PRIVATE COACHING one – one with Luisa

Intensive Transformational Private Coaching over 16 weeks.

Create clear steps to discover the fullness of your multi-dimensional self.
Mystical Mastery with Luisa is a 16-week journey of spiritual evolution as we explore and create a unique vision for your life.
This Mastery is for you if you are ready to understand…

Your life purpose and soul lessons, communicate with your Divine non-physical beings, recognise your intuitive abilities, release cyclic wounds that hold fear, and transform timelines to make your dream a reality.

our soul wants to guide your human self to the life it came here to have. It does this by sending you intuited guidance through your field and opening a connection of channelled communication.

‘We all have this ability, it’s just that some of us have just forgotten,
and when we remember we come home.’


  • Private Coaching 1-1 each week with for 90 minutes with Luisa.
  • Recordings each week you will receive tailor made Guided Meditation to raise your conscious awareness and elevate your field to expand and develop a deeper connection with Divine Light, bringing this Light back to your human incarnation.
  • Intuited Energetic Healing each week Luisa will connect with your soul and read your energetic field and scan your physical body to understand what is asking to be cleared, healed, or released allowing you to move forward towards your most aligned path.
  • Intuited Readings from Higher Consciousness, the Multi-Dimensional Realm, the Non-physical, the Quantum Field, the information is of the highest vibration for your personal soul growth, clarity, and future guidance.
  • Manifesting coaching to allow you to attract your hearts deepest desires in alignment with your life path and purpose.
  • BONUS: Luisa will intuitively receive and identify for you each week new ways to energetically organize your life to make space for your continued soul growth manifestations.


Allow yourself to explore your divine soul aligned path in this life with The Mystical Mastery Private Coaching 16-week program.
$230 USD per week.
Payable: @ $920 USD p/month for 4 months.


If you have read this far, then the longing has awakened in you – you are ready!

I would be so DELIGHTED to take this 16-week journey of self-discovery with you, and I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you!

Luisa x

‘Whatever your priority is, from a soul perspective that is in front of me, that is asking for help, I step aside, and I listen, and I pause and I drop into my heart.’



“I did a HUGE healing
around all that you
brought forward.”


“I don’t like spending money or giving things away; I’m so tight that I check under the bed every morning to see if I’ve lost any sleep during the night! So if someone like me says that spending money on an intuitive reading from Luisa is money well spent, then you can take that as a guarantee. I’ve spent almost fifty years on this planet and the forty minutes or so that Luisa spent talking about me was the most enlightening thing I’ve ever heard. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it. X”


So glad I stumbled across your offerings.  You are a gifted, talented, heart-warming addition to my experiences here.


Luisa, I send you so much love and gratitude. Your soothing voice brings such peace to my soul. I recently purchased an Intuitive Session with you, and words cannot describe how absolutely glorious it was—connecting with my loved ones, and learning the name of my Spirit Guide (which, by the way, FLOORED ME because I had just been given signs myself of what her name might be, days before, and you totally confirmed it!!!).


Your intuitive reading was incredible, and I found there to be many accuracies!


Listening to Luisa describe what she saw after telling her my story sent goosebumps through me… I felt like she truly understood my experience. Her third eye ‘site’ is incredibly clear. Luisa is the perfect guide for you to begin to develop your own skills to take this insightful journey between worlds.