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The ability for individual consciousness to imagine being present in other points in spacetime.


The ability for individual consciousness to imagine being present in other points in spacetime.

When we think about the future, we are actually remembering it.

Future memories in my experience are series or sequence of events that have already occurred, they are not a premonition, they are a lived experience, a reality, much like remembering the past. It can be called a mental time travel.

It is the act of living in the advance, it is an emotional and very real reality, somehow time has overlapped the present, taste, smell, touch its all there. It is not a past life, I have recalled many of those, this is different, I am

Luisa in my future memories and what it indicates is a transformation in consciousness and stretches the boundaries of what is real.

Basically, it’s like growing the capacity of time in another direction, as opposed to looking back I look forward. The ability to imagine the future gives humans an evolutionary advantage, if you can plan for the future, your more likely to survive it, making the unexpected, expected.

As we more towards higher realms of consciousness, remembering the future enables us a greater capacity to make choices, remember soul family, integrate our unique intuitive gifts and predetermine the best trajectory of our life.

It enables us to surrender to our freedom, our truth and trust that what we see and hear and imagine is real and true. It is my belief from my experiences that the past, present and future has already happened. TIME AND


Humanities ascension and the big subtle law we are dealing with through ascension with is time.

We are shifting our relationship with time. When we are more conscious, we are amplifying our subtle energy.

We are amplifying our connection with the subtle realm, the subtle laws and time is one of those subtle laws that we are very effected by. But as we become more conscious, we can start to effect time more easily. How we replicate into the future moments is a reflection of our consciousness unlocking.

The capabilities are there but we have not all yet accessed that capability or embodied, that infinite wisdom of memories. The state of allowing is such a great way to move into this realm. Be childlike, be open, be joy and love that is the core of who we are.

This is key – As we become less physically focused, it is a vast aspect of life, it’s just not the whole story and as we become more conscious with the subtle aspect of ourselves, the nonphysical, as we become more conscious with that we start to tap into that vast flow of energy that builds this world.


Time-flow is the experience of time flowing from past to future, seems to be a phenomenon of consciousness.

The whole concept of present, past, and future only shows up in relationship to consciousness.

Without consciousness, what we call the future could just as easily be called the past, since time-flow has no meaning nor measurement outside of the experience of it.

Einstein’s theory of relativity, states that space and time are part of a four-dimensional structure where everything thing that has happened has its own co-ordinates in spacetime.

There are three dimensions of space: left/right, forward/back, up/down. And there is one dimension of time: past/future. Just as every location on the surface of the Earth already exists in space, every event that has ever happened and ever will happen already exists in space-time.

We can portray our reality as either a three-dimensional place where stuff happens over time, or as a four-dimensional place where nothing happens [‘block universe’], then change really is an illusion, because there’s nothing that’s changing; it’s all just there — past, present, future.

Everything that has happened and everything that will happen is occurring right now as time is positioned in space. If we were to “look down” on the universe, we would see time and events spread out in all directions. This would mean that time is not linear, as we have come to believe, but rather everything is ever present.

You are not hurtling into the future. You are not receding away from the past.

The flow of time is, according to this interpretation of relativity, nothing more than a kind of optical illusion. From the joys and sorrows of childhood to the joys and sorrows of old age, all of it has eternally existed — complete and whole — in the 4-D “block universe” of space-time.


Since we’re looking at remembering the future, we have to take a look at what memory is.

As far as we know, memories are stored in the brain as configurations of neurons. When we remember an event, our brain reconfigures such that it appears as though it is experiencing that event. Much like we remember the past, we can remember the future. Much like you remember yesterday, you too have the same capability to remember tomorrow and tomorrows after that.


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