Grid Point 44 and Energetic Portals with Martin Green

Welcome to the wonderful and passionate world of Martin Green.

I just loved speaking with Martin for this exciting episode number 29, there is such an incredible wealth of information that I am so excited to share with you.

Martin Green is the singer, bassist and videographer for Melbourne band, Damn The Maps and managing director of a telecommunications company. He has spent over 15 years researching natural health, ancient archaeology, supernatural phenomena and manifesting reality.

Martin has treated his spiritual development with a scientific approach. He believes that you can not only create reality with your thoughts, you can (and should) actually test and measure the results.

This is Martin’s story, and this is his passion.


+ grid point 44
+ Wilpena pound
+ global grid points
+ ancient archelogy
+ Icosidodecahedron
+ instant manifestation
+ manifesting your reality
+ ley lines
+ extra terrestrials
+ energetic highways around the globe
+ ET sightings + reincarnation

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