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What if you could Remember the Future! 

Your soul is not imprisoned in tiny boxes or days or weeks or months or years or even centuries. I encourage you to think and feel beyond space and time.

I have had many profound experiences with Future Memories, not visions, not past lives – but somehow, I opened a portal of life a future me, that was a real as my life itself. I have talked about these experiences before in other episodes and it has absolutely changed my life.

I do believe that everything that has happened or will happened in our lives has occurred, this includes all our other lives and probable parallel realities that are all happening now. Past present and future are all available to each and every one of us. These patterns of activity are ever shifting – constantly changing.

I would like to share with you some tips on how to connect with your Future Self, your Future Memories.

But first this is what I have come to understand about the nature of reality.



We are vibrational beings – everything is energy, vibration, sound. As you give your attention to something – a memory – you are actually activating energy, this now becomes a point of attraction and becomes a part of your vibrational essence, and this starts to merge with the you and you.

Thinking about something – is inviting it into their experience

When you can line up with You and then you can come into the true power of you being.

Life will always bring you opportunities

You have the power to have far greater abilities to perceive future memories than you can ever imagine.

So the clear memories of future, like the clear memories of the past – as there are multiple infinity of realities may not in our physical system occur – or what we perceive in what we define as our reality – the potentials are actualised in thought – but are not always turned into definite physical form.



Everything within our 3-dimensional system occurs simultaneously. Each action creates other possibilities of itself – or other actions, outcomes from the infinite energy of the universe – which in itself is never still.



What you perceive of time is a portion of other events intruding into your own system, often interpreted as movement in space, or as something that separates events – if not in space, then in a way impossible to define without using the concept of time.

You are not imprisoned in time! There is a constant interchanging occurring between what you think of your past, present and future selves.

Time has open ends in all directions, otherwise possibilities and probabilities would not exist.

What separates events is not time but your perception. Time as you perceive is a psychic organisation of experience.

It seems as if we grow towards an end, but there is no end, there is only change. We are in a multi-dimensional reality – the whole self, the soul can never be confined to 3-dimensional form.

Our soul sees the whole event as simply another dimension. We are NOT cut off, we cannot be confined to this.

Allow yourself to explore and to travel to other dimensions in which you have existence and there is no other way to do get information about future memories except to have faith in your exploration of infinite creativity and manipulation of your own consciousness.

It is a sense of joy that makes all creativity possible.

Therefore, the actions you make NOW can help what you call a past personality and a future personality.

Your actions NOW can affect the future personality as well as the past one. I encourage you to stretch your imagination and feel these realties – it is true the intellect alone cannot understand or comprehend them.



Our temporal signatures and repertoires are windows to time. They are windows to the past and also the future. One of our most important temporal repertoires is our capacity for mental time travel.

The ability to move through time to re-experience past events and pre-experience potential events is referred to as “mental time travel”.

Deliberately changing our perspective on time may open up the way in which we think about the past and the future.

Mentally shifting the way we think about time can shift fixed conceptions of the future, allowing us to imagine broader possibilities and new ways of solving problems.

The actions of someone who believes they will soon die can be very different to someone who believes they have all the time in the world. Someone else who believes they have a hopeless future might not plan for better things and therefore ironically might never attain them.

Creating memories of the future has also been shown to link to taking action in the future.



When we think about the future, we are actually remembering it.

Making predictions and planning for the future is – accessing your memory – How?

We rearrange our memories of the past to put together what a vision of the future might look like.

If you can remember the future, you can remember the past. Remembering the future can be called mental time travel and it is possible.

For example if you remember the last time you went to the beach, you can feel the sun, the sand on your toes, the feel of the water, but you are not really there in your present. So too you can do the same for your future memories and you are essentially pre living it.

I do much more than that. I am somehow able to reconstruct the moment in some of its sensory detail, and relive it, as it were, from the inside. I am back there, amid the sights and sounds and seaside smells. I become a time traveller who can return to the present as soon as the demands of “now” intervene.

Now, there is only one block with remembering the future-  one can expect the future to be too much like the present and this is not the case. You are not the same person you were yesterday, a week ago, moths ago or even a year ago. Your emotions, your filed, your biology is going to be different.

We cant predict everything in the future – there are unknown variables, but one thing is for sure without out memories we would have nothing.

Often times, we get stuck living in the past. In fact, we re-live it over and over again like a broken record. We do it so much that we begin to expect the future to be like the past. It becomes engrained in us. Soon, the powerful emotions of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety take over, occupying our every thought, governing our every move.

But what if you could break free from this cycle?

What if you could take control of your emotions and calm your mind by not remembering the past, but by “remembering” the future?

The more emotion that we infuse in these memories, the more power they have over us. Eventually these emotions take control of us – and even cause us to feel things that aren’t even there.


TIPS to Connect with your Future Self, YOUR Future Memories

When you create a new vision for your life, you immediately begin to see your whole life in light of that new vision. It becomes the context of your life. Changing the context changes the meaning and possibility.

What does your life look like?

1. Believe and TRUST that you are more than your brain. Believe that there is so much more than what you currently perceive in your consciousness. Believe that anything is possible, and everything is probable and that there is no beginning and no end.

2. Learn from the past.

Each of us has a unique past and set of experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today. These experiences and insights live on as memories, which your mind and body pull from when assessing any situation.

3. Visualization is a powerful tool for bringing about change. The more vivid and realistic you can make that vision of a positive future self, and the more you can align it with your present self, the more likely you will be to act in a way that supports that vision.

  • What do you look like?
  • What does your environment look like?
  • Who are the main people in your life, and on your team?
  • What is the overall experience you’re having?
  • What is important to you?
  • Where is your focus?

Write a list of who you want to be and become that list.

  • What new goals would you take on (however seemingly audacious)?
  • What changes would you make (however inconvenient in the short term)?
  • What chances would you take (however afraid you feel of falling short)?
  • What conversations would you have (however awkward)?

4. Listen to your body.

  • Your intuition often communicates through physical sensations in the body. How does it feel, how does your future self-feel?

5. Surrender

When we get into a place of real acceptance that the Universe is conspiring to bring us toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love, it should feel like a huge relief, because it allows us to be in the curiosity and happy anticipation of what is coming—and relinquish control. It’s a true energy of trusting and knowing that you are being guided, that there is a beautiful plan unfolding for you and you’re participating in it.

You can’t recognize the guidance unless you slow down enough in this moment to receive it. So slow down, take a deep breath, and repeat this prayer:

I welcome the guidance from the Universe.

When we rely solely on our own strength and judgement, we cut off our intuition and let in fear. We try to manipulate everything to be the way we think it should be.

When you align with a presence greater than you and stay in a humble, surrendered state, you will be led to exactly what you need. And it will be beyond anything you could have imagined.

When you tap into the presence of love within you, life gets FUN!

Be unapologetic about your capacity to be GREAT!


The presence of FEAR is a sure sign that I am relying on my OWN strength!

There is GUIDANCE and WISOM far beyond our imagination.

The secret to prayer is to stop praying for what you think you need. When you start to align and surrender to a power far greater than you and you ask, show me what to do, where to go, with whom – you will be given a world beyond your wildest dreams and you will be shown visions and premonitions far greater than you could have ever imagined. Even if you don’t always like what you see, as long as you remain in a humble state of surrender, that everything is working for your best an highest good – your most aligned path, the optimum capacity for your souls growth – YOU will be lead to exactly what you need.

Tap into that presence of love and amplify the flow and synchronicities and signs and angles and guides and joy and fun and surrender to the emotions and fear and doubt. When you accept that you are great and amazing and a gift to the world, that’s when your life changes. So, I encourage you to awakened to it, believe in it and be committed to it.

Committed to love, to joy, to alignment, to guidance, to a power far greater than me that is always working with me and through me and I am here to shine in all my glory as loving spiritual being of the creator.

I acknowledge my capacity to be great, I acknowledge my ability to heal, I acknowledge my ability to find gratitude, I acknowledge and I trust that when I shine, when I glow and radiate love I give others permission to do the same –  and that is why we are here.

Live your best life, align with your future self, your future memories, your power to direct the course of your life.

It’s important that your future self is someone you want to become, and someone you can learn from. 

 Who I am today is very different than who I was when I was a teenager, and also who I’ll be 20 years from now.  This is as it should be, as we allow life experiences to mould and shape us into better versions of ourselves.

So, if you’re going to be different in the future, what do you think of that person?

I have had the good fortune of meeting the person who was all those things for me.



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Those who live the most rewarding lives aren’t those who know exactly what they are doing before they start out. Rather, they are those who are willing to pursue new undertakings despite the uncertainty and ambiguity. They are people who are committed, curious, and courageous life-longer learners, willing to continually unlearn what doesn’t work as they move closer toward what does.

Most of us have a tendency to over-estimate the risks, underestimate ourselves and discount the cost of inaction. So whatever decisions you are facing right now, I challenge you trust that you have all the resources you need within you to do whatever feels most aligned to the voice of your future-self… and then take one step (though two is also okay) in that direction.

Your future self will thank you!

When you can learn to understand the nature of reality, then you can realise that future predictions have not only occurred but can also be meaningless because you create your future in every moment. From this instant state of reality, you form and change not only the future, but the past. This means that you change and effect ALL events.

You are NOT powerless, you are a magnificent, wonderful, powerful creator of you. I encourage you to conquer your fears, follow your souls path, follow the path of highest alignment, be kind, do what feels right for you despite what others think, always choose love and give yourself the greatest gift you can ever offer – the gift of a full life to you. It is then, that you can be a beacon of light for others.


Much love and bye for now. x


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