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Love is the most powerful emotion in the world as its energy, in its higher form, can create healing, miracles and magic in our world.

When a loved one dies, there is no ending, but a new beginning, a journey back to the spirit world as spirit lives on, connected to us eternally. There is no such thing as death; it’s just a transition and another journey into another dimension and world. So many people ask me what happens when you die and what I know is this. Your main guide from birth, generally assists with the departure, with a relative and sometimes angels are involved if it is a child or a tragic death.

Once in the spirit world, you are taken with your guide, to the life review, to see how well you have done with all your spirit contracts, while on earth, you get to go to the library where all the records of every life you have ever lived are stored, then you are taken to rejoin your own spirit soul groups, until it is time to reincarnate once again. Some souls may even spend time in a transitional phase or holding space for healing if the death was tragic, this is like a spirit hospital.

When I first had my near death experience in my early twenties, I was thrust out of my body with a sudden impact and with incredible speed I was taken out of this world, like a rocket into space, then if only for what seemed a few seconds, into a place of light, warmth and what I can only describe as all encompassing, all-consuming loving oneness. Looking back, it all just happened so fast and before I could even think about anything I was back in my body, only to have my friend hysterically screaming out my name in my face, as I lay on the ground, confused and aching like hell, while my whole body shook. I found out later, where I went to, even though it was very brief as I was able to remember more about where I went to when I visited a hypnotherapist years later. She explained I must have been in the spirit world, another dimension, just an arm’s length away from our own reality. The good thing is, through my own curiosity and years of learning and working as a spiritualist, I have visited the spirit world many times now by my dreams, meditation and hypnotherapy and it is always the same. It is a place what you can only imagine, a vast consciousness of, light, warmth and a safe heaven, very different from our own world, where nobody has problems, everything is love and everywhere you look, there is nothing but lightness, bright vivid colors and not one hint of darkness.

It’s no wonder people call it heaven.  Some people may experience seeing building’s, cities, clouds with wide open spaces and others nature, but it’s a different experience for everybody, where love, in its greatest form governs supreme.

Throughout my readings and spirit connections, I have been told by different spirit people, how they are no longer suffering, from however they died, as they left the old garment or body behind but they are in a spirit body with a consciousness and intelligence. The other remarkable thing is, once you have made the connection, spirit people don’t look old and seem to be in their prime, or whatever age they were at their best. Also when you are a spirit you no longer need food, but that doesn’t stop spirit people talking about earthly pleasures because I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about favorite food, like baked dinners and other small comforts, they loved while alive, all evidence for the loved one in question. I’ve also had a few male spirits talk non-stop talk about their favorite motorbike, even when they have been killed on it.

One young man that came through who had been decapitated, talked enthusiastically about how he loved his bike so much he wanted to sleep next to it in his room. When I told his girlfriend this she laughed and said that it was correct as she used to think he cared more about the bike than her, which wasn’t true of course. Women spirits on the other hand often talk about the family and children if they are having problems, their gardens and how they loved their favorite flowers. I’ve also had spirit people come through giving strict instructions on what they want their loved ones to do with their belongings. I’ll never forget two sisters who came to see me once and when their mother came through all she talked about was selling the property and getting the right money as it had been her life’s investment. When I said this were so stunned, they stopped crying and wrote down all the instructions of what she wanted straight away, as she died suddenly on an operation table and they didn’t get a chance to hear her final wishes or what she wanted as she was always the boss of the family. When I repeated what she said, they both agreed it made sense, as she was exactly like this in the living and was a very successful businessperson. This just showed me and I have experienced it many times, if and when a spirit person wants to get a message across, they will leave no stone unturned to do so.

It’s so amusing when you hear these stories because people’s personalities when you connect to them in the spirit world don’t change and are normally the same as when they were in the living and this is always confirmed. Often when a spirit person communicates, the first thing you generally get is how they died, or what the circumstances were as they will tell you this as evidence of survival. Then as the session starts moving, they will mention certain things, then let you know that they know everything that you have been up to as the connection to their loved ones never stops as love is eternal. This seems to amaze everybody as well but it has taught me time and time again there are no secrets in the spirit world.

The other good thing I have seen and witnessed many times in reading is when children die, they generally talk about coming back into the family again and will often be back in the same families or soul groups. This can be said for pets as well. Once a lady told me she swore her new stray cat was her deceased horse as the cat seemed so familiar, the connection of love was so strong and they had the same personality. Every time she stared into Rusty the cat’s eyes, it was if she was looking at her beloved mare, Jess again, who she had to put down a few years before from an illness. It was an overwhelming feeling of pure love and she was overjoyed she was back with her in her life again, as the horse’s departure was so painful at the time and she always had tears every time she thought of her. To think she was back with her beloved companion soul again was something really quite remarkable. Same as when you have a miscarriage. If you lose a child they will often come back again as the same soul. Often this is identified and confirmed by a birthmark, a knowing or just looking into the child’s eyes. Other children who don’t return stay in the spirit world by choice. When you think about it, earth is a heavy place and our lives, are never smooth sailing as there are always so many trials and tribulations.

I have had so many people tell me this over the years and it is a great comfort to them to know this simple reality. People will say well if my son has come back and is my daughter now, how is it you can make contact still? My answer is even though the soul reincarnates, a part of the soul still stays in the spirit world so you can make contact, but it is sometimes faint if they are in the living.

Also, if somebody dies tragically, like jumping off a cliff, car accident, being murdered, suicide, being burnt in a fire or a drowning the spirit will generally come out of the body before the impact so they never suffer.

Recently my sister lost a friend in the bush fires. She was a farmer and a beautiful strong independent woman, who loved all her animals and used to give the cows names, like Gary the bull and the rest of the female cows, his moody girlfriends. Unfortunately, because of climate change all around the world and the changing weather conditions, the fires were out of control this year in that part of the world and she ended up tragically dying when she went back to her home to rescue her cat. We were all shocked and horrified of course when we heard the news because you never think it can happen to anyone you know. When I tuned into her spirit and made the connection, she came through, laughing and she told me to reassure my sister she never suffered, or felt anything as the fumes and smoke knocked her out and she flew out of her body, not experiencing any pain or the wrath of the blaze. Words cannot describe the sadness we still feel though and the small community she lived her life with are probably still getting over her loss like we are, as she was one of those people you never forget and will always be remembered in our hearts. One thing for sure is she is probably with her animals she loved so dearly over there and still trying to tell Gary the cow how to behave.

When I worked in hospitals as a nursing sister in my younger years, when a patient was dying all the relatives in spirit would gather around, some would have a sing song, other times I heard a piano and quite often, when I tuned in, I could hear them talking around the bed. Sometimes I used to shake my head with disbelief and think is there a party going on? I also know for a fact our loved ones in spirit like to go to their own funeral. The first time it happened I saw my cousin Jan, standing by her coffin. She looked beautiful and was dressed in a white gown like an angel and there was no evidence of the thin, emaciated cancer ravaged body she died with. Not believing my eyes, when I told mum in shock, sitting next to me, between deep sobs, snot running down my face and blackened eyes from my wet mascara, she turned to me and whispered, ‘Ask her whose next will you’? I have seen this type of phenomenon many times at other funerals with friends and relatives and have heard in many readings the spirit in question will describe the whole event, what song was played and what went on in great detail, which is incredible when you think about it.

When I was young, I first started seeing and sensing spirit all around me, which looking back I thought it was normal. I was also astral travelling all over the place and knowing things about others I could not possibly have known about. The trouble was whenever I opened up and told anybody about my world and my experiences; I would often be ridiculed, told to stop making up stories with my incredible imagination, as there was no one like me in the family and everybody including the cousins, aunties, uncles and neighbor’s for that matter, had no idea what I was talking about. I soon learnt that it was best for everyone concerned for me to say simply nothing about my ghostly experiences and just carry on like everyone else around me, and try to fit in. I just wanted to be normal and have a life where people liked me so I learnt to keep my paranormal experiences a secret.

As a psychic child, I don’t know how many times I got into trouble when I told mum things I saw like the old man down the street who died the week before, walking along the street or the woman around the corner walking her two dogs even though they had all died years ago. The only way to stop the spirit traffic visiting me dead in the night was keeping on a night-light. This deterred invisible poking fingers and curious busy body spirits, all trying to get my attention, as spirits are always drawn to my energy and prefer the dark as the light drains their energy. A sheet over my head helped too, but sometimes it got too hot in the summer months and was unbearable. Once mum allowed me to put the night light on, the noisy footsteps and ghostly encounters seemed to stop. I was taught in my early training that natural mediums have a light around the aura, like a lighthouse, that generates like a beacon to visiting spirits and lost souls stuck in the grey world of the astral.

Once I understood and learnt how to close my energy centers down and used protection, I was safe and able to live a normal life like everybody else. When I was younger, I had an invisible friend, a spirit elderly man that had a strong English accent. I remember having long conversations with him and whenever mum asked me angrily, who in heaven’s was I talking to I wouldn’t tell her as it was my secret and she probably would not have believed me anyway. I found out later, through my father, he was probably my grandfather who died when I was a baby as his families were all from England. As I got older my spirit friend disappeared when I started Sunday school so I think looking back I must have forgot about him. Sunday school was a great place to go and I remember how I loved singing songs, about Jesus, as the whole room would light up, with loving energy everywhere and hundreds of angels, or lights with wings would appear in the room, like a golden glow. I also loved all the bible stories about Jesus and how he was the greatest healer in the world, and a natural medium and healer who worked with angels.

As I got older though, thinking I was safe and amongst friends it was time to tell everyone my secret, so I naively I told the visiting evangelist one day who seemed like a lovely woman. Little did I know that was my downfall because when I told her I was able to see and hear spirits talking, or know things that were going to happen as often dead people whispered information in my ear she totally freaked out. Unfortunately, my trust in the woman was unwarranted as things went downhill from there and not long after people looked at me with total disgust and fear in their eyes, so before too long I was asked to leave the church. This was overwhelmingly sad for me at the time and a theme I have experienced many times, throughout my life, persecution, as I felt as if I had finally found a home to fit in and for a while it was such a good feeling. It has been one of my life lessons and still continues to be so, that people are not often not who they say they are. The problem is these people, with the lessons come in so many different shapes, form and disguises until you get it and are able to move on.  It has also happened to members of my family, but one thing I have learn from an any early age, is people don’t change, but we all have the freedom to have choices in how we want to live our lives.

These days I have just learnt to walk away from all the hurt and sadness, as it’s easier. I just send them love and wish them well on their merry way. You can’t make people love you or try having relationships with people that don’t understand what you are all about because it just makes you sick and often, we will never know the answers on why people behave in such terrible ways. These days I work successfully as a mental medium and do large club shows as I played in bands in my early days and was an actor for years so I am used to being able to perform in front of people. With the work comes a lot of travel so I am constantly meeting and helping so many people from all walks of life, which gives me great enjoyment.

My belief is, everything you learn in life is never wasted, as spirit will use what you have to spread the love of spirit as people need help and assistance as life can be so hard and difficult at times so healing is always needed.

In my private life, I am also a trance medium and a practicing psychical medium, which takes years to develop, but has been so far an extraordinary experience for my loyal kind sitters and myself as it teaches so much about the spirit world and I have been involved in missing persons. These days I only work with my guides who are my teachers and this is often through meditation, prayer, feelings, pictures in my mind or an inner voice, which is my higher self that constantly tells me things and information I need to know.

When you start to trust spirit and the way it all works you will always be looked after. One of my good friends and old wise old teachers, Joan, who is now in the spirit world always used to tell me, when you surrender and have faith spirit you will always have food on your table, a safe roof over your head and a good partner who loves you. These days when working for clients on the phone or in my shows, as soon as I open up I will hear the spirit person talking in my ear, like a telephone connection, giving me proof of survival, e.g. how they died, what they looked like, what sort of person they were, names and places, then once the spirit has settled I will often have long conversations as they like to go into great detail about what my client has been up to.

It’s quite amazing and extraordinary, to say the least and never ceases to amaze me how it all works as the spirit person always knows everything that has been going on in my client’s life. Spirit communication is the most powerful healing in the world a wonderful healing tool for the grief process, with proof of survival, as it is evidence, the soul lives on and we are forever connected to their undying love, eternally.


Kerrie Erwin


psychic medium

Guest Author. Kerrie Erwin


Kerrie Erwin was a guest on Passion Harvest interview series.

The Podcast Episode is titled, ‘Removing Unwanted Earthbound Spirits’

Listen to the Passion Harvest Interview with Kerrie Erwin


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  • Juliet says:

    Love love love. I want to be reconnected to the spirit world, more than anything. I want to be with God and the longing sometimes is so overwhelming, it’s like a long-distance relationship that you can’t wait to meet in person one day. I love everyone and even when I think I’m mad at someone, the moment in in their presence, I see them as Good does, and tenderness toward them sets in, and I’m rendered impotent to harm them in any way. I think this current political climate of hate and oppressive forces in America might change my perspective though. The fighter in me, who loves freedom, love, and acceptance, will not tolerate oppression and silence. God will be with me, and I trust my guides as well.

  • Luisa says:

    Juliet – what a passionate and powerfully beautiful comment! Luisa x

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