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All things in our universe are constantly changing in motion.

“How do I change my life?” If you’re asking this question, remember that the one constant thing in our life is change. The more we resist it, the tougher our life becomes. Instead of avoiding it, ask how you can change your life to work with the changes happening around you.

We are surrounded by change, and it is the one thing that has the most dramatic impact on our lives.

There is no avoiding it because it will find you, challenge you, and force you to reconsider how you live your life.

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Change can come into our lives as a result of a crisis, choice, or chance. In any situation, we are all faced with having to make a choice – do we make the change or not?

We cannot avoid the unexpected events in our lives. What we can control is how we choose to respond to them. It is our power of choice that enables us to activate positive change in our lives.


The Power of Choice!

Acting on our power of choice provides us with more opportunity to change our lives for the better.

The more opportunities we create to change our lives, the more fulfilled and happier our lives can become.

We are creatures of routine. Even the most spontaneous among us stick to a lot of routines and habits in life. I know I do. It can be challenging to try different approaches to the problems in our life.

The things you did yesterday have brought you to the life you have today. If you want something different, you have to do something different today to create a different life tomorrow.

There’s no other way to get there.

So, what kind of results are you looking for in your life?


How I Changed?

When I decided to change at various points in my life, it didn’t happen overnight, but I did make significant changes in my thoughts and ways of doing things and I became crystal clear on my goals and absolutely believed they were possible to achieve and I took action.

But what I realised is there is no end goal, my life is constantly changing, and I have new goals and new desires and passions and there is no end to the evolution of change. We have the choice to remain stagnant and contract or to evolve and expand.

How we react to change, how we react to live – allows us to experience either a lesser or greater degree of suffering or joy. In each moment we are given the choice. The choice how to choose and to act and think and be.


6 Steps to Change your Life

If you want to know how to begging change your life, here are 6 steps to follow:

  1. Decide in your heart to change your life.
  2. Practice stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing discomfort. Start by changing your routine, do things differently. The very essence of growth is to move beyond what you’ve experienced before.
  3. Identify Why You Want to Change Your Life. You can start by determining what you don’twant before exploring what you do
  4. Define the Changes You Want to Make. Get creative with this and as soon as you think of an idea, there may be a voice in your head that tells you all the reasons why your idea is ‘stupid,’ or ‘will never work.’ Don’t listen to that voice. That voice is afraid of change.
  5. Set a goal – choose one significant change to achieve, start small. Remember goals may change so be flexible. Think long-term, be patient, and focus on the journey, not the results.
  6. Accept and love yourself enough to create the life you desire – the only person who is going to change your life is you!

Learning how to change your life for the better is relatively simple. However, actually changing your life – and changing yourself – is much more challenging.



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What is Change teaching us?

In each moment we have a choice, so perhaps it’s time to take a different path.

Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

If you keep doing the same things you are going to get the same results

If you keep thinking the same way you are going to get the same results and you can’t create a new and different future from a vibration of the past.

Life can get stagnant and while nothing remains the same and is always and continuously evolving, if we keep thinking and doing the same things, we can often feel that life is monotonous.

We often don’t like change, but I would suggest to be adventurous, be open to signs and synchronises and possibilities – be open to change, the movement and ebb and flow of life.

What I am confident about is that a positive attitude, gratitude and believing in ourselves can change our reality in a tangible way.

We hold the power within ourselves to manifest our life experiences and with the key ingredients of love and intention we can influence our future.

What it really comes down to is love and do you love yourself enough to create a life that you love.

We have the power to transform our lives and I truly believe that each of you can create your own reality.

Much love to you, bye for now, Luisa x


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