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This week’s Luisa TV episode, I share how we are ALWAYS receiving Divine Guidance.

Click here to watch, We ALWAYS receive DIVINE GUIDANCE: Embracing Love & Gratitude’


Love and Gratitude are so simple and readily available to everyone, yet we often push them aside choosing to ignore our intuition and follow fear and we often in our desire for more, forget to be thankful for what we already have.

Love begets love and fear begets fear.

Love is a feeling, an overpowering emotion, love is home, love is safety, love is completeness, love is joy, love is fulfilment, love is when you choose to be at your best, love is hope. We all came from love, and we will all at some point return to love and we so often forget this.

Gratitude is appreciation. Gratitude is the key to a happy life, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy – in the constant pursuit of more and better we can easily lose sight of the riches that lay right in front of us and within us.

BUT last week I forgot about love, and I lost sight of gratitude, just for an afternoon – a tiny few hours and I moved into fear…



I was undecided several weeks ago to travel, I spoke about this in a previous episode whatever to follow my heart and not my head, follow my intuition and follow my Future Memories.

Many of you have asked what I decided well…, tickets booked, and I am leaving in 3 weeks!

BUT last week I almost gave up, fear set in, the current climate and the difficulties of travel, the new restrictions on freedom of movement in Europe seemed a defeating blow and a very rational one to my mind, to what would be the most sensible and safe option to not go.

Although at the same time, I knew it was not the path of my heart, I know if I didn’t go something very well might die inside of me and I knew it would be a decision perhaps something I would regret for the rest of my life. I made a promise to myself a several years ago, to always live a full lived life with no regrets and to always make decisions based on love not fear.

So, I prayed about it and I asked God and the Angels to please offer me a sign, give me a message, what should I do, am I crazy? stupid to travel at this time? I pleaded, “Please give me a sign and I went for a walk.”

This is what I received.



When I retuned from my walk, I received an email from a man called Robert and this is what he said, (I did ask him permission to read this)

Hello Luisa

My partner Julia sent you a picture a few months ago.  She loves your You tube Chanel and you messages of love and hope that you spread and the inspiration that you give people. She has stage 4 cancer and is very ill at the moment. She is currently in hospital with a back issue as well.  She has been through a lot but is still battling on.  I wonder if you could send her a message just to inspire her not to give up hope and to keep fighting. You have been an inspiration to her and she watches all your videos. She was a emergency nurse for 12 years and has always looked out and helped other people. A message of hope from you might give her a boost to help her through these dark times that she having. I have never ever wrote to anyone before asking for anything and this feels very strange for me to do.  She is the love of my life and she needs all the positive energy she can get. If you could do this it would be amazing. I understand if you can’t you must get bombard with thousands of messages daily. It’s not a problem. Keep doing what you doing and spreading the love you are amazing. 

It was then, in that moment when I read the email, that I realised how I lost track of love and forgot gratitude. I thanked my Angels for this special message, for answering my prayers.

You see roger wrote to me, thinking he was asking me for a gift, but in fact it was him that offered me the gift.

How selfish I had been, worrying about travel restrictions when there are so many suffering both emotionally, spiritually and physically, how lucky I am to have this opportunity, when so many do not, how I will never ever forget how grateful I am, how I will never forget to choose and operate from a place of love and if I falter all I have to do is think of this letter, think of Julia – this remarkable energetic exchange between 3 souls that really changed my perspective on my life and answered my prayers.

In sharing this with you today, do you see the ripple out effect of energy, how 1 letter that came from LOVE not FEAR, how love and gratitude can change lives and in turn even if it makes a difference to 1 person that watches this episode, that is enough.

I didn’t need to look outside of myself, it was always within and all I had to do was change my emotional frequency to change my conscious perspective and in turn my perception of reality.

Remember, ask and you shall receive.

It may not always turn out the way you had planned but always ask, ask from a place of love, ask from your heart, ask the angels, ask god, ask your guides, ask the universe and you will receive, this I know to be true.

So, I dedicate this episode today to Julia and to Roger and the remarkable power of love.

And Julia when you watch, I know you are having a pretty rough time and I send you so so much love and blessings and I thank you for being my teacher this week, I will never forget you.

If you are wondering yes, I did send Julia a message, a video message, its hard to know what to say but I just spoke from my heart and I told her my gift was that when she transitions to the nonphysical, if Roger is in too much grief to hear her and she wishes to connect with me, I promised I would pass on any messages she had for him.

So, Julia, thank you for I realised I am absolutely going to make the most of my travels and enjoy myself and if I get stuck, well there are worse things that could happen? and I know in my heart of hearts that everything happens in divine timing, and everything is going to be ok.

Our consciousness creates my reality, and we are never ever, ever alone, we have a team in the nonphysical working with and for us. Each moment as a precious gift, something we so often forget.

My advice to you is;

Follow love in the knowledge that this is what will bring you the greatest growth, fulfilment and miracles and magic in your life and find gratitude for all that you have.

Love yourself so much that you are constantly making choices because you want the very best for yourself.

You cannot love and fear at the same time.

These two states of being cannot exist in the same space. You have to let go of one or the other.


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Always choose love, always choose to follow your heart, always do what feels right and true for you in all aspects of your life.

The current climate in which we are living in, I feel a deep and profound collective fear and for that I am very sorrowful. It makes it harder in every moment to choose love, to act and operate from a place of love and gratitude but trust me our Guardian Angels and our higher self are always offering us the right path.

This current climate and social conditioning can often feel that our liberties and freedoms have been taken away from us, but remember true freedom comes from within, how you choose to act and feel in any given situation is your birth right, regardless of the expectations of others.

Transmute fear into love and illusions into clarity and remember you have a special gift for the world, your authentic self, your specialness and your uniqueness.



What am I grateful for?

What would I create if I didn’t care what anyone else thought?

What do I need to shift in order to shine my unique light?

Until next week, lots of love to you and may you always choose love, freedom and sovereignty.

I trust that your decisions will reflect your hopes not your fears.

And finally…

Love calms our fear.

Love allows us to be brave.

Love heals.

Bye for now. Luisa x

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