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This week’s Luisa TV episode, I share what can happen when we choose LOVE.

Click here to watch, Choosing LOVE: How to Create Positive Life Changes, Dissolving Fear & Following Your Heart’


Love is a feeling, an overpowering emotion, love is home, love is safety, love is completeness, love is joy, love is fulfilment, love is when you choose to be at your best, love is hope.

Love is truly, the remembering and feeling of who you are in your essence. Love is sovereignty and freedom and excitement and passion, love lights up your heart and it feels good.

We all came from love and we will all at some point return to love and we so often forget this.

We look outside of us for people, places or events to offer us the love (or fear) that we feel is lacking within us, when all the while, it is never lost, just forgotten.

When we give away our feelings, our power our emotional need to the external environment we become dependent on this to bring us love and joy, which can never last. Everything at some point disappears and the only thing we can be certain of is that we will remain.

“When someone wants love what they are really asking for is happiness and joy. And we all want that!”

We struggle so hard for love, but it is one of the things we seem to be the most afraid of. What if we could embrace love with all its depths? What if we could offer ourselves to love and be love, what if we could love all the unlovable parts of us. What if we could speak and act and be from a place of love most of the time, well then you become a powerful manifestor to attract more love into your life.

Thoughts are energetic and feelings are magnetic so the more we think about love and the more we FEEL love, we will bring more of this into our conscious reality.

You cannot love and fear at the same time. These two states of being cannot exist in the same space. You have to let go of one or the other.

Really there are 2 categories in life love or fear and nearly everything we can image can be place in one of those columns.


WHY do we disconnect from  LOVE?

It is part of our survival mechanism Not following our heart is how we separate from ourselves as a means of protection. We think it will keep us safe.

But safe from what exactly?

From lots of things. Things like pain, loneliness, disapproval, rejection, being inadequate, being seen for who we are, and in some cases, we’re even afraid of our successes and many are afraid of death.

So often we turn away, disconnect in order to protect our heart, to cope with an un cop-able situation, a career, a marriage, a trauma – that requires a deep analysis and which at the time, is perhaps too much for us to bare, so we separate and we continue, we become mechanical and loose ourselves only to find one day when we look back, how we managed to slip away, almost disappear and then we desperately try to find those pieces of us, of our heart, our truth that have been so long buried.

We get lost in our external world – work, relationships, tasks and we tend to focus on anything but our selves.

We focus on others to receive appreciation, value, self-worth and try so hard to please them in an attempt to be loved.

But this will never make us happy – how we live and who we are as a person and loving ourselves is what its about.


What happens when we forget LOVE?

We are unable to access our true feelings, you may function, but not living and dissociation becomes a way of life.

Many people live their lives in a numb state, stay in the same situations for decades, and then wake up later in life. They feel disillusioned, lost, but worst of all, they feel as though they’ve wasted precious time that they can never recover.

—and when we choose to let go of fear, dreams rush in to fill that space.


How can I LOVE myself?

  1. Take Care Of Yourself – We often seek love outside of ourselves, but love begins and ends with you. And when you choose to take care of yourself – even in the most basic ways – you choose to love.
  2. Commit to Live – commit to creating a life you love, rather than a life you think you should be living.
  3. Speak Your Truth And Honor It – Living your truth is a way to choose love, even if it means you won’t fit in everywhere. Speaking your truth and honoring it says, “Who I am is important and what I need is important, too.”
  4. Forgive yourself – Making mistakes is part of the human experience. And we all make them, all the time. a good way to choose love is to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make – however big or small they are. And what about saying to yourself, “I love you.”


What Does it Mean to Choose LOVE?

Love yourself so much that you are constantly making choices because you want the very best for yourself.

Remember everything in our life starts from within. Our consciousness creates our reality.

If you make decisions from a place of love, not fear, you are more likely to gain the outcomes you desire – outcomes of love, growth, harmony, contentment, joy, connectedness, acceptance, gratefulness, kindness, respect.

So how do we determine if we are letting fear do all of the decision making?

When I am faced with a decision, I visualise the options and see with my mind’s eye the best feeling path from my heart.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself when making a decision.

  1. What are my options?
  2. Which one is based out of fear – which one is based out of love for myself?
  3. What is it that I am afraid of?
  4. What would the love-based decision do for me?
  5. What is the best thing that could happen?
  6. Am i choosing to believe the worst thing that could happen? Why?
  7. Which one FEELS the best?
  8. Which one would I regret not doing?


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How to Make Decisions based on LOVE?

What if you make the wrong choice?

Right and wrong decisions don’t exist. Every decision in life leads you to an experience. Some of those experiences might feel better than others, but none are inherently better. They just set you on different paths.

A “bad” decision can bring you to a higher place then a “good” decision in life somtimes.

You may think you made a “wrong” decision, but if you grow from that decision, recycle it, then it is  capable of bringing you to a far better place, one with better quality options.

My gosh, I have made so many decisions in my life that took me on a really hard paths and ALL of those decisions were based on fear. I lived in fear for so many years, so many.

Although most certainly for the last many years I only, consciously make decisions based on love. Yes, at times fear grips me but I remember to choose love and choose love time and time again.

I wouldn’t be here talking to you now if I hadn’t decided to push the upload button on my first Passion Harvest interview. I was terrified, so worried what people would think of me, but I was passionate and determined and I had a dream and I had goals and a fire in my heart – that helped me overcome my fear and I chose love. I chose to follow love – passion harvest is borne on love and that I do believe is why it is in part successful.

My upcoming trip that I spoke about in a previous episode is a choice made on love, and when I mean love I mean my own love, love for life, love for a full life, love for a life with no regrets. This experience asks me to trust my intuition, my heart, my internal guidance – to surrender to a power far greater than me, to trust in the universe, the divine, to step outside of my comfort zone.

But from these few experiences I know that when I choose love, miracles occur in my life. When I don’t listen to fear, when I no longer allow fear to move me, I turn love into love magic happens, when I embrace a loved life I am gifted remarkable spiritual growth.

There are always choices to make, – every day, every hour, every minute, every second this is your freedom. In all these moments you are offered the opportunity to make a decision to determine whether, you will be apart from you. From your true essence, from God, from source, from the creator, from love.

I trust that your decisions will reflect your hopes not your fears.

And finally,

Love calms our fear. 

 Love allows us to be brave.

Love heals.

Love is the miracle. 


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