money. Ohh, I have to do this or I have to.
Where does that come from?
That’s not you. That’s the programme.
The key is to get to you and delete this programme of limitation, because that’s what this is here. So yes, thoughts, emotions, scenarios in your head.
Right about well, you know relationship that what whatever.
It might be, yeah.
It is right?
And you why am.
I replaying this and and we can now realise that this isn’t.
That’s been left within our body of energy that’s now stored within our subconscious. And because that marble is still there, our energy keeps running along it.
So therefore we.
Keep thinking about it, emoting about it, taking actions about it, because those indentations, the marbles on the bedspread are still there, so whatever marbles.
That we still have.
Within our solar body of energy becomes the the the storage the they became. They become stored within the subconscious.
Pattern eco of mind.
The energy because they’re pressing down on your energy, they leave an imprint.
So that’s why we go on over and over and over these things and now we can also so to speak, see how the letting go or the disengagement or the non identification of these things, how non identification or detachment is absolutely essential for liberation or what we call self realisation.
You can’t have all of these things on you and be free.
So this all these books and teachings, all so all the stuff is about.
But they’re directed. Yeah, they’re directed towards how to heal yourself or how to.
Deprogram all your limitation.

00:45:16 Luisa
Absolutely amazing. My gosh, I’m just visualising it now. We’re carrying all these bags on top of us. It’s.

00:45:22 RJ Spina
Just so heavy.
I’m looking forward to.
My liberation. Gosh, I love having you on the show. RJ, is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked?

00:45:33 RJ Spina
Yeah, there’s the the book itself. It kind of is written in.
Sort of three parts.
Right. So the first part is under detail.
The subconscious mind from a higher consciousness perspective, I talk about the energies, the bedspreads and the marbles. So then we go into the 14 day notebook channel. So if you want to liberate yourself from all of your.
Undesired results and experiences recycling them over and over again, stuck on the hamster wheel.
Just do that.
The next part of.
The book shows you what the real you is.
Really what the real use and it gives you things that you can do to make sure that this real you now that you’ve deprogrammed the the false you that the real you you can maintain and express this real you and it the real you has certain qualities and attributes and I talk about the universal qualities and attributes of the real.
You and then what?
It is to do to foster.
The anchoring of this within your.
Life, the third part of the book, is something that I call the and this one has a fancy name.
The energy energy diagnostic system, so which is probably cooler than the 14 day notebooks, whatever. So there’s something I call the energy diagnostic system now.
This is super important because a lot of us were in a relationship or a job, or we have friends or there’s certain circumstances or events that we’re doing all the.
Time and sometimes.
We wonder is this, is this really?
Good for me.
Me hanging out with these with these friends. Is this really good? Is this relationship really good for me? Is this job I know gives me paycheck, but is this job really good for me? So there’s an energy diagnostic system. You ask yourself 5 simple questions.
In regards to whether it’s a person, a place, a circumstance, an event.
Or a behaviour?
And you’re going to be able to quantifiably measure.
If any one of those things is actually increasing your energetic bank account and therefore raising your frequency, or if any one of those things is decreasing, your energetic bank account and therefore lowering your frequency.
So with the energy diagnostic system, you’re going to be able to figure out every single facet of your life.
If it is actually quote unquote, good for.
Or not good for you because most of what we do is just our programmed mind, and then we justify.
Why we continue with the job with the relationship with the circumstance, with the behaviour, why we just justify this energy diagnostic system will give you a quantifiable metric that will let you know.
Yes, this relationship is good for me or no, this relationship is not good for me, so we no longer have to wonder.
At all. It’s tangible, quantifiable and measurable.

00:48:20 Luisa
I may. I don’t know what to say. Amazing. It’s it’s simple, but fantastic. So a big congratulations on your book and thank you so much for being back on passion harvest.

00:48:33 RJ Spina
It’s my pleasure. I enjoy speaking with you, Luisa. Thank you so much. Thank.
You so much for having me.

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