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Having trouble finding your passions? Here is a simple exercise that will get you right on track and if you want a little more read how do I find my passion?

This exercise below we get you started to discover your top 6 passions and you can redo the exercise as many times as you like, review it, think about it, reflect. You might have that ah ha moment and you might not, but it will come, that I am sure of.

So, pen and paper, be honest, did deep, ideally be in a quiet space with no distractions. Look, if you want to be the number one student, I would recommend a small meditation, quieten your mind, silence it, think of nothing, get really relaxed and comfortable, and then answer the questions.

Write down the first thing that comes to you, you cannot get it wrong. If you are procrastinating have a read of my Passion Principle.

Remember these questions are all activities, actions, doings. If you want to get particularly technical you need to answer with a verb.

Here is an example;

Question: I think I am kind of weird when I walk along the street with my eyes closed. (I don’t think I have told anyone this, well that was until I wrote a blog about it. Seriously this is true, I do walk with my eyes closed, glasses on, connecting with the trees and I love it, I am passionate about it! If you want to know more have a read of how to talk to trees.)

Don’t over think it – write the first things that comes into your head.

Oh, and STOP trying to monetise everything, don’t think of your passion as your career, you are jumping ahead. Its not about that yet.

I have titled the questions, INGREDIENTS and the way in which you can eliminate and find your top 6 passions. the METHOD.

So excited for you. Go for it, you passionate being, you! Good luck.



Question number 1
When I was young, I loved to play

Question number 2
I just love watching movies about

Question number 3
If I could be the host of my own, you tube channel it would be about

Question 4
I love reading books about

Question 5
I think I am kind of weird when I

Question 6
I don’t tell everything this, but I love to

Question 7
My friends and family ask me for help when they need

Question 8
If I had to star in a talent show I would

Question 9
I get a burst of adrenaline and excitement when

Question 10
I tried it a long time ago, but I really liked

Question 11
My great aunt has requested a homemade gift for her 90th Birthday, I am going to make

Question 12
If I study, the subject would be


If you’ve got to this sentence, you have either cheated and getting ahead or CONGRATULATIONS for answering the questions.

Ok some of you may write essays, paragraphs and some a word or a sentence, this is the thing, we are all induvial and unique and gifts with enormous possibilities, if we can just tap into that potential, magic happens.

NOW this is the elimination part; you have to kind of narrow down your passions. Well you don’t have to do anything, you can do whatever you want but to get clearer on your passions, I really recommend that you try to narrow them down to six. Yes 6 I know this is tough and a little ruthless, with your innermost callings, but, narrow the field, focus and let’s do this.

The best part about this, perhaps the part you haven’t even thought of it;

You are about to discover your passions.

You are about know what to ask the universe for, study, dream, manifest. I always say, its pretty hard to hit a target without a bull’s eye.

You are about to eliminate, take a breath;


  1. Start with question number 1
  2. Compare question number 1 and number 2 – which one do you want more of in your life? Which one resonates with you more?
  3. Getting stuck, can’t decide, close your eyes, put your hand on you heart and imagine your life with this activity, which one is more important to you?
  4. Between 1-2 which choose! Don’t procrastinate, cross one off the list, put a big cross thought it and move on.
  5. If you really can’t decide and want to keep both – move on and review it once you get to the end. Then eliminate.
  6. Now you are going to question number 3. Compare question number 3 with your last passion choice (between question 1 and question 2). Make a choice!
  7. Repeat this method through all your 12 answers.
  8. When you have finished you will have discovered your top 6 passions!

See here’s the thing. Look I am the passion ambassador and I took my own test, this exercise. I had to see how it worked for you, it was hard to get rid of some things that are important to me and I also thought well, great, what does it mean, I want to join the dots, I want an excel spreadsheet and a comprehensive map of the rest of my life?

How am I going to make a career out this? This was a good lesson for me too, I took my own advice, don’t try and monetize it. Passion morphs, passion evolves, passion grows and where your staring point may be is really, really, completely and utterly different to where you might end up!

The other significant factor in this is your passions make you happy! Your passions make you grow, smile, live and if you are following what makes you feel good, you are already on your path to success.

I’ll give you a sneak peek of some of my answers in no particular order;

spirituality, (there is something there)

going to bed early (yeah right, how can that help my successful career!)

living in the country (ok)

motivation (something)

healing (something)

Looking at these answers I couldn’t ignore any of them, this is me right now. It might not be in the future, but it is right now, this is what I answered.

If I start weaving them together, spending more time thinking about how I can incorporate them in my life, get vibrationally ready, start taking action, you never know what might happen! How lucky can a girl get?

Well, one that is aligned with their passions, following what feels right, embracing what they feel and hear and know, that is powerful, that stands out, that is the beginning of a life of passion.

No, it won’t stop there, in fact you are just crawling, you are a passion baby, a toddler, but be brave and start living. If you are ready for an in depth dive start with Get Passionate, you get to see me on video and complete some awesomely, passionately, exciting worksheets and you get my passion power MP3, my brother, nearly (have a guess) when he heard this, but it is amazing and vibrates at a very high frequency and affirmations do work, you are ingraining the thought patterns, changing the brain waves. Why am I going on about this?

Let move on so, you have a lot of passionate free resources to read and watch and listen to, or take a passionate course, spray the passion mist, whatever resonates with you.

You have just discovered you top 6 passions! Well done. (smiley face).

Ready to Discover your Number One Passion! Or perhaps you already know? Now you are on a roll, then this is an awesome time to move on How do I live my Passions?

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