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It is the story that creates the intricate web of personality and division between us and our guidance, our higher consciousness.

It is the stories, the life paths that we have journeyed that tricks us into thinking that we are our story – when in fact we are so much more.

When one pauses and drops into the heart and listens – and listens not to the words of the story but the vibrationary frequency of the most important sound instrument, the most beautiful sound instrument ever created and that is the voice box. You see, the voice box holds a secret, the voice box holds a secret to the heart. It doesn’t matter what language one speaks or the story one tells it is the vibrational frequency of the voice box that sends a signal to the receiver of the state of consciousness of the individual at that present moment in time – which the realities can change from moment to moment.

And if one has that subtle connection that shift in consciousness, that shift in focus, the receiver is able to pick up the vibrational frequency, the essence, the soul of that individual. Not only that, if one shifts their focus, softens their eyes, change time lines, morphs into a different altered state, one can also go beyond that physicality of the personality of the individual to their soul. To the higher consciousness, the soul is not residing in the physicality, it is the body, the higher consciousness and the soul – those three in that consecutive order if you would look at that in a linear pattern, it goes straight up if you would like to see that in your physical-ness.

The personality bypasses the higher consciousness, the soul in order to facilitate deep unequivocal matrixal suppression. Why you may ask?

It is all about remembering, it is all about re connecting, it is all about rewiring that intricate web, that golden web, that intricate thread that connects us all to ourselves and to the collective consciousness.

So, when one goes beyond the mind, beyond the eyes, it is much more than the eyes. Seeing an image relating it to the brain and the brain interpreting that, it is a direct and intimate connection. There is no processing of data, there just is – what is. It is truth – and nothing more. You can feel it in your bones, you can feel it in your body, this is another way of guidance.

Any why you may ask? Why do you need to talk to another soul when they can’t even hear it themselves?

Because often many people are crying out for help, salvation, freedom. And while they are prepared to take the path, they do not know how to take the first few steps to – create that connection.

In fact, they do know how to create the connection, they just do not remember. It is almost as if you (Luisa) are bridge, a gap – a bridge to connect the two worlds, to connect the two levels of planes, to connect the two dimensional timelines of consciousness and morph them into a clear cohesive visual and verbal and audio representation.

With a significant and growing following and requests from her listeners, Luisa also offers her bespoke Passion Mentoring Program, a natural home for her own intuitive and reality creating abilities.

Luisa is a soul connector who lives and works from an intuitive realm where she can see into ‘future memories’ of her life and that of her mentoring clients.  She does not need to know the ‘human story’ as a reference point for this seeing.  This intuitive ability has clients who have not yet been able to fully surrender to their own intuitive impulses, despite years of trying, the freedom to finally live a life of meaning, purpose and passion.

Luisa  works on the premise that Passion and Freedom are our birthright, that Passion is our internal guidance system and obstacles can be seen as growth, moving though challenges are life lessons, a story, the creating framework of your personality.

‘I truly believe that by understanding and realising your passions you have the ability to change your life.’

As Luisa reads her clients’ energetic and soul blueprint, she knows that in turn her clients will not only change their lives, but the lives of others.

Embark on your Passionate Journey – starting now

Watch Luisa’s most recent interview called ‘TRADING PLACES’ to find out more about her Passions; 

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  • Juliet says:

    A beautiful interview. Clearly needed to be heard by everyone, especially those like myself who keep slipping back into a helpless state of mind when we feel free but trapped by those who don’t feel free and need our gifts, guidance and insights. I want to write my message in a book but I feel stuck and fearful about doing it. Luisa, your gifts are a blessing to others. I’m so thankful that followed your inner light. Thank you for interviewing Luisa, Patrick! You asked very relevant questions and allowed Luisa to tell her story.

  • Patrick Herbert says:

    Thank you, Juliet! I enjoyed interviewing Luisa. She is an awesome person. 🙂

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