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‘Nourish your possibilities and remember you are the portal’


There were 3 central themes that came through the collective consciousness of the group.

  • FEAR

There is deep change available during this event watching it either live or recorded.

When we realize that we are the ones that create the story and that fear and our internal conflicts are all experiences of the soul, that we can no longer hold this fear, we allow something else to take its place, joy, hope, even love.

There is great transformation taking place and if harnessed, can support your desired possibilities, all that you are creating, it happens when you understand and allow yourself to surrender.

Perhaps its time to jump, and free-fall and trust.

The intricate web of connection is there to support you, the energetic exchange of other souls is ever present, even if not seen with the eyes.

Listen with your eyes, see with your ears and taste with your heart and feel with your words.

A fundamental truth of life is connection – I realize that now and the two halves of our humanness is man and wo-man, they are the two that make a whole. We are love and we come here for love, this is the greatest power we have, love is all there is and, in each connection, there is the possibility of love – we are love in human form.

While some connections, some soul connections have a great capacity for love, greater experiences for our souls growth, more prevalent in some instances, this is an intricately woven element of our DNA our RNA our soul to have these experiences, to hold them close to our heart and love offers connection.

Both love and loss, the two polar opposites, extremes – one holds great joy and one great sorrow – without a doubt we will experience both in our lifetimes but it is how we perceive our possibilities, how we open our portals to greater learning during these times that enable the trajectory of our timeline.

We are never alone, we are not separated, everything has energy and energy builds momentum and passion changes life and hope changes lives and love kills fear and possibilities are endless and portals are the soul.

Nourish your possibilities and remember you are the portal We are the portal – The portal is not external to us.

Possibilities help to remove old patterns ways of doing and seeing and thinking and to break free from the slow-moving energies.

Recreate your timeline and allow the mass change of energies flowing to you and through you.

Change is unformed and this is not comfortable but there is a natural flow of life which offers desired possibilities.

The inner information we receive, and think is emanated into the external field on earth at this time. It is possible to build momentum through focus and to create a desired structure though continued focus.

Consciousness and alignment with your power allows individual nourishment of both yourself and other humans that you may never have a conscious connection with. They are nourished to continue, through your own momentum, strength of love, the connective force of life.

Nourish your possibilities and remember you are the portal.

Magic and Passion are available to each and every one of us.

With Much Love

Luisa x

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