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How can you become Whole again? Let go of Fear…

Why are you afraid? Everything you’ve have ever wanted, is on the other side of Fear.

The bars we put around ourselves, when we feel threatened emotionally, are bars of fear. We do this so we do not feel, are not vulnerable, but in doing this we can calcify our heart and we can often hurt ourselves, more than anything or any person could. We do not allow ourselves to shine, to be brave, to allow our heart to see the full spectrum of colours.

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You cannot graduate from this school of life until you allow yourself to replace fear for love.

In this episode of Luisa TV,  I share my messages from The Guides and the importance of allowing ourselves – through love-  to be the full expression of who we have come here to be. This is your Purpose.

“For the Brave of Heart, anything is possible.”

If you’ve ever searched for how to live life, to find meaning, to discover purpose, you will LOVE this episode.

Fear keeps us captive… Listen to the yearning of your soul, you heart knows…

Fear is the price we pay for a half-lived life, but there is an opportunity once we can move through fear to find the Gift of Life.  

We come here to experience the richness of life and all it takes is a choice, this is our freedom – in each moment, in each breath, we have a choice.



I had an incredibly realistic and rather profound yet disturbing reoccurring metaphysical experience. It occurred every night for two weeks, then it stopped, and my life changed forever.

I was transported night after night to a naked woman locked in a small metal cage at the top of a mountain. How did she get here and why did she stay, I kept asking myself over and over, ‘How did she get to such a place, why did she stay?’ She never heard me.

I knew the woman had been there for a very long time, it was terrifying where things come unseen, pulled at her imagination and she shut her eyes to the beauty around her. Although I never saw the woman’s face, I felt all her fear, pain and suffering. The bars had become her sanctuary, safe place and I knew that she could stay in the cage and survive for many years, she was alone, so very alone. She drank from the rain and ate the small insects that ventured into the cave. She had become accustomed to this life and even though she could not stand upright in the cage, the bars were wide enough so that when she lay down on the hard earth, she could stretch out her legs though the bars to relive her aching body.

I wept at this vision of this woman. Bile rose up in her throat and something heavy and suffocating pulled at her neck, I looked closer at this weight pulling at her and saw a thick large rusty chain with a key attached, it was the key to the cage. Was there a shop that makes keys? Keys that open human doors? Keys that lead to rooms of the soul? I knew she dared not remove the chain and leave it on the cave floor in case it perilously fell off the cliff and without the key, she would have no choice but to remain there for the end of her days. So, she kept the key around her neck.

After 13 days of having this experience, so profound and so real, night after night, I cried out,

Please help me Guides, please help me free this woman.’

It was then that the woman slowly turned to me, I saw her face – it was me.

I understood that I was my own jailor, I screamed but no sound came, and no one heard me, I tugged at my matted hair, I banged on the bars so hard that my knuckles began to bleed, and I drank from the blood, thirsty from all my silent screams.

It smelt of rain, my senses were acute, the wind picked up and the rain beat down hard on my skin – washing away the years of hiding and the years of doubt and the years of surviving and the years of fear, the fear to not go forward.

I cried out again, I am ready to live’, ‘I am ready to surrender’, ‘I am ready to die for my freedom’, ‘I will no longer just survive’.

The Guides answered, ‘If you trust that you can fly, you will.’

‘Who are you?’ I asked.

‘We are you, we are your Guides,’ came the reply and they continued to speak.

‘We want your heart to be free. Free of pain, free of suffering and free to find the light again when the time is right. Your heart has gone through many a battle and many times it has fought and lost, just as many times it has fought and won.  While you have felt like a wounded animal, wounds do not last forever and the strength you have had to carry you to this place should be celebrated. Release yourself and allow us to make space in your heart for someone and something new. You are deserving of this as all of us are. We come to Earth to walk these paths, to find our purpose and the love we find is our reward. Your reward is still coming. Believe that we will provide for you.’ 

‘Why have you left me here so long?  Why do I only hear you now?’ I screamed.

‘We have never left you and you never asked for us, but we are always with you, always.’

 ‘Help me to leave this cage, please help me.’ I cried out.

My body weak and depleted, but my heart strong, my shaking hands grasped the key – it took several attempts to open the cage. I was sobbing, great heaving sobs, releasing all the fear and guilt and doubt, a tsunami of grief overwhelmed me.

My toe touched the outside of the cage, I stood tall, for a moment sadness crept over me and I was scared again of what was to come, my legs almost gave way, but the bars supported me, and I held on. The sound of my beating heart and the concentration required to fight the rising panic and a desire to turn back was almost too much for me.

I grew angry that I had wasted so many years, that I had allowed this, that I was my own jailor, why?

I heard a whisper from The Guides, ‘Fear, the destroyer of dreams.’ I understood.

I lifted the chain from around my neck and threw it off the cliff, the dizzying height was so endless that I could not see it touch the earth below.

‘Hold my hand and we will fly together.’ The Guides said.

I closed my eyes and stood for a moment, I said goodbye to the old version of myself, I said goodbye to the past knowing that what I had seen could never be unseen. The rain continued to fall, I stopped shaking, I was calm and still, reinvigorated, I was at peace. The rain felt so different outside of the cage and the light looked so different from my place of freedom and I closed my eyes and jumped.

My life changed forever after that, I changed in that moment, I understood that for the Brave of Heart, anything is possible.



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We come here to be the full expression of ourselves – change happens within you, everything starts from within – remember you are the portal. Open yourself up to portals of possibilities. You do this by choosing love.

Here is my advice, follow your dreams. Always follow your dreams. Anything is possible and everything is probable, allow yourself to live.

Allow your heart to sing its truest song.

With Much Love… Au revoir

Luisa x


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